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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 3, 2010

Moscow is in lowland. Also it is known, that near Moscow there is an underground sea. It means, that Moscow lays on an unstable place which caves in under weight of a city. You spoke - Moscow will be shipped under water after shift. But something will occur even before shift - probably breaches in the earth, failures of buildings, cracks? [and from another] Most of the city of Moscow's water comes from a deep underground aquifer which has been declining for years. Water usage climbs dramatically during the summer in Moscow as people use water to irrigate lawns and gardens. [and from another] The low-permeable marine clay divides the rock massif into two hydrogeological complexes. The lower one, underlying the marine clay, contains several artesian aquifers used for drinking and economic purposes. The upper complex overlying the Jurassic clay also contains several aquifers, which are, however, usually significantly contaminated.

Many parts of the world have aquifers, some quite massive. Australia's great aquifer covers the eastern half of the country, for instance. In some cases, draining of these aquifers is associated with sinkholes because the support the water provided, within caverns, is now missing. Are these lands floating on a waterbed, so that the land could drop if the aquifer were ruptured? Yes and no. Obviously, where that land is going to end up under water, there is no such worry, as sea water would replace any fresh water lost. Where the aquifer is well bounded by rock so that the water cannot escape unless the rupture creates a pathway, any loss of water is unlikely. If the bounding rock were such that it were easily ruptured, the aquifer would not have lasted for ages. In the case of Moscow, which is in the stretch zone, any rupture of the aquifer will occur during the hour of the pole shift, when the rivers will all be topping their banks, the area flooded in the extreme. There will be no drop in elevation for Moscow, so that, for instance, buildings sink slowly and disappear. The aquifer will replenish from the flood waters, and then Moscow will be inundated by the sea as the sea level rises.

align="right" hspace="0" width=400 height=199>From the ../poleshft/p10.htm New Geography map, it appears the new equator will be located primarily over open ocean. Since tropical hurricanes/cyclones/typhoons are usually spawned over large areas of warm water, can the Zetas elaborate on which coastal regions of the New Geography will most be effected by these types of seasonal storms? Is is possible to adjust the composition of Earth's atmosphere to avoid the development of destructive weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornados, not to mention create a desired climate condition for a particular region, and is this technology liklely to be utilized on Earth in the years following the Transformation to 4th density? [and from another] To benefit from the curving winds produced by the Coriolis effect, a storm needs to be at least 300 miles (500 kilometers) north or south of the equator. But more is needed for a depression to grow into one of Earth's most powerful storms. Besides warm ocean temperatures, the depression needs lots of warm, moist air to feed on.

Hurricanes and typhoons are part of life on Earth, and after the pole shift will re-establish themselves. These storms have historically been a phenomena striking the northern hemisphere, due to the requirements for hurricane or typhoon formation. In the northern hemisphere, storms striking the East Coast of the US and the Caribbean have formed in the Atlantic but not been able to dissipate, and thus develop a swirl. Likewise in the case of storms striking in Asia, along the China coastline. The swirling storm cannot dissipate as it is trapped over warm water which is pushed by the Coriolis effect against a land trap. Thus the fatal swirl begins. The southern hemisphere does not have these land traps, and thus their storms primarily dissipate. What will the new geography bring? Certainly what is now the West Coast will suffer from hurricanes in the future because of the natural trap that Alaska will form, preventing dissipation into cool waters. This will likewise be true of the coastline from what is now Japan up to Kamchatka, where a trap will exist.

I have posted 2 pics taken minutes apart on 6/6/10, of 'maybe' Nibiru and included brightness and contrast enhancement of both pics. Is either one or both a true capture?
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This is a true capture of Planet X, which only an educated eye would spot. The orb is clearly not a flare, stands partially behind a tree, is exactly round, with the correct amount of glow from a dust cloud evenly reflecting sunlight. Another excellent, and undeniable, catch.

Here is an interesting thing I discovered while making my slides. Posted it as separate blog: Could you look at this and say what you think about it? or maybe Zetas? Planet X path is here: [and from another] ../teams/rogue/zeta7.htm "Where dust in the tail, and some debris the size of gravel and boulders, reach the Earth during this passage some 14 million miles from the earth, the Moons stay closer to Planet X which at all times is the dominant gravity draw for them. You can consider the Moons to be within 5 million miles of Planet X, as the maximum distance they will stray." [and from another] ../science/s31.htm "Thus Planet X will come into the Earth's orbital plane not directly between the Earth and the Sun, but forward, somewhat closer to Planet X's approach. When one is looking toward Orion, at this time, from above the Earth's orbital plane, the perspective human astronomers prefer, the Sun will be to the right. The Earth, Sun, and Planet X will thus Form a Triangle in the Earth's orbital plane with a 23 degree angle at the Earth, an 18 degree angle at the Sun, and a 139 degree angle at Planet X. It is at this point, essentially, that Planet X is closest to the Earth, as with the angle of entry into the Earth's orbital plane being 32 degrees at this point. Planet X essentially dives up through the Earth's orbital plane and quickly passes on." [and from another] ../ning/29ma2010.htm "The near presence during the last weeks, when the Earth is in such a magnetic grip that rotation slows to a stop and the Earth is drawn closer to Planet X by almost 30 million miles."

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we gave what is known as the passage triangle, describing where Planet X, the Earth, and the Sun would be at the Point of Passage. We also gave a statement during the search for Planet X in the night skies on how close the Earth and Planet X would come to each other at the point of passage -14 million miles. We have also stated that the Earth is drawn in toward Planet X during the week of rotation stoppage, by some 30 million miles. But we did not state that the Earth was drawn 30 million miles closer to the Sun. What is not clear is where Planet X is during this drama. It is clear that the Earth will have pulled as far to the left as possible, to escape the magnetic hosing coming from the N Pole of Planet X which is otherwise pointed toward the Earth. This hosing is what drives the Earth to flop on its side, lean to the left, and swing away into 3 days of darkness prior to rotation stoppage. Presumably Planet X continues outbound, as prior to the week of rotation stoppage Venus has escaped from the cup. Today, Planet X is within the orbit of Venus, so clearly it will make progress prior to the last week. Simple math would lead one to believe that Planet X remains at the point where it is today, as 44 million miles is halfway between the Earth and Sun, and 30 million miles and 14 million miles equates to that distance. But Planet X is to the side, so the movement toward Planet X is not directly toward the Sun. It is toward a Planet X which is far to the right! This is one reason for the visibility of Planet X during the last weeks, particular the last week - rotation stoppage. There is less distance to Planet X than ever before.

I would say that the coastlines would be pulled down slightly during the adjustment (meaning all the Atlantic coastlines) but of course the effects of the tsunami will make this adjustment meaningless as who cares if the land has dropped by a couple of feet when there's a 200-300ft tsunami heading your way! Also surmising - the Zetas say that when we are at an 8 out of 10, the adjustments described for the 7/10 events will be happening more continuously one after the other (as per the Iraq prediction) so it is also logical to say that the Atlantic will adjust more than once before the end weeks, meaning more tsunamis, but that the first adjustment/tsunami will be the worst, due to the effect of rock fingers breaking off so after the first adjustment, later adjustments will occur without as much pressure having to build up beforehand. Also that these 7/10 events signal the start of the Zetas prediction that coastlines will become uninhabitable as all the 7/10 adjustments will probably affect the coastlines/oceans to some degree. (beforehand the prediction of the coastlines becoming uninhabitable seemed to be linked more to higher tides and increased storms but, as always stated, they were holding much information in abeyance to stop it being used against the populace.) Would you agree?

Was our statement that the coastlines of some areas would become uninhabitable prior to the pole shift in regards to the European tsunami and potential repeated hits? This and other coastlines will become uninhabitable because of storms from the sea. The coastlines that have been scoured clean of buildings because of the European tsunami will not be resettled, and not just because of insurance issues. There will be repeated tsunamis, though not as large as the initial one we have described, but enough to keep the populace fearful of a repeat. The severe wobble will also create tides that will assault coastlines in predictable places. Follow where the ocean currents go today, and exacerbate them to get an idea of what areas might be hit. This is not altogether a curse, but a blessing, as residents on those coastlines will have moved inland prior to the pole shift, For them, a life saving maneuver.

Regarding India: there are mountain ranges on western India that average 400 meters to 1000 meters high. Even Bangalore is at an altitude of over 500 meters. Is all of India going to be under water due to the plate movement or a combination of the plate movement (subduction) and the overall rise in the water level? I'm very concerned about many people in India and if they can get closer to the foothills of Tibet/Nepal but even in that scenario, that is going to be the new pole so will be an arctic circle. What is the best to do for those there?
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More than the country of India and Bangladesh and Bhutan will be pushed under the Himalayas. Check the topographic map and see where the wrinkles are. This is where land has been rumpled as something was pushed under it. Note that along the border with Burma and Tibet and Nepal, that the lands of India are lowlands, where the land has been pushed down in the recent past. Why would the highlands of India be just in the center of the country, and not border the high Himalayas? This is what will become of India and all on that plate that is being pushed down and under. Those in India are advised not to seek high ground within Indian's interior, but to head to the Himalayas, to Tibet and Nepal and China or the high mountains that are officially Indian territory - Srinagar. Pakistan will also be high ground but the area will rupture to become a new seaway, so this is unstable territory and the lowlands will be flooded during the hour of the shift.

After the pole shift, it would appear that estuaries, rivers and streams in the Pacific Northwest will eventually become too warm to support migratory salmon, trout and other cold water species given the proximity to the New Equator. Should survivor groups in this region expect that such species will not be available in the Aftertime? Can the Zetas provide an estimate on when migratory fish species such as salmon will resume their annual spawning runs and in which areas of the New Geography can they be expected?

Salmon will continue using their old haunts despite the change in climate, which will be slightly more temperate than previously. We have mentioned that the reason there are migrating birds is because of prior pole shifts, when they kept returning to their old haunts, but needed to leave during winter. Those who established this new routine survived. Those that did not froze. Look at the diversity of species your world holds! Yes there is some extinction, like the Mammoth, but genetic diversity is continually increasing. Biologists will tell you that on islands separated from a mainland, new species develop, separate from the mainland variety. Mutation, natural selection, is continuous.

I'm an animals lover and adamant animal defender through various charities and animal rights movements. I've read through the ZT site to see if I can find an answer and I haven't seen mention of the animal population in the Aftertime. Starvation will be imminent, and of course, hungry people will eat whatever they can in their areas and within their means. Survival of the fittest is a fact. While I agonize over the future possibilities for my 2 beloved 11 year old cats, and have various scenarios in mind for the last weeks, Noah's Ark was also brought to mind. On ZT there have been mentions about leaving animals out to pasture for their safety and that animal species have survived PS in the past. There is also mention that sea life was transplanted from areas of the Gulf (or was it just dolphins?) Do the Zetas know of certain species that will adapt, escape or be saved? Or of those doomed species which will be forever extinct? Have ET's planned an interstellar Noah's Ark to preserve some of the Earth's magnificent life, be it flora or fauna and people?

Due to the human heart, some species beloved of the human race will be assisted for survival. This runs into the thousands, so we will only list a few - redwood trees, dolphins, bird species, wild flowers, comical creatures such as the armadillo, the polar bear, and land tortoises. Primarily the assists will be to place them in appropriate climates, so that unlike the Mammoth, which found itself in ice and snow with nothing to eat, they will have a chance.

I have a question about the inhabitants of Planet X. If they have been so technically advanced for hundreds of thousands of years then why have they not progressed enough spritually to transcend to a higher dimension like humans on Earth. Did they not have spritual leaders like Budda, Muhammad and Christ to teach Service to Others? They were the masters when we were barely walking upright according to Zeta history lessons. What has held them back? It seems to me that common sense would prevail enough to convince them that serving one another is the only real decision to make eventually. Also, do they keep tabs on us as a civilization even though they are banned from further contact with us? The Zetas say that they mine a moon of Mars and had bases on the moon of Earth. If so then they must be at least aware of our advancement. Are they aware of the impending dimensional shift and the new hybrid species?

We have mentioned that the Annunaki had more negative influences in their early years than did early man, and thus there is more Service-to-Self influence to counter. Each world progresses at its own rate. There are certainly those souls there who are highly Service-to-Other, and the proportion of hardened Service-to-Self is not that much higher than on Earth at present - approximately 9% to Earth's 7%. The Annunaki have been quarantined since before the last pole shift, so have not had contact with mankind since before the days of Moses, although they were certainly on Earth during the days of Noah. They are aware of man's technological progress only from what their outstations have observed, mankind's probes going to Mars, where they currently are mining for gold on Phoebus. As we have stated, their only awareness that the Earth has gone through its transformation to another density will be when they next pass through, and see a dimmer Sun and an apparently dead Earth.

New cropcircle in England. Any comments from the Zetas, if there is a progression? At Ufton, near Southam, Warwickshire (reported 25th June). Compare to Silbury Hill Wiltshire 9th Jul 2005
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These two crop circles are related and sure to catch the eye of those faithfully watching. Note the differences. In 2005 there was a sweep, front to back, where in 2010 there is a swirl going round and round. What does the eye in the center of each circle represent? Planets in their orbits are swept along by the sweeping arms of the Sun, as we have explained, but when doing so encounter matter in their way - subatomic particles they must plow through. During the time when the Earth and Venus and the Dark Twin are all crowded in front of Planet X, and Planet X itself is almost stalled as it tries to push past them, this is a crowded particle field in turmoil. Rather than the usual setup where a planet plows through the field, the particles flowing past it, all four of these planets find the particles crowded in front of them and not moving. An analogy would be to consider snow plows on the road, clearing a path. The snow is cast to the side so the plow never has more than a certain amount in front of it. But if several plows approach each other they will be heaping snow in front of each other, and all begin to stall. This crowding is what ultimately releases both Venus and the Dark Twin from their trap, as they move toward the point of lesser crowding. At present it is the eddy flow coming round the sides of Planet X that dominates, but this equilibrium will soon change.

Could the oilspill and the Hurricanes on the Gulf to soon come be a blessing in disguise as they force people to consider their vulnerability living next to the ocean? Will the emergency services here in the US use these and other emergencies to get people thinking/moving in the direction of the need to relocate and/or be self sufficient in a communal setting? There has got to be a way to more strongly encourage migrations and self sufficiency ahead of the shift without coming out and stating the disaster that will befall mankind re PX as this kind of direct statement is very problematic per the Zetas. We are being given warnings about living on the gulf it seems.

There are warnings that the entire Gulf region may become so polluted, due to the chemical disbursants used and how this allows the oil to be lifted into rain clouds, that the Gulf region may need to be evacuated. Of course such disaster recovery plans must be in place, as the oil spill has not proved stoppable. It is not the BP spill that is the worry, it is the fact that the Gulf is leaking oil and gas such as methane from multiple places, some not the result of drilling. The Gulf is under pressure, as we have explained, from the bowing of the N American continent, and this is the source of the leaks which will not entirely stop until the New Madrid adjusts. The US government has been aware of this pending disaster for decades, as they have been aware of the approach of Planet X since 1983. FEMA has plans for the New Madrid, but the oil leaks have taken it by surprise.

Will an evacuation from the Gulf actually occur, and will this prove to be a blessing in disguise for those living along the coastline when the hour of the shift arrives? Any evacuation will be extremely limited and only in those areas directly in front of winds coming directly off the oil spill. No government wants a large number of evacuees, as the problems involved increase exponentially as the areas being evacuated grow. Looting occurs when the police must also be evacuated. Lost persons problems multiply when families are disbursed to different locales. Distribution of food and supplies becomes confused as conflicting directives are received from various camps and authorities. Shelter can often be provided in neighboring areas, but if those neighboring areas themselves are evacuated, then the problems of keeping track of evacuees who are being repeatedly moved increases. Medical problems of those in need who have had to leave their familiar doctors and care givers likewise compound.

The old saying that 'there's no place like home' is more than a cliché. It is the reason that is it difficult in the worst of circumstances to get people to evacuate. Look to Karina as a case in point. We have predicted that even when the last weeks are in full swing, when it is obvious that the world they know is turning upside down, there will be those who will insist on going through their day as through nothing were wrong. They will go to their jobs, bake a birthday cake for an occasion coming up soon, and be oddly cheerful about it all. Between an overwhelmed government and a reluctant public, evacuation of the entire Gulf region just won't happen.

Obama is a leader at the highest level of government but there is a leadership vacuum in spots at least all the way down under him right to the local level in many cases. Will people step up ahead of the shift? Will we have to wait until the actual shift and its aftermath for true leaders to emerge?

Natural leadership often does not emerge until the official leadership proves inadequate or frankly bails out. It may be your perception that there are leadership vacuums, but there are bodies in those positions with big egos and loud mouths. Being "official" means that they are listened to, even if their advice is worthless. Thus, not only is a natural leader not encouraged, they are blocked and attacked for attempting to usurp the official leader. Thus it will not be until those times when the official leadership is weeping, sitting on the floor and weeping or has run away, or those times when the official leadership is clearly insane, that natural leaders will quickly emerge and take over.

The region I am concerned with straddles both Oregon and California. After analyzing which high ground might be safest to flee to in order to escape Ocean slosh, friction heated valley floors, and the numerous volcanic eruptions that will all occur in our area, I believe this region may be the least of all evils. The Siskiyou Mountains. Covering most of the western half of Northern California and Southern Oregon, this chain of mountains runs East/West starting right at the edge of the very volcanic Cascade Mountains, and terminating a few miles from the Northern California coast. My understanding is this group of mountains is older by 30 to 40 million years ( if geologist's methodology can be trusted) than other mountain ranges around it, and has no active volcanism except in the area where it joins the Cascades. The question is basically, Are the Siskiyou Mountains a risk for mountain building despite their age, and thus unsafe to seek refuge in? For people in our region it seemed the only place to get reasonably far from the volcanoes (though not far enough), and not so close to the ocean, like the Coast Ranges, that tidal bore would inundate even the highlands. Valleys seem out due to the plate friction heating up valley floors to dangerous levels. Any info would be very useful to many besides myself I am sure.
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What the vulcanism of the Cascade Mountains tells you is that this range not only has active subduction beneath it, but that the rock layer riding on top is thin. If the rock layer were thick or heavily baffled, volcanism would be suppressed. Imagine the process of subduction over the eons, repeated subduction. At first it is two plates abutting each other or sliding past each other. Then one dives under and the very edge of the plate riding on top is rumpled, mountains building by this rumpling. Then the next instance of subduction occurs years later, and the lip of the subducting plate pushes further, but what happens to the rumpling that occurred the first time? This has hardened, any melting due to friction long cooled, and the very fact that it is rumpled prevents the entire mass from melting again. This process continues, with the original rumpling repeatedly being rumpled until the point arrives where it is above any sliding of one plate over another, riding like foam on a wave. This is indeed a safer zone than your Cascade Mountains for this reason. However, to avoid the possibility of being where any melted rock might occur, do not be in the river valley itself, but rather up in ravines.

Will the GOCE satellite viewing the Earth's gravity in high definition help the elite predict the effects of Planet X on earth? If the Annunaki had this knowledge in our past and were removed from earth, will the same happen to the elite? You have mentioned that Atlantis removal was assisted by ETs, will there be similar assist by ETs on certain parts of Earth in the next shift? [and from another] Concerning the use of GOCE data products, five different themes have been distinguished: Oceanography, Solid-Earth, Geodesy, Glaciology, Sea level change studies.

Of course the elite hope to get advance warnings of any seabed rise from GOCE, but this will be scant help to them as by the time they get the warning, tsunamis will be pouring over some part of the globe. They could not take themselves to safety, nor remove their precious assets in time. The Annunaki were aware that the time of the passage was approaching, as they had vast experience with prior passages. They vacated Earth well ahead of time, and were able to calculate the time of passage based on historical records. They did not share this knowledge with mankind, beyond the approximate date such as was given to the Mayans. Since the Mayan record was lost in the fog of time, the counting to the Long Count calendar stopped and not restarted, there is no record or information from the Annunaki which could give mankind a clue. The attempts by archeologists to line up the Gregorian and Mayan calendars, as we have stated, was a failure and not possible, though those selling books with 2012 on the cover would not admit this.

The sinking of Atlantis was assisted by aliens, at the instruction of the Council of Worlds, because this was a city dominated by the Annunaki who had become heavy handed with man and had tripped the balance in mankind's school house. Would such a maneuver against human elites be approved and executed today? This has already happened, during the Bush administration when the Council approved interfering with the free will of man to block the planting of weapons of WMD in Iraq. This likewise occurred during the 2006 and 2008 elections, when we, the Zetas, were allowed to assist men determined to let the vote be the voice of the people. But for those wondering if a large boot will descend from Heaven and squash the elite in their bunkers, we cannot say. These matters are still pending. We have given assurances that for those good hearted communities keeping a low profile, there will be assistance. Roving gangs and carry-on government militias will have a hard time finding them. You may consider this a type of quarantine, if you wish.

Whether can Zetas tell, whether there will be in the near future more colourful and more impressing, mass supervision of the second Sun? Whether there will be such supervision when on them will inform at once many?

Second Sun sightings are promised 7.3 weeks before the pole shift for everyone in the world, without question. Today we have a photos or visual capture here and there, but nothing sustained, and nothing that the entire world can see without question. Between these two points lie the possibilities for mankind during the time remaining until the last weeks. The possibility exists for the Earth to pull to the left, in the extreme, prior to the last weeks in a desperate attempt to evade the approaching Planet X and the hose of magnetic particles coming for its N Pole. With Planet X to the right, the chance for an optimal angle for a glint of light bouncing off the dust cloud increases. As this will also be during a time when Planet X is closing the gap, coming closer to the Earth, it will loom larger in the sky, thus increasing the chances of a sighting for this reason. Thus, where we cannot say yes and we cannot say no, due to the rules within which we are required to operate, we can point out the factors that would be involved.

When constructing a ditch should it be a very long narrow ditch and people lie head to toe, or could it be one that is wider and less long (fitting in 5 or so people). I just ask because it will be a scary event and most comfortable for my family if we could all see each other etc. Is there much more risk of injury being all together like that?

There are many variables to consider and each family should make their own decisions. You have outlined some of the variables. Small children would want to be by their parent's side, insist on this in fact, and would be crawling around, putting themselves in danger, if not in such a position. A more narrow trench limits the degree to which one is tossed around. One could only be thrown a couple inches, potentially, and thus bruising or scraping is minimized. This would be reduced in a wider trench by padding of some sort, thereby allowing a couple to be in each other's arms, or parent and child to be clinging to each other, without the fear of a broken bone from being violently thrown several feet. Another factor is the type of soil involved, the terrain. Some soil is so loose that a trench is not possible, as it will drift closed with every jiggle or close with loose soil being blown about in the wind. In these settings, a dip in the landscape is your best bet, such that the people crouching there are out of the wind. In other landscapes, a ravine would suffice, where clinging to roots from nearby trees is an anchor. You should think of the objective, which is to be below ground level so that high winds or tornadoes pass overhead, and to be in a place where you cannot be thrown a great distance when jolts from earthquakes come.

Can it be assumed that most people who have come across ZetaTalk and believe the message to be true are contactees? If not what would the percentage be?

There is certainly no one-to-one relationship, nor are most contactees aware of ZetaTalk. These are three different realms. One is the realm of the contactee, which can come about from many sources. A second is the availability of ZetaTalk. And a third is the increasing Earth changes. The contactee may be curious about something in nature, some human interaction, as well as be curious about anything related to the Earth changes caused by Planet X. The contactee or another not yet a contactee may discover ZetaTalk and ponder the warnings there. They may initiate an internet search, or peer at the Sun or Moon more intently, and as a result give the Call more intently. If already a contactee, whatever was under discussion will now include the Earth changes and the pending passage. If not already a contactee, ZetaTalk may encourage the person to give this a try, so that they sit quietly, eyes scrunched closed, fervently hoping for contact. It may also be the case that one reading ZetaTalk is made to feel uneasy, and if they thought of seeking contact before, they now hesitate. Many, watching movies or living in a fantasy world, imagine an almost blissful encounter, but after reading graphic descriptions of different alien types and the opposition the government has had against contact, are reluctant to proceed. Percentages are misleading, and we perfer not to give them. Things move about, so as soon as percentages are put down on paper, they have changed. What is true it that contactees are constantly on the increase, as is the ZetaTalk readership, and that any arm of the government trying to discourage contact with aliens has long since lost the battle.

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Could the Zeta's please respond to the irregular wave patterns we are seeing on the buoy data reporting system for buoy 55023 north eastern Indo-Australian Plate? Are they showing a relationship to the flow of magma beneath the earth or perhaps harmonic tremors? align="bottom" width=802 height=220>

When asked about this in April, 2010 when buoy 55023 first began showing the sea floor rise, we mentioned not only the steady rise of the eastern edge of the Indo-Australian Plate but flexible parts of this plate which can flex when the plate position changes. Plates are heavy, and when they are tipped up, they can bend at the point where they are becoming suspended, bend under the weight of rock no longer supported by magma. A void is created under that part of the plate, in essence. The sudden precipitous drop in water height on June 25, 2010 does indeed have a relationship to the 7.1 quake in the Solomons a day later. This activity, the lift in the plate, has gotten stronger, and the trend will only increase in the near future.

At session on June, 19th Zetas have told: "Spirits do not have the power to do much in the physical world, but when incarnated, they can affect a great deal by influencing brain chemistry. Moving a truck or lifting a train off its track, for instance, is something they cannot do." Okay, your souls in 4th density have more the power to do much in the physical world (4th density) unlike 3th density?

We have stated that 4th density, being a more rapid vibration of atoms, feels less physical, so that the soul or spirit is more in force. The body feels lighter although its relative mass does not change. Souls can communicate with other souls more readily, having casual soul-to-soul conversations. The incarnated body has greater access to past lives, and converses with its incarnating soul more readily. So if spirits on 3rd density worlds can influence the physical environment by making the room feel cold, or dimming lights, or altering the brain chemistry of a person they wish to communicate with so that the person thinks they see a ghost, then what is it like in 4th density? Not that much different, surprisingly, and perhaps this is God's way of ensuring that interaction between entities is up front and open. Souls in 4th density are not supposed to be able to trick one another, or avoid interaction by creating screen memories or fogging up the setting.

Then how is it that aliens seem to have control of gravity, controlling this with their minds, so they can float to Earth or float a contactee to a visitation site? This is certainly not something that 3rd density creatures can do! This is a factor of greater intelligence in bodies used for 4th density incarnations. Humans are aware of poltergeist activity, where cabinet doors slam and cups fly off the table. This is due to a brain wave caused by rage, usually in a teenager, enraged at restrictions. Some similar mechanism is at work when aliens can control gravity to float themselves or their contactees. This is not due to rage, but directed intent. Human contactees, through the ages, have observed and experienced this, and thus the common myth that some humans can levitate. It is their wish, and their past experience, but not their capacity.

Question about hybrids and their capabilities. If hybrid will posses better "capacity for telepathic communication" than current human telepathic skills? Answer received but next question is why Zetas think that this skill is difficult to develop by humans themselves? "Our hybrid program is to create a new form of human which has greater mental capacity, including capacity for telepathic communication"

Humans do have some telepathic ability as we have explained, but this is limited. Few humans, perhaps 10%, have sufficient ability to be able to recall a dramatic moment when they were sure they were receiving a message from another. A mother, awaking in the middle of the night, is sure her son has been in an auto accident, for instance. Or someone realizes a check is in the mail for them, for an exact amount. This usually involves a family member or very close friend, and most often this is only a single instance in the person's life. If the hybrids are being developed to have an extensive telepathic capacity, equivalent to ours, then why do humans have such limited ability?

There is a difference between 4th density Service-to-Other requirements, which include telepathic communications and awareness of others, and 3rd density living. In 3rd density, young souls are sorting out if they want to be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. They are not to be burdened in either direction, and a highly telepathic interchange would be a burden to those choosing Service-to-Self. Another example of allowing young worlds to have freedom is the quarantine of the Annunaki from Earth, as they were considered giants and were overbearing, cruel, in their enslavement of mankind. This was a burden on those wanting to develop a Service-to-Other orientation.

For those humans wishing a closer communication with others, this is available to them even without a native propensity. It is a matter of listening to their hunches, their perceptions, and not shoving aside a hunch just because there is no outside validation. Animals trust their instincts in this regard, and do not think they must be politically correct, as the conscious mind of man does. It is for this reason that animals often seem telepathic, so much more so than man. They don't discard their internal perceptions.

Regarding the state of NJ on the east coast: will the entire state either fall into the sea or be inundated with water, or can the north west portion elevations be adequate enough as a safe region? Regions are aprox 700 ft above sea level.

New Jersey is extreme lowland for almost the entire state. Essentially a delta area, there are no rock outcroppings to afford safety from tidal waves that will strike the coastline at a height of 500-600 feet, diminishing only well inland to an average wash over the state of 100 feet above sea level. Soil will wash from under buildings so that they topple. The land in many places will be scoured clean, without a trace, and in some areas no land will even remain. The land abutting the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, to the extent it rises above that 100 foot level and well away from any river outlets by which the sea can pour inland, will afford some protection from tidal waves.

You'll just love this! It is amazing that they have the public convinced that they know so much about solar dynamics that they can "predict" a storm will erupt from the sun 3 years from now and it will be from the region of the sun that is facing the Earth at that time. [and from another] Nibiru and Doomsday 2012: Questions and Answers [June, 2009] What is the origin of the prediction that the world will end in December 2012? The story started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. Zecharia Sitchin, who writes fiction about the ancient Mesopotamian civilization of Sumer, claimed in several books (e.g., The Twelfth Planet, published in 1976) that he has found and translated Sumerian documents that identify the planet Nibiru, orbiting the Sun every 3600 years. These Sumerian fables include stories of "ancient astronauts" visiting Earth from a civilization of aliens called the Anunnaki. Then Nancy Lieder, a self-declared psychic who claims she is channeling aliens, wrote on her website Zetatalk that the inhabitants of a fictional planet around the star Zeta Reticuli warned her that the Earth was in danger from Planet X or Nibiru. This catastrophe was initially predicted for May 2003, but when nothing happened the doomsday date was moved forward to December 2012.

The establishment knows that Planet X has just started to point its charged tail toward Earth, and has had a taste of what is to come with the downing of Air France 44 and the failure of several large dam turbines. How do they warn those responsible for keeping the grid up and build an anticipation of electronic failure into the public mind without admitting that Planet X is in the vicinity and about to cause havoc? Of course Dick Morrison's lecture attacked Nancy and her message as the first and foremost enemy, because we and we alone are pointing to the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system and advising people on how to look for it. Meanwhile, the absurdity of describing the superstorm of the millenium while the Sun has virtually no sunspots or flares is not lost on the public. They are wondering what's up?

Once the New Madrid starts to adjust. Understanding that the major adjustment will happen first, then smaller adjustments can last maybe weeks and months. My question is, "Will the New Madrid keep adjusting up until the Pole Shift?"

What is occurring now in the New Madrid area, and the entire area affected by the bowing of the N American continent, are extremely minor quakes, sinkholes, and buckling pavement and settlings houses. This is equivalent to the stirring of grass as the tiger begins his prowl. Major adjustments such as we have described for the New Madrid region, including a reach all the way to the Great Lakes and New England area and down into Mexico, is the tiger's roar and leap for the kill. In between are times when the tiger is glimpsed moving along the underbrush or dashing across an open field. There will be what many will consider to be the New Madrid quake awaited, but it will only be such a glimpse of what is to come. After the tiger makes its kill, there will also be times when the tiger will roar from the jungle, letting those who might be tempted to steal its kill know that it is still in the vicinity. Aftershocks, equivalent to the quakes that preceded the big one, the kill, will continue certainly until the pole shift and beyond.