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There are three types of weather conditions:

  1. Cold
  2. Hot
  3. Wet

All three have one thing in common, layering. With layering you can adjust your body temperature to the amount of energy you are expending.

GorTex against the skin, cotton shirt, fleece shirt. Hooded Parka: Waterproof and Windproof. Drawstrings at waist, base of the head, and supporting the hood visor so it can be shaped to form a tunnel against the wind. Button overlay on the zipper to keep out the wind. Gor Tex long johns covered by wool pants. 2 pair of socks in boots made for cold weather (rubber not leather) lined with wool felt. Gaiters to keep snow and ice out. High cuff mittens with leather palms. Cotton face mask and throat protector. In very cold areas apply Vaseline on the face to protect it against the elements. Campons to walk on ice, snowshoes and sunglasses for the snow glare.
Cover the whole body at all times while the sun is up with layers of light-colored clothing made of cotton. Cotton pants that have a drawstring at the ankles to keep the sand and crawly things out. A large woolen scarf for cold nights. Leather boots treated with saddle soap to keep the leather from drying and cracking, 2 pairs of heavy socks that must be aired out each night to retard fungus buildup. Wrap ankles with "puttees" (cotton wraps). Safari hat that allows air circulation to the head. A baseball cap with a towel under it will work, making sure the towel covers the ears and neck. Cotton face cover with slits for the eyes to protect the face from blowing sand. Sunglasses. In an emergency situation cut eye slits in a cotton strip and wrap around the face.
Gore Tex clothing next to the skin, cotton shirt and pants, rain slicker and rain pants, rubber boots with 2 pair of socks. Cotton hat or hard hat in narrow areas. Cotton gloves. Keep face clear of obstructions so changes in the air quality can be detected immediately. If you are anticipating bugs, wrap your neck, wrists, and ankles with cotton strips and place a netting material under your hat extending into your shirt.

Offered by Mary.