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icon Closeout Sales

About a month ago a Salvation Army store close to me had a sale going for about a week. 1$ for any peace of clothing. Included leather jackets, men and woman's jackets, sweaters, wet suites, wool, polyester and silk. They were moving to a new location and didn't want to move it all. I ended up, after washing and folding, with 12 of those flip top 12 gallon containers plus 2 suitcases stuffed full. The point is - watch for these type of sales. Old tough plastic-metal suitcases are another thing to look for at garage sales. They will take the bounce around of the pole shift and could be useful for protection from water after the pole shift.

Offered by Mike.

Be on the lookout for stores going out of business, it’s a steal. I've found recently a warehouse that is to be demolished. They're getting rid of 400 watt MH fixtures for $45 dollars, about $140 less than market for a new system.

Offered by Aron.