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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 17, 2016

Very suspicious. Putin couldn´t have been the target, cause everyone knew that he was not in Russia. Was this a CIA Assassination for his driver as in this Article mentioned? The Footage shows indeed a sudden speed up, so the car could have been hacked. [and from another]  “Putin’s Favorite Chauffer” Killed In Accident… Exactly As Former CIA Director Described On TV. Only a month ago, Morrell stunningly stated openly on television that he wanted to target the leadership of Russia, Iran and Assad in Syria. A stunning admission by Mike Morrell, former acting director of the CIA, and long time Deputy Director at CIA. He is extremely close to Hillary. Only a month ago, Morrell stunningly stated openly on television that he wanted to target the leadership of Russia, Iran and Assad in Syria. Morrell explicitly advocated taking out guards, top staff, top generals, etc. etc. of these leaders – not trying to assassinating the head of state, but destroying the trusted people around them. And the killing of Putin’s “favorite” chauffeur appears to be exactly in the plans stated so carefully.   Newer cars are hooked up to the Internet, and like every other connected device, they can be hacked. [and from another]  Vladimir Putin’s personal chauffeur has been killed in Moscow after the presidential BMW collided head-on with a Mercedes. The Russian President was not in the car at the time. The driver, named only as MK, was said to be Mr Putin’s favourite chauffeur and had 40 years of experience as an official driver. The crash on Kutuzovsky Avenue, in the west of the capital, was caught on CCTV. It shows the presidential vehicle struck by a car that veered onto the wrong side of the road at high speed. The driver of the Mercedes survived the crash but was treated at hospital for serious injuries.  

Putin’s chauffeur was the target. This was easily arranged, by electronics, as was the murder of Hastings in 2013 when his car sped up, jack-knifed in the middle of the road, and hit a tree. In the Moscow crash, the Mercedes was outfitted to be signaled by the proximity of the BMW, and to aim directly for the driver’s seat, which was like a beacon for the Mercedes. It was out of control, sped up as did Hasting’s car, and was intended to kill the driver of the BMW. The driver of the Mercedes was not a knowing participant, and was considered collateral damage.

Was this intended to be a warning to Putin? It was intended to kill Putin, who often puts out false information on his whereabouts, for this very reason. The war between what we call the Transformation Team, those Ben Fulford calls the White Hats, include Putin. Those who would enslave mankind in debt and start wars for profit and control, the Black Hats, include the Bush/Clinton crime families and Soros. The Black Hats are losing, and are about to lose their chance at controlling the White House. In their fury, they are trying to pull out all the stops.

I had been watching Grumpy Moose and noticed that it was doing a lot of alternating between lightness and darkness this morning. I’ve seen that on other webcams, but it has been more dramatic in Alaska. The sun finally rose at 9:10 am. Well, it’s supposed to rise at 7:16 am in Anchorage, Alaska. Are my calculations accurate? Is the wobble more obvious at higher latitudes? If this is true, it’s fairly stunning. [and from another]

In addition to the Earth wobble allowing northern Alaska to see the Sun rise at midnight, temporarily, it is now causing a late sunrise for southern Alaska at Anchorage. If at midnight in Alaska the globe is tilted, a lean to the right, such that the N Pole is pulled toward Europe which is having a noon Sun at the moment. At sunrise in Alaska the globe is tilted to the left, so that Alaska is leaning away from the Sun. The wobble is indeed becoming more extreme, for the sunrise at Anchorage to have a two hour delay. This is supported by recent documentation from Wisconsin, which shows the sunrise there a full 25 minutes late during the month of August. All this is of course potentially leading into a severe wobble.

Can the Zetas comment what really happened there? [and from another] Journalists who attempted to follow her were barred from leaving the press area at the ceremony. The Clinton campaign said she felt "overheated" but is now doing "much better". She was later pictured smiling and waving to photographers as she left the apartment following a short rest. [and from another] Video has surfaced of Hillary Clinton appearing to collapse as she was led into a van after suffering a 'medical episode' during the 9/11 memorial service. The Democratic presidential candidate is seen standing on a curb near the World Trade Center when she suddenly appeared unable to stand. She seems to nearly fall to the ground before she is caught by her aides, who hold her up. Her security detail then had to help her into the van by grabbing each of her arms. The former Secretary of State then appears to fall forward toward the door of the van before being bundled inside. She appears to lose a shoe under the vehicle in the struggle before being driven to daughter Chelsea's apartment in Manhattan. Her detail retrieved a shoe from underneath the van and helped the former secretary of state inside, according to reports. The temperature was around 80 degrees at Ground Zero during the service. There was a humidity of 41%.  

Those closely following Hillary’s campaign schedule have long noted that she needs days off from the campaign trail. During these days, there is no activity and no explanation for her need for regularly scheduled rest. Trump has pointed to this, saying she goes home to “sleep”. He is not far off. Her medical conditions thus were hidden from the public, and by refusing press conferences for 270+ days, it was clear her campaign thought no change was needed. Hillary’s campaign won the primary by election fraud and fraudulent polls, but the game plan has changed.

Confidence in stealing the election has been shaken lately by talk of federalizing the election process. There is also consternation within the Clinton campaign because Dunford is proceeding with the Clinton Foundation investigations unless Hillary withdraws. Criminal activities surrounding the Clinton Foundation are not restricted to the Clinton family, but involve hundreds of individuals who want the investigations to stop. So the parties interested in seeing Hillary stopped include the Council of Worlds assisting Dunford with some kind of Earth changes, such as a severe wobble, members of the Clinton Crime Family interested in having the Clinton Foundation investigations stopped, and of course the Trump campaign.

That said, what happened on the 911 remembrance in New York City, when Hillary obvious fainted. The Clinton Crime Family is not united, as it involves the Bush Crime Family and various factions interested in keeping the Jewish banking network in operation. Invading Iraq to seize the oil fields and creating debt slaves out of Third World countries under the control of the World Bank and starting wars for profit are just some of their crimes. Some in this vast criminal network want Hillary to drop out so they can get rid of the heat, while others want to press forward to snatch the brass ring. Back off, press forward, and these factions are fighting each other.

Those wanting to gain the White House feel that they can control the media and the election process, as has been done for the past year, and that Hillary’s health problems can be controlled. But Hillary’s health problems are like a perfect storm. She is heavily medicated, with steroids to suppress her MS and blood thinners to control her genetic propensity to clot. She has vascular dementia, brain death from clogged arteries in the brain, which is deadly and rapidly progresses and has no cure. Her brain death includes Parkinson’s symptoms and an incontinent bladder. She has heart failure from decades of constant rage, her lungs filling with water. Hillary’s dilemma is that unless she meets the public and the press, she will lose, and if she does, she will lose.   

The question about martial law. Now we are in fact back in 2010 due possible severe Earth Wobble. Zetas predicted a quiet response to the annoucment, but it is obvious because of the Earth Wobble and its effects, the reaction may be different. The Zetas have stated that the Council of Worlds most afraid of panic among the establishment. Could the Zetas few to draw a possible "picture"? What do think about it the heads of state and the elite? (Taking into account that was recently G20).

We have stated that one reason for the Element of Doubt rule was to avoid a frantic establishment turning on its public out of fear when the public learns they have been lied to about the pending passage of Nibiru. What has changed between 2010, when we last made this statement, and 2016? In 2008 when we were asked the contactee count, the number we gave was 12,000. That number has now been almost 4 billion, over half the populace, for over a year. Thus the public is not likely to riot as there will be no shock realization. They already know.

Another difference between 2010 and 2016 is that so many predicted Earth changes have occurred, and the establishment can see how the public reacts. They migrate, as has been the case for refugees from Syria and the Ukraine. They demonstrate, as is the case in Venezuela where food shortages due to government mismanagement are extreme. They use barter as a medium of exchange when the banking system fails them, as occurred in Greece. They grieve and back away from the coastlines when storms and flooding destroy homes and factories. But they do not riot.

Yet another difference between 2010 and 2016 is that the formal excuse for NASA et al not informing the public about Nibiru has been rolling out since January, 2016 via the Prongs. Previously, Nibiru was a dim fuzz ball that on occasion caused brilliant Second Sun sightings when sunlight reflected off the vast dust cloud at the right angle. Now the Prongs have provided an alternative to humiliation. Via Planet 9 and all the exoplanet discoveries and the infrared images the Dark Energy Survey is now examining, the public is being told that NASA and others just didn’t notice Nibiru sneaking into the Solar System. So a potentially angry public throwing feces at NASA and the establishment is no longer feared.  

How will the establishment react if and when a severe wobble or undeniable visibility of Nibiru occurs? Martial Law, or its more likely alternative - a state of National Emergency - will undoubtedly be called in most countries, as distribution of scarce food supplies and perhaps forced labor to build camps and grow crops will likely be needed in many if not most. This is already in place in Venezuela. We have long stated that World War III will not occur, as each country will be too concerned with a restless citizenry, and there will truthfully be no prize to be captured elsewhere. The elite will shrink away to their bunkers and hope not to be located or noticed, though as we have so long stated, they will not fare well. When money is worthless, one cannot buy loyalty.

Does Hillary Clinton utilize a body double? Was the woman who emerged from Chelsea Clinton's apartment only hours after collapsing from overheating, diagnosed with Pneumonia and without a Secret Service escort, the real Hillary Clinton? [and from another] Who is making decision in her behalf when she is not able to do it herself and how this incident is treated by the Leaders of Democratic party !  They are some rumors that DNC start to work on a backup plan? Can Zeta give an inside! [and from another] And then there is this article about Hillary “WABC-TV Ch. 7 in NYC Reports Hillary Clinton's DEATH".  The article says it was a double that left the house of her daughter. And has picture on it talking about the size of the fingers being different etc. Would say something is going. Would think she in a hospital bed. Could the Zetas say something about this? And on the article there is this video:  [and from another] Hillary Clinton Exits Chelsea Apartment Says " Feeling Great " After Leaving 9/11 Ceremony [and from another] ‘Hillary’s body double’ trends after previously limp Clinton spryly pops out of daughter’s apartment  After Hillary Clinton collapsed Sunday in New York City and reemerged about an hour and a half later from her daughter’s apartment, conspiracy theorists began to circulate a rumor that they weren’t the same person. It was hard for some to marry the two images of Clinton, one of her limp body being dragged into an SUV and whisked away from the ceremony and the second of a chipper, spry woman posing for pictures with a child and telling reporters she was “feeling great.” [and from another]

Of course Hillary uses doubles, as has been noted and long rumored. To give Hillary a chance to recuperate, the doubles are used to show Hillary going up and down stairs, waving and smiling, and even attending fund raisers that only require lots of smiles and hugs and events where a prepared script can be read. Thus the avoidance of the press for 270+ days, as the double that is considered an exact match for Hillary, with barely detectable differences, does not have a high IQ and could not field anything unscripted.

The 911 memorial was considered a must-do event for the real Hillary because so many politicians would be there, notables, who could go off script and would know details about 911 or the State of New York that the double could not address. Hillary’s pattern has been to campaign for 3 or so days, then disappear for 3 or so days, with no explanation for her absences. While out on the trail the steroids required to control her MS would cause bloat, which aggravated her heart failure and resulting cough, so heavy diuretics would be used necessitating a catheter and urine collection bag.

As her health failed and public scrutiny increased, this all became increasingly difficult to manage. She had been on the trail non-stop since September 5, a string of 7 days, and was distressed. Parkinson’s causes problems with urine retention, and pneumonia because food gets aspirated into the lungs. Heart failure also has pneumonia issues. Both these diseases cause cough, but for Hillary she is primarily trying to get water and congestion from heart failure out of her lungs. Even this has been caught on camera, green globs hacked up and spit into a glass. To disguise her need for urine bags, the staff began using a catheter with a spigot.

Does she have pneumonia? She has chronic pneumonia, and is continually on antibiotics because of that. During her days off for rest, when she is having the water forced out of her bloated body, she is also on an IV drip with antibiotics. As Dunford began to clamp down on election fraud in the states, the means by which Hillary stole the primary from Sanders, the Clinton crime network became nervous and debated having Hillary drop out so they could insert a suitable replacement. The ruthlessly ambitious Hillary had refused to withdraw, and instead pushed herself to this dramatic incident revealing much that had been going on behind the scenes.

A string of UFO flew over LA. Is this a warning that a huge EQ or tsunami will occur? [and from another] [and from another] A string of very clear lights were seen over Los Angeles, California on 9/6/2016 (Wednesday, September 6th) See the footage for yourself and tell me those aren't from another world! What could they be?

These slow moving UFO’s could be claimed to be Chinese Lanterns except that some of them blink on occasion, a maneuver by design to affirm to those watching that this is a legitimate UFO display. They move as a group, like a tide, and this is indeed a warning to residents of LA to brace for a severe wobble which will bring tides up to 200 feet high into the LA basin and create a back slosh against the mountains that surround LA on all sides. LA is also vulnerable because it sits on earthquake fault lines, near the San Andreas, and a severe wobble would throw the plates against one another, triggering quakes. Thus assaulted on all side by high tides and a roiling back slosh, and with tottering buildings due to earthquakes, the residents of LA will regret not having taken the ZetaTalk message seriously.