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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 17, 2011

NASA attacks Nancy again! Comment, please. [and from another] Yeomans noted that well-known UFO aficionado Nancy Leider, who describes herself as being in contact with aliens from the star system Zeta Reticuli, first said Nibiru would cause widespread disaster in May 2003, only to later change her prediction to Dec. 21, 2012. [and from another] Then Nancy Lieder, a self-declared psychic who claims she is channeling aliens, wrote on her website Zetatalk that the inhabitants of a fictional planet around the star Zeta Reticuli warned her that the Earth was in danger from Planet X or Nibiru. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012.

Don't the folks at NASA read? Dick Morrison and Don Yeomans are senior folk at NASA! They are well acquainted with Nancy from the days when she debated astronomers on sci.astro in 1997 to 2003. Nancy's name is mentioned at NASA amid gritting teeth and stomach acid, such is their rage at ZetaTalk and their frustration at not being able to eliminate the message. The ZetaTalk posture re the December 21, 2012 date being the accurate portrayal of the Mayan Calendar end date is well known. One of Nancy's very first newsletters in early 2007 featured the issue, titled "Questioning 2012". Nancy has had a video in her YouTube list on the matter since 2008. Putting "2012" into the dedicated search engine brings all this up on page one.

So it is not a secret, nor is NASA that dumb and insulated that they are not aware of the ZetaTalk message on the matter. How could they possibly get it wrong? This is, of course, a deliberate act, a campaign to discredit and confuse the public. The arrogant leaders at NASA assume that the public will not research the ZetaTalk website but will listen slavishly to whatever NASA puts out. Where this might be true of many, those among the public who are independent thinkers have already arrived at a quite different conclusion.

What the public sees is the Sun in the wrong place, the Moon out of place, and signs in the skies while NASA remains silent. They are aware of decades of denial on UFOs filmed zipping around the ISS, and contorted explanations on what was found on the Moon. Astronauts have come forward with the truth, contradicting NASA's stance. NASA's attempts to edit the SOHO and Stereo images and alter their archives to disguise the presence of the Planet X complex is so well documented on the ZetaTalk website and on message boards such as the Pole Shift ning that newcomers to the issue quickly realize that NASA has been lying.

If NASA is lying on all these other matters, then what is the public to assume in their lies about Nancy Lieder? The claim that ZetaTalk states the passage will occur in 2012 may be a mistake the first time, but made twice, by two separate individuals, it is a pattern. And in both cases they mentioned Nancy Lieder by name. They have shot themselves in the foot, once again. They have in essence picked up a megaphone and announced to the world that Nancy Lieder is telling the truth! Go to ZetaTalk for the truth, as we all know that NASA lies! We wish to thank NASA for this free publicity!

I am looking for a clarification on what (on the surface) appears to be conflicting information about Michigan as one of the safer locations. The Zetas have repeatedly told us to avoid explosive materials, protect against the potential for explosions, to turn off natural gas lines, to not store gasoline, to not have propane tanks nearby, etc etc. They have also said, in the Safe Locations document, that Michigan is one of the safer areas to be. Yet the fact is that the Lower Peninsula of Michigan is one big natural gas deposit area. The first map on the list shows a "midcontinent rift system" (?) that runs north-south through the whole of the Lower Peninsula. The second shows all of the existing oil and gas wells in the state (mostly all are in the Lower Peninsula), and the third map shows all sources of energy production in Michigan. He notes that Michigan has more natural gas reserves than any other State in the Great Lakes region; the Antrim natural gas fields, in the northern Lower Peninsula, are among the largest in the Nation; Michigan has the most underground natural gas storage capacity of any State in the Nation. There is this ZT entry, saying that underground gas deposits are not exploding at present because they are not in contact with oxygen. How is it then that Michigan could be considered "safe" while sitting on top of such vast reserves of explosive materials? Will it be only where the actual wells are that could explode, while the rest of the underground reserves will stay safely in the ground (despite the magnitude of the earthquakes)? Are there some areas of the state generally safer than others as regards to the gas deposits? The Upper Peninsula has no gas deposits, but it also has no soil (being part of the Canadian Shield) which makes it less favorable for the Aftertime. Any comments and clarifications on what to expect in regards to large underground natural gas deposits will be greatly appreciated. [and from another] Natural gas field maps: Oil and gas well maps: Map of all energy production in Michigan:
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There is a difference between gas in pipelines and gas in the ground. Gas in the ground is not explosive as it lacks oxygen. Unless the ground is shattered so that the gas escapes and is subject to a spark to set it off, it is not explosive. The same is true of methane gas, which escapes accompanied by the smell of rotten eggs now and then due to the rock layers shifting. Methane does not explode unless a spark sets it off, such as a lightning spark, otherwise it merely disburses into the atmosphere, diluting as it does so.

The oil fields in Iraq will not be a danger except for the fact that the ground will rupture, split open, and the oil being pumped will spill out on the ground. Michigan need only fear the pipelines coming across from the upper peninsula, which will rupture and explode. When we state that a region is safe, this is only relative safety, not absolute safety. Michigan will not have the ground rumple, as will Iraq. The splitting of the seaway will go around Michigan, almost entirely, as we have stated. Obviously one should not be sitting on a pipeline, nor on an active gas well, nor should gas be pumped into your homes unless you are inviting an explosion.

Could the Zetas explain why Newt Gingrich is ringing alarm bells over a theoretical electromagnetic pulse ("EMP") attack? The Zetas stated Gingrich specifically desires to be President of the United States during the time of the pole shift, so why is he pushing EMP as a serious threat? [and from another] Newt Gingrich, the Republican presidential hopeful, wants you to know that as commander in chief he is ready to confront one of the most nightmarish of doomsday scenarios: a nuclear blast high above the United States that would instantly throw the nation into a dark age. In debates and speeches, interviews and a popular book, he is ringing alarm bells over what experts call the electromagnetic pulse, or EMP - a poorly understood phenomenon of the nuclear age. The idea is that if a nuclear weapon, lofted by a missile, were detonated in outer space high above the American heartland, it would set off a huge and crippling shockwave of electricity. Mr. Gingrich warns that it would fry electrical circuits from coast to coast, knocking out computers, electrical power and cellphones. Everything from cars to hospitals would be knocked out. "Millions would die in the first week alone," he wrote in the foreword to a science-fiction thriller published in 2009 that describes an imaginary EMP attack on the United States. A number of scientists say they consider Mr. Gingrich's alarms far-fetched. He also referred to the apocalyptic novel "One Second After," written by a friend and co-author of his historical novels, William R. Forstchen. The book describes an electromagnetic pulse attack on America, conjuring a world in which cars, airplanes, cellphones and refrigerators all die, and gangs of barbarians spring to life. In the book's foreword, Mr. Gingrich calls the grim scenario a potential "future history" that should be "terrifying for all of us." He says he knows its frightening plausibility from decades of personal study.

Does Gingrich want to be the Pole Shift President? Without a doubt, and has been preparing for this role for years. If NASA has been using a hypothetical superstorm on the Sun as the reason the Earth will have its electronics fried, Gingrich is pointing to nuclear warfare. Neither scenarios can or will occur, of course, but the likelihood of the scenario is not the issue, life afterwards is the issue. We have described NASA as a highly NASA-centric elite organization, aware of the coming pole shift. While keeping the truth from the public they are preparing on a personal level.

Gingrich as a posturing narcissist is worse, as he wants to be in a position of absolute power when the pole shift hits, and would also lie to the public to the bitter end. Where Gingrich is self absorbed, he is not dumb. He correctly analyzed that NASA's blame the Sun scenario would run into trouble if the Sun did not cooperate. This happened. Rather than become the solar cycle from Hell, this past solar cycle had few sunspots and negligible CME's, thus shattering NASA's plans to blame the Sun.

What is Gingrich's agenda here, in this warning of post-apocalyptic chaos in an electronically fried world? The driving message is one of fear, a control mechanism used by those in the Service-to-Self, and certainly Gingrich is of that ilk. If barbarians are going to be roaming the Earth, on a world where cell phones to call the police no longer work, then the populace he plans to govern is likely to cling to their government and cooperate with any plans he might put into place. Shuffle into camps, cooperate with martial law, and view him as their savior. Gingrich is showing his colors, and they're not pretty!.

I would like to ask the Zetas if the current flooding in NSW & Queensland Australia is connected to plate movement and if it is how?
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One can see from an analysis of the quake activity along the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate and the highly active buoy off the west coast of India that the plate is tilting and plunging under the Himalayas. India sinks, and New Zealand and the eastern side of Australia rise. This causes the plate to tilt as was noted in January, 2011 when extreme flooding in eastern Australia was in the news. This is not due to rain. This is due to a backwash up the rivers, the rivers unable to drain and in many cases allowing seawater to flow inland. Periodically, this will be the case, as this plate will not stop tilting.

Cannot readily blame the increase in earthquakes on "global warming," so once again accusatory fingers are being pointed at mining and drilling. In the past the Zetas have mentioned mining did not cause specific quakes or sinkholes. Can human activity ever induce earthquakes or is this yet another cover-up lie? [and from another] Nine quakes in eight months in a seismically inactive area is unusual. But Ohio seismologists found another surprise when they plotted the quakes' epicenters: most coincided with the location of a 9,000-foot well in an industrial lot along the Mahoning River, just two miles from downtown Youngstown. Scientists say the likelihood of that link is extremely remote, that thousands of fracking and disposal wells operate nationwide without causing earthquakes, and that the relatively shallow depths of these wells mean that any earthquakes that are triggered would be minor. [and from another] In Iceland, Hengill volcano is being used for geothermal energy production through the procedure known as fracking. It is the only place in Iceland where this occurs, and until this year hasn´t caused much concern or even been noticed much. There have been quite a number of very minor mag swarms around Hengill Volcano, mostly around or below Mag 2. Over the summer of this year and into autumn, however, the situation has changed, and there has been extensive blogging going on about the Hengill phenomenon, giving rise to headlines, such as "Man made earthquake swarm at Hengill Volcano again" ( [and from another] A report in the UK concluded that fracking was the likely cause of some small earth tremors that happened during shale gas drilling.[50][51] In addition the United States Geological Survey (USGS) reports that "Earthquakes induced by human activity have been documented in a few locations" in the United States, Japan, and Canada; "the cause was injection of fluids into deep wells for waste disposal and secondary recovery of oil, and the use of reservoirs for water supplies."[52] The disposal and injection wells referenced are regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act and UIC laws and are not wells where hydraulic fracturing is generally performed. [50] Fracking tests near Blackpool 'likely cause' of tremors. November 11, 2011. [52] "FAQs - Earthquakes, Faults, Plate Tectonics, Earth Structure: Can we cause earthquakes? Is there any way to prevent earthquakes?" USGS. October 27, 2009.

Where Wikipedia reports that fracking causes earthquakes the reports they refer to in this regard are recent - a 2011 report [50] from the UK, and a 2009 report [52] from the USGS. Fracking has been a process used extensively for decades, since 1903 within the US alone. If fracking caused earthquakes, has this just been noticed? This is clearly an excuse for the increase in earthquakes, one of many the establishment will latch onto as earthquake frequency increases and earthquakes occur in unusual places.

Where it is known that mining accidents, explosions, can cause buildings in the vicinity to shake and windows to rattle, such activity on the surface does not cause earthquakes. It was even claimed by the USGS that the global shuddering occurring on all seismographs worldwide twice a day at 0:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC was caused by nearby traffic or thunderstorms! When no explanation was adequate, they fell silent. Earthquakes are caused by an adjustment in the entire rock strata, over a wide and deep area. The epicenter is merely the point where the adjustment, or movement, is greatest. The pressure that caused that adjustment spreads for hundreds of miles, in all directions. Fracking cannot accomplish this.

With the increased wobble. In what way will the storm and wobble sloshing affect the low areas of Europe, like the Netherlands before the EU tsunami. I feel this time it will be larger then the flood of 1953 that also affected parts of NL and the UK ( In earlier Zetatalk the Zetas said "The Netherlands is below sea level in many if not most areas, and will be devastated with high tides as the storms pick up and assault their dikes. This design is saying that in the Netherlands, man had better sprout wings and fly, if he has not already placed himself in a safer location!" Could the Zetas gave some more details about this storms (my feeling is that they either will be hurricane like or even be hurricanes. Scotland already had problems with very strong winds because of a storm) and the tides could affect the lower areas of Europe? [and from another] In September 2009, hundreds of fire fighters and rescue personnel from across Europe took part in a large scale and very realistic exercise simulating Europes worst credible flood event, a tidal surge in the North Sea as last experienced in the UK and Holland in 1953, on that occasion resulting in over 2,000 fatalities. This video shows the UK flood fighters perspective
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We described in 2007 how the Earth wobble would affect Europe as the wobble increased in violence. We have warned that the Earth wobble would increasingly become more violent, and have described the extent of the severe wobble during the Last Weeks. We have not yet defined how extreme the wobble would become in the interim, nor have we described what we meant when we stated that some coastal areas would become uninhabitable prior to the pole shift.

The Earth wobble takes the form of a Figure 8, when seen from above the N Pole. For Europe, as we described in 2007, this forces Europe to tilt toward the northwest when the Sun is over Europe, to be followed by a swing of N America to the northeast as the Sun moves overhead there. This combined action acts like a pump, creating a void or vacuum of low air pressure in the N Atlantic. Warm humid air is pulled up into the N Atlantic. Cold air rushes down to fill the void, and swirling begins due to the Coriolis effect.

Will this mean continuous hurricane activity along the European coast? This will be the minor effect, as with an increased wobble the storm surge will likewise increase, sending unprecedented high tides into the lowlands of Europe. Well before the 7 of 10 European tsunami Europe will be faced with having to evacuate vulnerable lowlands. The UK obviously takes the brunt of these storms, as has Norway, but it is where the elevation will drive the storm surge over the sea walls that evacuation will begin. London is vulnerable. The Netherlands and Denmark are very vulnerable.

Civil defense exercises by emergency teams to evacuate and rescue people when the surge is in process are only the first step. It is clear that many countries within Europe intend to partner with each other during such a crisis, sending in rescue teams with boats and choppers. But what then? If the lowlands have become unlivable, what then? Cooperation within Europe will be challenged, as no one wants refugees. The welcome that many immigrants have received in the past, when the economy supported job growth, will be withdrawn, often suddenly and rather brutally. If the debt carried by Italy and Greece have become a headache for the European Union, just imagine what drowning refugees from many member countries will entail!

After seeing what has been done to Libya (same fate of Iraq, Afganistan, with Sirya, Iran next victims of war) should one come to the conclusion that Africa is again in danger to become a prison colony for the Service-to-Self bunch? Has the sacrifice by many STO dying for the cause of true democracy been countered by the STS elite taking over and manipulating the protests? Will the COW step in to tip the balance? And with the increasing Earth Changes will life in Africa become much worse in 2012? [and from another] This year many have have watched in horror the bombing to stone age of oil- rich Lybia by NATO allied forces, with Islamic rebels becoming the new "legitimate" government", in fact just a bunch of puppets under the orders from a cabal of international bankers,CIA trained and Qatari equipped al-Qaeda Jihadist terrorists. [and from another] These people are now committing all possible crimes, waging a genocide against black people, African guest workers.

Is Africa in danger of being re-colonized? That danger has always been present, despite country after country gaining independence and holding elections. Very seldom are the assets held by Europeans taken from them when a country gains independence. They control the infrastructure industries, the large farms growing and delivering food, and thus still in essence run the country. What would it take in the hysteria following the pole shift for a takeover of the government too? Thus, the elite in Europe are not concerned about the means by which they would return to power. Timing is another matter.

These Ancient Indian drawings appear to show Zetas and other hominoids. Spirals are also common among ancient artists worldwide, and they seem similar to the Norway Spiral of 2009. Have the Zetas shared such a detailed message as Zeta Talk to societies of prior Pole Shifts? Have the Zetas interacted with humans more than the message they gave to the Hopi Indians of years ago? If so, how did those societies and its populaces react to the message? Did societal panic and unrest ensue, or were there civilized responses and preparations? Was there ever a pre-Pole Shift society similar to our own era?
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Since the rule that contact with aliens be recorded only in the subconscious of man was only imposed recently, just prior to Roswell, early man had conscious contact and indeed was warned of pending pole shifts. How was this information relayed? Not unlike today, via telepathy. As today, early man clustered along river bottoms and coastlines where fish and seafood were plentiful. As today, early man was reluctant to move to higher ground, and in general did not do so until floods and tidal waves made them nervous. Spirals recorded on cave walls, along with other warnings, were done to warn future generations, often by those who had lost many in their tribe and were grieving.

In the past, the Zetas have said that the 12/21/2012 date is the "approved" date put forward by the power/wealthy elite. They say that this date is after the actual Pole Shift, and that the elite have used that date so that they can move about freely to their bunkers while the common man is thinking the date is farther out. I have a couple questions about this. One, this would seem to imply that the elite know the date of the PS. But the Zetas have also said that the elite have no idea what the date is. That's why they have so many satellites, etc, trying to track PX (futile-ly). Can the Zetas clarify this? Two, after Nancy's ZetaTalk goes mainstream, it seems most people will at least get an understanding of the last weeks and know the things to watch for. If that is the case, any talk of a date will be irrelevant when the 3 days of darkness hit. This would make "approving" a PS date a moot effort. Are the elite really that foolish to push a meaningless date? Three, when the 2012 date is discussed in mainstream media, it is usually debunked. Why would the elites debunk their own "approved" date? They have not been crafty enough to use reverse psychology in their other efforts. So it seems odd. Just to be clear, I am not asking for the date of the PS. Rather, more clarity on previous statements.

When 2012 became the establishment approved date for End Times hysteria, it was far in the future. They wanted to point far enough into the future that the common man would be placated and not feel they needed to rush to prepare. Preparing would mean key people leaving jobs they had been trained to perform, resulting in an increase in industry costs and perhaps infrastructure downtime. Preparing would mean people pulling their savings out of banks, resulting in increased bank instability. Preparing would mean home owners deserting their mortgages at a time when the banking and real estate industries are already swamped with empty homes.

The establishment does not have the passage date - neither the trimester nor the year. But they are crystal clear on what they do know - they want the common man dumb and happy until the last minute. For the establishment this is the Last Weeks, when the wobble will be so severe, a stopped rotation so obvious, that the common man can no longer be fooled. What will they do now that 2012 is no longer in the future. Certainly the establishment does not want the common man suddenly becoming nervous, so they are ridiculing those they formerly encouraged. The establishment is caught in their own trap. As the 7 of 10 scenarios unfold, during 2012, the common man is likely to be doubly nervous about the End Times. Once again karma strikes!