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Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain and some of their products:

Wood-Fired Hot Water Heaters:
Burn kindling & woodscraps for instant, on-demand energy-efficient hot water A proven, effective design - made for over 40 years in Mexico, hundreds of thousands still in use. A thin water jacket surrounds the firebox. As the water heats it rises to the top and draws in replacement cold water at the bottom. As long as the fire burns, you have plenty of hot water. Higher efficiency than conventional water heaters and no need for electricity, natural gas, or propane. Great for cabins, camps, heating hot tubs, solar heating system back-up, or standby hot water during power failures. #HW415 $185
Sun-Mar Composting Toilets
Turn waste into a resource quickly and safely. Scores of happy users, dating as far back as 1976, write and call to tell us how well Sun-Mar composting toilets work. They require no septic system, use no chemicals, and produce no pollutants. It only takes about a week for this system to naturally compost human waste - almost 100 times faster than a septic system. No wonder they received a Gold Medal for best invention at the international Environmental Exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. Approved by both the Canadian government and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) in the US. The unique "Bio-drum" mixes and aerates to supply oxygen for aerobic bacteria which digest the harmful microbes. Freezing temperatures will slow but not halt this digestive action. The composting works best at 60+ degrees. If temperatures stay below 50 degrees for extended times, provide a small heat source like a light bulb. Once or twice a year, pull the handy drawer to use the finished compost. 2-year warranty. All prices include vent kits.

Jade Mountain
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