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ZetaTalk: Nuclear Stockpiles
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

Regarding nuclear power stations and bombs, and what will happen to them during the pole shift. The predictions are dire. Humans wishing to remain incarnated are advised to remove themselves from these areas prior to the pole shift. The trauma of the shift will ignite nuclear bombs, in almost all cases. Nuclear power stations will likewise be breached, with contamination of the area more likely than an explosion. The power stations will only explode if controls are dismantled prior to the shift, allowing the nuclear reaction to proceed out of control. Where the hurricane winds during the pole shift will effectively disburse any nuclear pollution thrown into the air to such a degree that there is essentially no ground zero from fallout, the radiation poisoning on the ground is another matter. For those who might be traveling through areas where nuclear installations existed, it would be wise to have a Geiger counter on hand as a guide. Radiation can damage even those just casually walking through.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from explosions and nuclear fallout is up to you. This is unfortunately something in the hands of humans. Our assistance before, during, and after the cataclysms is dependent on human involvement. They must give The Call, and we cannot go beyond what we are already doing to assist. We cannot, for instance, suggest that they give The Call. We cannot bypass the requirement for a call, and just publish our suggestions somewhere or somehow. The Earth is in 3rd Density, and by the Rules of Non-Interference we are required to watch and not interfere. Unless humans take steps to disarm their nuclear weapons and properly shut down their power stations, radiation poisoning will undoubtedly take place. Our assistance prior to the cataclysms is therefore dependent on humans giving The Call. During the cataclysms, those who are operating in spiritual 4th Density level Service-to-Others may be lifted and spared immediate physical damage. This lift will be something they will be unaware of, in most cases. After the cataclysms, we will assist any human who gives us The Call, as before.

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