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When I taught Hunters Education for the State of WA, we reminded hunters that the absolute worst item of clothing you could wear in any wet/snowy climate is Blue Jeans. They get wet quickly, stay wet for a long time and have no insulation value, in fact they suck warmth from the body. The pole shift promises to be wet for a long time so if you absolutely must wear jeans, make sure you have lots of them to rotate.

Offered by Mary.

So try to find good quality cotton and especially wool, which is tried and true in cold and wet conditions. Natural fibers will (somewhat) wick away moisture from the body, some synthetics chaff and hold moisture. Try these fabrics on a hot and humid day, and you'll get the idea. A good clue to what is best: notice what the military issues - check out a military surplus catalog, such as US Cavalry or such! Of course, for outer layer wear you want totally waterproof!!

Offered by Craig.