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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for April 23, 2011

The lunar effect is a pseudoscientific theory which overlaps into sociology, psychology and physiology suggesting that there is correlation between specific stages of the Earth's lunar cycle and deviant behavior in human beings. The claims of a correlation of lunar phases to human behavior do not hold up under scientific scrutiny. Over the past 30 years evidence has emerged that this persistent belief has no basis in fact. I've search ZetaTalk on the lunar effect and ended up on werewolves where it says: "Why does the legend tie the madness to the full moon? Even unaffected humans grow a bit wild during the full moon, but a human in the final stages of rabies, wild eyed and howling with pain, snarling at all who come near, would be more noticeably affected. The full moon become the point where it was all too much, and quiet suffering became anguished howls." Why, then, humans grow a bit wild during the full moon, as the Zetas say? I personally think it's a psychological effect. It relies on belief systems (just like Voodoo). People in the past saw the full moon and thought it magical and that was what would make them act out. And the myth lived on to this day, I suppose?

The full Moon is associated with a bright night, with greater visibility due to the reflected light. Humans, and many animals, are attuned to sleep during the night because, as we have stated, this removes them from danger when night hunting predators with better night vision are about. Crawl into a cave, sleep through the darkness, and emerge when you can see the predators in time to escape. Humans wanting a sound sleep will go into a quiet room and close the curtains, and not be in a noisy, bright room for these reasons. Obviously, the brightness of a full Moon will tend to disrupt sleep. The lunar effect sought to find a correlation to crime, accidents, or health effects such as epilepsy but they were missing the obvious. Lovers sit before the full Moon and spoon because they are both awake. Insomniacs or the mentally ill bother their neighbors and thus seem to be more of a "lunatic" than usual because they are awake. Nothing more than that.

This may sound like a strange question for the Zetas, but I have tried to find an answer and can't find it. I wonder, will there be any happiness once the shift has taken place? All I visualize is doom and gloom - dull haze in the atmosphere, people afraid for their lives because of wander bands of STSs, hunger, no hope for the future. Will there be any children laughing, people playing music, any expressions of love to our fellow man? Anything to be happy about at all?

You are coloring the future gloomy because your personal expectations for the future are unlikely to be met. Happiness for you does not include what we have described - cooperation between good hearted people, sharing, and an almost endless opportunity to help others who will be near at hand and reaching out to you. For those who are highly Service-to-Other, this is a time of great satisfaction, as their efforts can go almost exclusively to helping others and seeing the results. They will fall asleep at the end of a long and exhausting day with a smile, thinking of the infant who had a full meal for the first time in a long time because someone took time to mash the food into a puree. Or because they had the satisfaction of seeing an infected wound they had been treating with herbs clear up, or handing someone a home-made bar of soap for their first hot bath in months.

This is not happiness for you because you have been holding an expectation of a future life that you perceive the pole shift to be taking from you. A steady source of food, delivered to your kitchen table with no more effort on your part than a quick trip to the grocery. This in exchange for some contribution you now provide or social position that you now hold that will be, perhaps, relatively worthless after the pole shift. You will have to actually put forth effort of some kind to secure and deserve a meal! We have stated that those who find the future too awful to contemplate be allowed their decision, and to focus on helping those who have made the decision to live.

Some call this the glass-half-empty or glass-half-full view. For the good hearted, the glass may be reduced to being half full by the pole shift but they pour themselves into efforts helping others and soon their glass is overflowing. Others, who see their glass reduced to being half empty, and their usual method of filling the glass, their usual expectations, no longer available, will give up. Their pension is gone, their soft desk job gone, and their stocks worthless. This is their choice, their decision, and most often reflects directly upon their spiritual orientation, their spiritual maturity. Those who are Service-to-Other may of course feel anxious over what the pole shift has wrought, but they soon forget about worry, busy with the many opportunities to help others. The pole shift is an opportunity to grow, spiritually, or to focus on what you have lost. Your choice. .

Does the melting arctic (caused by the severe earth wobble) and hence the release of fresh water into the north Atlantic create these giant whirlpools in the Atlantic ocean and consequently tornadoes in US as warm and cold air mix? Are there any unknown forces at play? [and from another] Scientists puzzled by giant whirlpools that have appeared in the Atlantic Ocean [Apr 12] U.S. scientists discovered two giant whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Guyana and Suriname. It became a sensational discovery because this part of the ocean has been studied thoroughly, and no one expected anything like that to appear in the area. More importantly, no one can understand where the whirlpools came from and what surprises they may bring to people. According to Brazilian scientist Guilherme Castellane, the two funnels are approximately 400 kilometers in diameter. Until now, these were not known on Earth.
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Whirlpools, as tornadoes, are a factor primarily of moving water or air masses of uneven density, uneven temperature, and thus uneven speed. For large storm systems such as cyclones the motion and direction of the magma under the surface can have an influence, thus the Coriolis effect, but for tornadoes and whirlpools, the factors are more local. Whirlpools are common, as common as the whirlpool that forms every time a toilet is flushed or bath water is let down the drain. Small and transient tornadoes are also common, but because these are seldom visible, this is not recorded by man as a tornado. Leaves, dancing and whirling in the warm Fall air, are evidence of such small tornadoes.

As the Earth wobble becomes stronger and more violent, the forces moving air and water masses will increase, temperature mixing will increase, and certainly the force of water or air will create different wind speeds or different current flow rates. Whirlpools and tornadoes are inevitable, as swirls encourage and perpetuate themselves by creating a void in one area that is quickly filled from another area, and thus another void is created.

Giant whirlpools appeared off the coast of Japan during the recent tsunami, and have recently appeared off the coast of Guyana and Suriname off the north coast of S America. Why would this region generate giant whirlpools? The Caribbean Plate is being pushed to the west, as the roll of S America gains momentum. This leaves a void just to the east of the Caribbean Plate, temporarily filled by dropping the floor of the S American Plate in that area, flattening the ocean floor between Guyana and Suriname and the Atlantic Rift in the center of the Atlantic. Ripping apart of the Atlantic Rift has not yet begun there. Water rushes in to bring the ocean to its level, and whirlpools develop. This is yet more evidence that the S American Plate is on the move!

My question is about the general direction of debris coming down on earth from PX. As far as I understand there will be debris falling down from the sky before and during the PS. E.g I live in Sweden, before the PS from what direction will the debris fall down to earth? Similarly, after the PS, what is the general direction debris will come from?

Meteors historically streak through the atmosphere of Earth in an east to west direction, due to the rotation of the Earth. Tail debris is no different in that like meteors it is space debris caught in the atmosphere, and drawn down toward the Earth by gravity. During the pole shift, there will be a week of rotation stoppage, with air masses establishing winds based on heating and cooling of the land beneath them. Winds will come from different directions. Primarily, any tail lashing that occurs during the week of rotation stoppage will seem to come from all directions when there is a hail storm, fine gravel lashing down. Those parts of the globe suffering a long day will find their land masses heating up, and thus the winds tending to come from oceans nearby which are overall cooler. The winds in northern Europe will thus come from the Atlantic during this week. The hour of the pole shift brings a radical change, as the Earth will be turning under the blanket of the atmosphere. The Bulge of Brazil will be drawn up toward the N Pole position, and for northern Europe this means winds coming from the NNW.

Recently there has been some discussion on Magnetic trimesters and their influence on the planet and its weather systems - particularly as the increased emanations from Planet X display their effects. It is my intuitive understanding that Mercury, governing communication and distribution of energies, would be instrumental in distributing the electromagnetic waves in the solar system. Mercury is retrograde (to the earth) 3 times a year and this year those periods are: March 31- Apr 23, Aug 4 - Aug 26, Nov 25 - Dec 14. Whilst Mercury "hides" behind the sun during this retrograde period, this would allow a phase change (of Solar distributed Cosmic electromagnetic energy) to occur before Mercury "reappears" to the Earth. These dates would appear to correlate with the previous give trimester dates: Can the Zeta's confirm that the change over "date" for the magnetic trimesters is dictated by the movements of Mercury within our solar system, specifically the retrograde periods? [and from another] Were we to estimate more precisely the point when the pulse changes, it would be more akin to December 17, April 20, and August 12.

It is not an accident that Mercury's orbit seems to divide evenly into three portions vs a vs the normal Earth orbit. Of course tiny Mercury is not dictating the Universe nor does it have an effect on the Earth! Mercury is being reactive, reacting to the magnetic trimesters as does the Earth. We have stated that Earth's orbital period is not an accident, aligning as it does with the trimesters. This is true for Mercury as well, as both these planets are themselves magnets, planets with a magnetic core. .

I apologize if this question has been answered already. I tried searching on Zeta talk but did not find anything about it. I have read that the radiation from the Japanese nuclear plants has reached the west coast of the US and is showing up in our milk. Although they say it is negligible, I still have a concern since the government is not always truthful with us. Also I read where some places on Earth are being advised not to eat any large leafed green vegetables. Could you please ask the Zetas if we need to refrain from these food items or if we should be taking radiation pills? [and from another] After the radioactive cloud emanating from Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant reached Europe in late March, CRIIRAD, a French research body on radioactivity, an NGO, said it had detected radioactive iodine-131 in rainwater in south-eastern France. CRIIRAD has compiled an information package on the risks of radioactive iodine-131 contamination in Europe. The document advises against consuming rainwater and says vulnerable groups such as children and pregnant or breastfeeding women should avoid consuming vegetables with large leaves, fresh milk and creamy cheese. However, the institute underlines that there is absolutely no need to lock oneself indoors or take iodine tablets. Data for the west coast of the United States, which received the Fukushima radioactive fallout 6-10 days before France, reveals that levels of radioactive iodine-131 concentration are 8-10 times higher there. Children up to two years old are the most vulnerable. [and from another] In the United States EPA data show rising levels of Iodine-131, Cesium-134, and Cesium-137 up to 300% of maximum limits. Hawaii milk samples showed radiation 800% above normal for Cesium-134, 633% for Cesium-137, and 600% for Iodine-131. Water contamination measured over 20 times acceptable levels. Mainland amounts are also rising, including in air, soil, grass, milk, spinach, strawberries, and other foods.

Without a doubt radioactive materials from Fukushima's explosions have been carried by the winds over the Pacific and beyond in the Northern Hemisphere. Eventually, these will disburse and even be detected in the atmosphere of the Southern Hemisphere. Those frantic about what steps to take in the face of these reports should bear in mind the following. Where radioactive materials taken in during this time may be substantially higher than the limits advised, this is not cancer producing unless sustained. It is the accumulation of radioactive elements in the body that is the threshold to consider. An intake is always balanced by the body's elimination of these materials, which likewise occurs. The advice given to pregnant or nursing mothers, and to the parents of very young children, should be heeded. Bottled water, milk from unaffected regions, and vegetables from unaffected regions should be used. Iodine tables are not needed until the exposure is quite high, and for this, check the human knowledge base, which is reliable.

The recent reports of flash flooding in St Vincent do not seem to be supported by the level of rain in the preceding days for the area. Has sinking now started in this region?
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The slow precursors to the S American roll have been evident since the Fall of 2010. Due to the steady compression of the Pacific, where the four plates that constitute what mankind thinks of as the Pacific Plate slip over one another, and due to the steady progress on the folding of the Mariana and Philippine Plates, S American finds a roll to the west encouraged. There is an absolute relationship between plate adjustments in Asia to what will be occurring in the Caribbean and along the borders of the Nazca and Cocos Plates west of S America in the near future. Nancy has pointed out this relationship in her newsletters, calling this a pingpong effect.

As has been expected, and as has been noted in the precursor movements over the past few months, the slowly accelerating S America roll will involve changes in many places throughout the region. Oil rigs in the Caribbean or along the border between S America and the Caribbean Plate were destabilized, Panama sank to the point where heavy rains forced the locks to close, and mountain building along the N Andes fault line was evident. Now the pace has accelerated. Within the course of a single week evidence from multiple fronts:

This pace will accelerate, with increasingly dire results for all the areas affected. Strong movement of the S America Plate will be accompanied by the strong quakes we have predicted for the Andes and upper portions of S America. Sudden and more extreme sinking of the Caribbean Islands most vulnerable will occur, as will sudden crumbling and sinking in the Central American countries. The Andes, from one end to the other, will mountain build, with all the changes this brings - heaving ground, cracks, and demolished infrastructure. We are not allowed to give a precise schedule, but the time of the slow pace, the hints of what is to come, is past. As Indonesia and the plates in Asia complete their adjustments, S America and the Caribbean will command center stage.

I have a question about aliens bodies. The Zetas have mentioned about increased sightings of alien bodies leading up to the poleshift to get humans more comfortable with their presence on earth. Will this be occurring soon and is this occurrences in Siberia and Russia real or hoax ? http://youtube/HA9CPhyYyGU

Dead alien photos or videos are not real, nor are any of these examples real. This is an easy hoax as motion does not need to be generated in computer graphics. Just as the record of real UFO sightings, which have vastly increased lately, has reduced the number of frauds, the number of real alien bodies sighted and recorded on film will reduce the hoaxes. Hoaxes cannot stand to be in competition with the real thing. Our prior statement that alien bodies will be alive, standing rather than floating, and likely not strictly a hominoid body type holds.