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Worm Condo Design Concept

The basic concept is to build, in effect, a huge "chest-of-drawers" where each "drawer" contains the appropriate material to support healthy growth and reproduction of "earth worms."



This is the overall view of the first four beds and the frame that holds them.  Stacked on top is all the pre-cut components to construct the next 12 beds.

Note that each bed is identified by a letter and a number.   The letter represents the column (A through D) while the number represents the row (1 through 4)

Also note that each bed has it's own Log, where anything affecting that bed is recorded.

p6060001.jpg (60768 bytes)
Here we see more detail of the pre-cut components of the beds.

Note the two additional notebooks.  The one mounted on the center is for recording anything that affects all beds equally, such as ambient temperature and relative humidity.  The notebook on the next support is for recording everything relating to the hydroponics setup.

p6060002.jpg (60108 bytes)
Here is a close-up of the front of a single bed including it's individual Log. p6060001.jpg (58178 bytes)
Here, we see the inside of bed C4, where an experiment is taking place by mixing the grass clippings into the soil.

A4 and B4 are the baseline where an inch of grass clippings is simply placed on top of the soil.

Comparing the productivity of this bed to the control group should give us a better idea of the best way to feed the worms.

P6060006.jpg (111335 bytes)
This photo shows the design for bracing each end of the frame. p6060007.jpg (57740 bytes)
The purpose of this photo is to show how the top slide brace allows the bed to be pulled out to within about 6 inches from the back without falling out. p6060021.jpg (63100 bytes)
This photo shows the design of the plumbing to catch the nutrient rich water after draining through the beds.

Note the flexible rubber joints required because of extreme irregularities in the floor.

jun10009.gif (98953 bytes)

This page was produced by Ron Darby.