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ZetaTalk: Gloom
Note: written during the August 10, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We have stated that the Earth will be under volcanic dust gloom for 25 years. Obviously, this will depend upon region, proximity to burping volcanoes, being down or upwind of same, and elevation. Our emissary, Nancy, has developed an animated graphic, shortly after ZetaTalk began, which is available from the Pole Shift TOPIC in the Info section. This shows the Earth turned to its new geography, with major volcanic regions pouring gray dust into the atmosphere. After a few turns of the globe, indicating time passing, this creates a gray cloud cover of sorts over the entire globe. However, this is not entirely true, and we will explain the differences.

Volcanic gloom is always heavier within a thousand miles down wind from the volcano. Thus, if one if outside of the downwind corridor, one escapes this heavy fallout. Volcanic gloom is always heavier at lower elevations in such places, as the heavier particles fall back to Earth, after being air born by the force of heat rising or explosions, and high elevations some 500 miles downwind from a burping volcano might find they have less dust than a lower elevation 1,000 miles downwind. The size of the volcano also matters, and whether it is under water of above ground. As silly as this statement seems, this is something to consider when planning a survival location. Remember that the sea level will rise, our estimate some 675 feet above current levels. If a volcano, such as those in Indonesia or the Philippines or Central America, goes under water during this time, the ash will be carried by water, not air. Also, some volcanoes ooze, others belch, and the amount of ash differs.

Thus, some areas will find themselves groping through the dusk for 40 years, as Moses reported where he wandered just east of the volcanoes in the Mediterranean, and other locations will find the gloom like overcast days, the sun rarely shinning through, but occasional sunlight beaming through like a promise. In those areas, which can be plotted by careful analysis of the new geography and factors to be considered, survivors will find vegetation struggling through, but crops will still be pathetic to nonexistent. These areas will find after 15 years, that the gloomy days are lightening up, and think this a return to normalcy, in their joy.

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