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Sewing Machine

Lehman's Non-electric Catalog has a new treadle sewing machines. They state they are "serving the unique needs of the Amish and others without electricity since 1955."

Lehman's Non-Electric Catalog!
P.O. Box 41, Kidron, OH 44636 USA Telephone: (330) 857-5757

Offered by Pat.

If you get a old sewing machine with the motor mounted on the outside then they can be reasonably modified to manual action. I have one my mom bought for me, and I use it more then my wife uses hers. I sewed a Norse A-Frame tent out of canvas with it and even if you don't know all the rules about sewing, it is really easy to do.

Offered by Gus.

A foot powered sewing machine can be made in several ways from a modern sewing machine by the use of a common bicycle or bicycle type exercising unit. Peddle powered wheel with tire held by spring in contact with the approximately 6" fly wheel that most sewing machines have. This is the wheel you turn by hand to get the needle positioned so that the cloth can be removed. Take the belt off the sewing machine motor so as to reduce friction of turning the motor.

A second approach or alternative would be to mount a flex shaft so as to be driven by the bicycle tire. With the other end of the flex shaft replace the motor so that the sewing machine is divan by its same belt. This would take some preparation before the pole shift but could be worth the effort. Would allow for better distance and arrangement of the peddle so as to make it easier for one person to use it. With more thought I am sure there are more possibilities.

Offered by Mike.