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One of the things I learned at the Awareness camp is there is a process called felting which is an easy and inexpensive way to make wool garments. I saw some of the products they made in one of the classes and said to my self this is a great way to produce clothes under pole shift conditions. I will quote the coarse objectives.

Get ready for the cold season by creating your own felted garment! Different methods of felting and types of wool will be discussed and experienced in producing a variety of functional articles of clothing. The ancient tradition of felting produces garments of limitless design that are extremely durable and warm. Relative to other methods of fiber construction felting takes little time to produce finished articles. During this workshop you will have the choice of making a variety of articles - socks or shoe liners, hats, bags, mittens, etc. All materials are included. Extra wool will be for sale.

This class was offered was offered in December and I had the chance to wear a pair of slippers they made during the Awareness class, I was impressed. Woodswisdom is located in Fayettesville, PA right off interstate 70.

Offered by David.