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ZetaTalk: Voting Population
Note: written Apr 15, 1996.

We have stated that all forming entities terran born, having formed on the Earth, participated in the vote that occurred just prior to the Roswell incident, the vote that determined the Earth's future orientation as Service-to-Others. We have also stated that the Transformation to physical 4th Density will occur when approximately 89% of the incarnated human populace is operating fully in the Service-to-Others orientation. And we have mentioned that within the Earth's population of approximately five billion, that only about a billion are reincarnating entities, and the vast majority of the remaining four billion newly forming entities expected to end up as aborted entities. How does all of this then compute into the right to vote on various issues, and how will the forthcoming pole shift, which is estimated to result in the death of 90% of the population, figure in.

Thus, the decimation caused by the pole shift will simply affect the voting population by reducing the number of undecided or Service-to-Self individuals, causing the net effect of migrating hybrids and newly born Star Children to trip the balance toward Service-to-Others for the Transformation.

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