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ZetaTalk: Meteors
Note: written on Apr 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

In the Arizona desert lies a perfect meteor crater, unaffected by the erosion that comes from washing water. Looking at a map of the Americas, one wonders about the circle that the Gulf of Mexico forms. And a close look at the Moon reveals many dust softened meteor craters. Humans comfort themselves by explaining that these impacts happened long ago, when the Solar System was forming, but the Arizona desert was once a sea bed, and meteor craters under water soon lose their edges, melting into the mush of the sea bed. These craters were not made by comets, the balls of ice sent flying when the water planets in the Asteroid Belt were pelted to pieces. Comets lack the solid substance. Nor were these craters made by the trash now floating in the Asteroid Belt, for if this trash were going to move out of the niche it has found it would have done so promptly after becoming trash.

During the time when the Earth rode a different track, located within the Asteroid Belt, collisions were frequent. The Earth was not the first water planet to be pelted by one of the 12th Planet's traveling moons, and once the breakup started there were missiles going in every direction for some time. When the Earth sustained her great wound where the Pacific Ocean now pools, she was not struck just once, but was pelted repeatedly, even with her own flying fragments. Her waters scattered, the remaining waters pooling in her wounds, and thus the soft sea bed that is now the rock hard soil of the Arizona desert easily molded into an impact impression, later to dry and harden, and soften no more.

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