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ZetaTalk: Wandering Poles

Note: written on Jun 15, 1996.

The wandering poles attest to prior pole shifts but don't give a true picture, as many times poles situate over oceans or land that subsequently submerges, areas unexplored by modern man. Humans measure the significance of pole shifts by their variance from today's poles, where in fact the measure should be from the pole's placement prior to the shift. What is termed a wandering pole is mankind's best efforts to trace the placement of the poles, dating the record in hardened magma which captures the moment's magnetic alignment. The Ice Ages, occurring over northern Europe and America, are also written records of when poles were situated over those spots. Pole shifts can be as slight as a few degrees or close to 180 degrees, the most extreme case.

Distance makes some difference, but more influential is whether the two planets are lined up pole to pole or side to side on the approach. In a pole to pole confrontation the 12th Planet's North Pole essentially grips the Earth's South Pole and drags it with it as it passes, pushing away the North Pole. In a side to side confrontation, the Earth is only nudged to line up with her brother, just as small magnetic particles in ore attempt to align with each other. The position of the Earth or the 12th Planet during any passage is strictly by chance, governed by the various influences that affect the arrival of the 12th Planet, which can meet with any number of delaying influences on its journey. Thus, there is no regularity to dramatic pole shifts, where the Earth is essentially turned upside down.

Dramatic reversals happen rarely, as the 12th Planet must virtually come between the Earth and the Sun to have this much influence. This happens in only 15% of the pole shifts, as where this vulnerable position constitutes perhaps 30% of the possible arc, the range of possibility is such that the Earth may be on the opposite side of the Sun just as often as not, cutting these odds in half. When the Sun stands between the Earth and the 12th Planet there is, in essence, no pole shift but simple tension and compression in the crust, expressed as increased earthquakes and volcanism. This safety zone constitutes another 40% of the possible arc. The remaining 45% of the arc experiences alignment shifts, rather than opposition shifts. Thus, the wandering Poles reflect 15% massive opposition movement, where the North Pole is tipped backwards away from the 12th Planet, balanced by 45% minor alignment movement, where the North Pole is tipped forward slightly to line up with the 12th Planet's magnetic alignment.

This finds the records of where the North and South Poles have been, in the main, essentially close to their position at present. Mankind is missing at least half the record, those former poles which are now under water, but the pattern would not look much different with these missing pieces added. Human written and verbal history will not serve man well in preparation for the forthcoming pole shift, as a shift as devastating as this one will be has not occurred even within the past 50,000 years. Even The Flood was merely the result of two minor shifts, back to back - one to displace the South Pole so that partial melting and softening started, and the second to break and drop the suspended ice into the ocean.

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