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Namibia April 12
Last night I looked at the Southern Cross and it was tilted so that the most western stars, which point slightly down and are used for calculating the southern direction, were horizontally aligned with the eastern star. Just now I've observed the sun coming up against the building across the street 8 cm south east of yesterday morning's position. The sun should be currently moving steadily in a NE direction for our winter. [Note: a lean to the left tends to put all latitudes more in line with the Equator, with the Sun overhead.]
San Diego April 14
Yes, this is another lean to the left. The Sun came up a little earlier this morning. Even the Fox News weather girl looked confused. And the Sun is to the extreme NW once again for sunrise. There was light at 5am this morning. I wish you could have seen the weather girl's face when the camara view was showing the San Diego coast line and it was almost bright as day outside. And she stuttered something about twi twi twilight. This was around 6am. I wasn't expecting that surprise this morning either! The sun seems to be skimming across the earth because it is sooooo far North. This is something else that I have taken notice of. My window at work faces due west. I have picked up a lean to the left pattern in a strange way too. The blinds are dropped every once in a while here at work when I arrive in the morning. When the sun is setting very far to the NW, my co-worker drops the blinds because the Sun is shining brightly through the window and heating the office up.
Iowa April 14
Still had an afterglow last night - more NNW than WNW. And the afterglow lasted till around 11:00! I'd say impossible, but I saw it myself! Also noticed the early morning light!
Netherlands April 14
I checked Stellarium and for what I see when I check the position of the Sun, the Sun is not in the right position. The Sun should be more to the south and is now more the to north.
Iowa April 15
Sun came up 20 degrees NE again and even now is still North of East!
Saskachewan April 15
Noticed the sun coming up just north of east as well. It was just getting light at around 5:30 this am.
Ohio April 15
So. I needed to go to the grocery, and as I stepped out the front door and turn to go down my 3 steps, I face due South. It was perfectly, hugely, sunny, but the Sun was not 'there' - in the right place. Where was it? Not normal. The Sun was now in a NW orientation. Oh Great, she's on the move again. So noticeable. I would say about/at least a 45 degree move, or a little more, from my last observation. On my last post a while back, the Sun was in a SW orientation, off from the due W orientation of the norm. The sunshine is coming into my family room/kitchen (from the NW), where before these rooms were always in shade. My folks built the house and I grew up there, that is the confirmation of my observations.