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Ohio April 18
It went down well into the NW again this evening!
Utah April 18
Oh yes, and tonight the Sun set here in SLC, UT at approx. a 25 to 30 degree NW angle.
Saskatchewan April 18
It is 9:20 central time and the sky is still light outside in that a person can walk around without a flashlight due to residual light from the sun going down.
Calgary April 18
Its interesting that this week after coming home at night I noticed that in a span of 4 days the 'Big Dipper' was waaaaaayyyy off and in fact looked to be too far to the NE on a April 13 and then last night April 17 it was too far SW. Even if the compasses are not totally accurate we have the stars and constellations to look at!
Saskatchewan April 20
The sunset at 8:23 today in the extreme NW. The sun setting is getting longer and longer, it was 8 minutes earlier yesterday. Has anyone else noticed this time difference?
Iowa April 21
Sun was way NW at setting and came up way NE this morning! Just off to the side of the grain elevator I use to mark it. It should be rising off to my neighbor's SE corner of her house today. Yet its so far north of her house I'm not even able to use her house as a sighting marker. This is even more extreme! I am an Orion/Osiris freak and yes, I've noticed its pointing wrong along with Ursa Major (Big Dipper) being very wrong also.