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The biggest secret is dressing in layers, as air is your best insulator. This way, you will have a layer of air between each layer of clothes (loose clothes). Always wear a hat. Most of your body heat will escape through the top of your head. About three layers will keep you warm usually. Stay dry. When sleeping in a good, down sleeping bed, sleep in your long johns or underwear. It lets your body breath and not sweat. I have done it at -30 F. and colder and still sweat in the bag. You will also be warmer when you get up because you did not sleep and sweat in your clothes all night. Keep your clothes at the bottom of your sleeping bag on the inside to keep them warm. Getting dressed in the bag can be an exciting experience. If you dress outside the bag, you will learn to do it in hurry. All else fails, sleep with a friend if your manhood can take it. You will share body heat this way.

Offered by Clipper.