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Hi Mike,
I read your small caption about turning a newer sewing machine into a treadle one. Do you have more information on the subject? I have an older Singer about 60 years old, and would like to convert it into a treadle machine if it is possible.
Thanks, Marilyn

You need to pick up an old treadle wheel foot pedal unit. Has a place to put your feet on and as you rock it back and forth turns a pulley. This pulley then is adapted through a flex shaft or another set of pulleys to turn the shaft on the old motor that turned the sewing machine shaft. I picked up an old rocker treadle wheel for $30 at a garage sale once. You might be able to make one of these units. Has an eccentric bearing on a pulley that goes down to the foot pedal rocker.

Offered by Mike.

I have one of those old Singer machines (just gathering dust at the moment). It is a treadle-type - very common - and I would like to recondition it for use. Do you know anything about that or have any good sources? Is it better to get rid of an old machine and use the treadle with a new machine?

Offered by Craig.

Is there anything wrong with the old machine? If not, don't fix it! Often I have found that the older antique household furnishings are sturdier and longer lasting, not to mention easier to work on!

Offered by Roger.

Converting a new machine to work on an old treadle wheel takes some doing to get the rotational speeds correct. Do this as a last resort. Since clothing will be one of the long term vitally important items. The strategy I would recommend is fix up the old treadle unit if it looks like it will last a while. Keep this as a backup. Purchase a newer electrical power type unit whether used, or new, this is your choice. We know we will need power for food growth, and lots of it. These newer sewing machines take very little power and as such would work fine and will use a very small amount of the power that we will generate. One could use a 12V - inverter to provided 110v AC or straight 110V 60 Cycle from wind or water power.

Offered by Mike.