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Learning how to hand sew will suffice in most situations since we'll be mending more than making from scratch. In my humble opintion, it is easier to port around a few needles and thread! Unless we are prepared to either store fabric, or learn to spin, etc., it would be more useful than learning to machine sew. Have several sizes of needles, heavier ones for heavy fabric, and some leather making ones. If you are going to hunt for game, you may as well use the skins! A couple of patterns may be nice, some very basic ones, of course. Get lots of thread, the best quality you can find since the cheap stuff rips open if given heavy use. All the supplies could fit into a coffee can or similar sized container, at least the bare necessities would. I have read where you could even make a rawhide type thread from skins as well, good for leather crafting.

Offered by Alberts.

Don't forget to put a thimble in there, you need one if you use heavy fabrics.

Offered by Gus.