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Apples to Apples Hydroponics - Growth

The relative root and leave development were measured twice, and after two months those plants with long roots were moved to the same flow tubes and the water level dropped to allow them to breath. This was not done in the fish water, as the rapid flow of water raised and lowered the water, in a splashing manner. Beyond the root length, the worm bed drainage solution and Micro solutions has more roots. Though the worm bed drainage was more distant from the light, the roots appeared not as long, overall, apparently getting the nutrition they needed from the worm solution without this stretch. Also, more seeds overall germinated in the worm bed drainage, but all were thinned to no more than 2 plants per pot on December 5th. The relative root size and leaf count as of December 12th were as follows:

EnvironmentPlantRoot LengthLeaf Count
FishSpinachIn Cup2 (seed)
RocketIn Cup2 (seed)
Chinese CabbageIn Cup3
Cherry TomatoIn Cup4
Navy Beans4.5"4
French Green Beans4.5"2 (seed)
PeasIn Cup4
BasilIn Cup2 (seed)
Chinese Cabbage2"7
Cayenne PepperIn Cup2 (seed)
Cherry Tomato1.5"4
Navy Beans12"5
French Green Beans7"5
Chinese Cabbage4"6
Cayenne PepperIn Cup2 (seed)
Cherry Tomato2"4
Navy Beans9"5
French Green Beans9"5