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Purging/Cleaning Techniques

Photos of initial attempts at purging small worms

The initial step in purging is to place in fresh water where the worms will defecate.   This is, however, only very partially effective. purging_worms.jpg (63104 bytes)
Cutting small worms cutting_small_worms.jpg (85464 bytes)
Pressing worm pieces to remove dirt and sand pressing_pieces_1.jpg (91937 bytes)
Further vigorous pressing of worm segments pressing_pieces_2.jpg (83101 bytes)
Many times during the above processes the worm segments must be rinsed thoroughly in running water. rensing.jpg (66522 bytes)

Further work in this area is planned, as the presence of soil and especially sand is a major problem not easily remedied.

This page was produced by Ron Darby.