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Issue 781, Sunday September 19, 2021
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Silent Victories

In presenting the concept of Silent Victories that the Junta has achieved we mentioned the five war fronts the Junta was dealing with: Antifa and Defund the Police riots, the CCP invasion, Moloch child sacrifice among the Satanists, the 2020 election fraud, and cleaning up the pervasive Deep State. In that maintaining an armed presence in Afghanistan, the home of the poppy fields that produce Opium and Heroin for the drug trade desired by the Deep State will end, the withdrawal from Afghanistan can be seen as a victory for the Junta against the Deep State.

Afghanistan: 37% Increase in Opium Poppy Cultivation in 2020
May 4, 2021
Opium poppy cultivation is not a local problem. Converted into heroin it is not only consumed in Afghanistan and surrounding countries, but also in Europe which is the main destination for heroin produced in Afghanistan.
How the US military's Opium War in Afghanistan was Lost
April 19, 2019
The study found that, despite excellent intelligence, the multi-million-dollar campaign was having a negligible effect on the Taliban and the drug trafficking networks in Afghanistan.

One can see from the UN charts that when the Taliban were in charge in 2001, the Opium production was drastically reduced, but when US troops were installed, protecting American citizens and their associates from the Taliban, drug production skyrocketed.  As the UN chart shows, Taliban was against the drug trade, so the US invasion in 2001 allowed the drug trade to explode. US Miliary was inadvertently used to protect those Americans participating in the drug trade. Who then was responsible for the August 26 attack at Kabul? It was not the Taliban or ISIS.

Third Explosion Near Kabul Airport, Pentagon Confirms 12 U.S. Service Members Killed
August 26, 2021
There were two suicide bombers: one at Abbey Gate and the second one in the vicinity of the Barron Hotel. The CIA is conducting covert operations outside of the Kabul airport to extract U.S. citizens from Afghanistan. A recent report from the White house gave an update on the number of evacuees rescued from Afghanistan in the last 24-hours. Seventeen U.S. military flights carried roughly 5,000 evacuees out of Kabul while 74 coalition flights carried around 8,300 people.
McMaster on Afghanistan carnage: 'What we Saw Today is just the Beginning'
August 26, 2021
Former Trump administration national security adviser H.R. McMaster called on President Biden to 'reverse course' in the aftermath of terrorist bombings in Kabul, urging him to scrap his deadline for pulling U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, cut off dealings with the Taliban and launch a new war on terror against jihadi networks throughout Central Asia.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: What would ISIS or the Taliban have to gain from an attack on the US Military as it was in the process of evacuating Kabul? Such an attack would only encourage those who say that the US should continue their presence and reverse the withdrawal. Is this what the Taliban and ISIS desire? The smart move would be to let the US Military leave, and then move in to tighten control over Kabul. Thus it is patently obvious on its face that the August 26 attack on the US Military was done by those wanting to force the US to remain in Afghanistan.

Of course such a move would be done by proxy, so the attack could be blamed on others. ISIS was only too willing to be given an opportunity, thus was provided with equipment and access not otherwise available to them. What entities are so intensely interested in having the US Military remain in Afghanistan? As is known, Herbert Bush was at the helm of a profitable drug distribution enterprise with Cocaine from Columbia. As head of the CIA when he was a VP under Reagan, his reach went beyond Cocaine and included Heroin from Afghanistan poppies, distributed widely via Europe.

Herbert Bush is long dead but the Deep State lives on. While the US Military was deployed in Afghanistan, the profits from Heroin production did not go to the Taliban, but went instead to those Americans and their associates protected by the Military. With President Trump's orders to withdraw that would stop and return to Taliban control. Will this August 26 attack stop the US withdrawal, or even delay it? As the White Hat Double Biden has confirmed, no delay will occur. But the US Military will allow the Taliban and ISIS to take the blame.

Another Silent Victory also occurred on another front - fighting the Satanist Moloch practice of child sacrifice. The Zetas confirmed that Pope Francis was killed over a year ago by those in the Vatican fearful that he would reveal the truth of the Third Secret of Fatima to the people. Thus the good hearted Pope Francis was replaced with a Black Hat Pope Double, allied with the Satanists in the Vatican. Now that situation will be corrected, as the Black Hat Double is resigning to make way for a legitimate Pope.

Breaking: Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Resign in December
August 23, 2021
According to highly reliable sources in the Vatican, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has expressed his decision to resign in December. The news broke this morning in Rome, on the front page of the Libero Newspaper, in an article written by Antonio Socci. The substance of the news is simply and only that: a voluntary resignation for reasons of health on his 85th birthday. Rumors have flown this way and that in recent days, here in Italy, as to whether Bergoglio has cancer of the colon, has had part of one of his feet amputated, or is dying of the effects of the Vaxx. If Bergoglio resigns, and the Cardinals call a Conclave.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: As we confirmed, Pope Francis was assassinated in June, 2020 by those who feared he would reveal the true Third Secret of Fatima. He was replaced by a Double. So why now is there to be a change in who is to be Pope? Those who assassinated Pope Francis were associated with the Satanists, who want a sense of fear and hopelessness to pervade mankind going into the passage of Nibiru. We, the Service-to-Other Zetas and the Council of Worlds, want the populace informed so they can either prepare to survive or to die at peace with their loved ones.  

Many wars during the End Times are silent wars, where the battles and victories are not seen nor measurable. Nancy has documented what she describes as Silent Victories for the US Junta: countering the Antifa and the Defund the Police campaigns, stopping the CCP invasion into the US, eliminating Moloch worship and the child rape and torture required, prosecuting Deep State treason, and finally correcting the 2020 election fraud. How many of these victories have appeared in the press?

The international Alliance of White Hats has as one of its goals that Nibiru should be admitted, and the people informed. A silent battle to address the Satanism within the Vatican has succeeded, with the Black Hats removed. To replace the legitimate Pope Francis who was assassinated, a conclave must be called. Thus the Double is claimed to have health problems to make way for a new and legitimate Pope.

Vax Safety

Covid-19 vaccine safety has been under discussion for months, with Dr. Zelenko's protocol surviving with high marks along with Russia's Sputnik. AstraZeneca got trashed in Europe because of the blood clots it caused, and the mRNA vaccines were suspect because they caused abortions in pregnant women and caused red blood cells to shed their iron.

Gaslighting America: Did the FDA Actually Approve a Future Covid Vaccine from BioNTech that Does Not Exist Yet?
August 24, 2021
While many mainstream media outlets quickly ran with the story that Pfizer's existing mRNA injection for the Fauci Flu was given the official green light from the FDA, supposedly making it easier to mandate, others are saying that the FDA issued approval specifically to BioNTech, a German vaccine corporation, for a Chinese Virus injection that does not exist yet.

Now to add to the confusion, the FDA has emerged with an approval decision that is contradictory and full of double speak. The FDA decision appears to give approval for a new German vaccine called Comirnaty and allows the Pfizer vaccine in use today to continue under the Emergency Use Authorization.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: The gambit to force the US Military to take an experimental vaccine is not what it seems on the surface. The mRNA is so fraught with problems it will not get approved by the FDA, even in a Biden Administration. This fracas is to give the Junta an excuse for making the announcement that President Trump won the 2020 election and thus any steps the Biden Administration takes are illegal.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: As we have explained, the Junta needed an excuse, a trigger, to allow them to announce that President Trump is considered their Commander in Chief, and argue the issue before the American public. A route was plotted whereby President Trump would proclaim that he expected to be reinstated in August, and Mike Lindell would publicize this date as Friday August 13. Much drama and exposure was expected and did occur. Next the White Hat Biden (under the control of the Junta) would direct the Secretary of Defense to authorize mandatory vaccinations for the Military.

The debate as to what the FDA said and meant rages on, while the Pentagon issued a mandate for all soldiers to get the vax.  Per the Zeta, this is another gambit so the US Military can get into a snit about this and inadvertently reveal that President Trump is and always has been the President. Yet another of the Silent Victories moving along, albeit in disguise.

Biden Hails Announcement as FDA gives Full Approval to Pfizer's Covid Vaccine
August 23, 2021
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given full approval to the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19. The vaccine and others have been in use for months under emergency use authorization.
What Full FDA Approval? It is still Only Allowed under Emergency Act
It is main stream media manipulation and misinformation. The letter to Pfizer from the FDA basically says that there are two vaccines, one is the Pfizer-BioNTech, the one in current use today. For this vaccine, they are hereby renewing the Emergency Approval to basically continue on. That's all. The second vaccine is called Comirnaty, also made by Pfizer, and this is the vaccine that was submitted for approval and is now being approved.  However, the letter goes on to say that while the Comirnaty vaccine is interchangeable with the BioNTech, the problem is that there are not enough doses available to even begin to give it to the public. Before they begin to make and distribute Comirnaty, all the (killer) doses of the experimental BioNTech must be used up.
Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine EUA LOA Reissued August 23, 2021
August 23, 2021
This product has not been approved or licensed by FDA, but has been authorized for emergency use by FDA, under an EUA to prevent Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for use in individuals 12 years of age and older; and the emergency use of this product is only authorized for the duration of the declaration that circumstances exist justifying the authorization of emergency use of the medical product under Section 564(b)(1) of the FD&C Act unless the declaration is terminated or authorization revoked sooner.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: Read the small print on page 12. The FDA did not approve the Pfizer vaccine. It extended the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) approved in 2020. Why are the White Hat Biden Double under the control of the Junta and the media claiming otherwise?  As we explained when examining the August 13 date asserted for a Trump return, the Junta would like an excuse to reinstate President Trump. The whole ruckus between acting Joint Chiefs Chairman General Berger and the Secretary of Defense on the issue of a mandatory vaccination of all troops was to foment discord that would hit the media with debate.  

The likely script for the near future might include both sides loudly proclaiming their positions, with General Berger being quoted as saying, perhaps in anger at some point, that Biden is not even the President. Since this matter is all in the hands of man, and mankind has Free Will, the debate cannot be precisely predicted, but would ideally include many state audits reaching SCOTUS. But the outcome is certain. At some point, the world and the American public will know the depth and details of the 2020 election fraud.

The public is being given utterly confusing and contradictory information and directives! On the one hand they are being given mandatory vax orders. Employers are jumping into the game and threatening to fire any employee not complying. Europe is considering vax passports and increasingly tighter lockdown restrictions. Vax death and injury statistics are hidden from the public. Other than Europe's reluctance to use AstraZeneca, all vax is approved and pushed. So why is Japan emerging to give a different message?

Japan Suspects Contaminant in Moderna Vaccines is Metallic, 'Reacts to Magnets'
The Japanese Ministry of Health announced that around 1.6 million doses of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine have been taken out of use due to contamination in some vials that 'reacts to magnets,' according to a ministry official. Some believe the reported magnetism can be explained by graphene oxide, a magnetic nanoparticle studied for its use as a drug delivery platform and other biomedical applications. Critics note with the fact that that graphene oxide is not listed as an ingredient in any available Covid-19 vaccine.

Breaking: Germany Halts all Covid-19 Vaccines, says They are Unsafe and No Longer Recommended
August 27, 2021
There has been a 2 week pause so they can reflect on the damages being caused to their people, No one can get it and the vaxxine license has been put on pause!
Covid: Germany limits Use of AstraZeneca Covid jab for Under-60s
March 30, 2021
The German medicines regulator found 31 cases of a type of rare blood clot among the nearly 2.7 million people who had received the vaccine in Germany. Canada earlier suspended use of the AstraZeneca jab in people under 55. AstraZeneca said international regulators had found the benefits of its jab outweighed risks significantly.
Italy, France, Germany Join Countries Suspending AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine
March 15, 2021
Italy, France and Germany are all banning the use of the vaccine, developed with Oxford University, because of reports of people developing serious blood clots after receiving the shot.  German Health Minister Jens Spahn said in a press conference that Germany is temporarily suspending use of the vaccine, calling it "a professional decision and not a political one." Italy, France and Germany join Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Bulgaria in halting use of the vaccine.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: The question is not why Japan has decided to ban the Moderna mRNA vaccine for impurities but why now? Photos of magnets sticking to the injection site were appearing last May, and studies showed that the vaccine caused red blood cells to shed their iron. Problems with the vaccine such as spike protein shedding and attacks on the syncytin-1 protein causing nursing mothers to lose their milk and pregnancies to be aborted were also well documented. Now heart inflammation among the young who are vaccinated is adding to the death count, so the vaccine is causing as many problems and death as Covid-19 itself.

Since the issue of magnetic particles within the mRNA vaccines is nothing new, inherent in the delivery system of the vaccine, why did it take Japan so long to fuss?  We have described the lockdowns taking place around the globe as based more on fear of the public awakening to the presence of Nibiru than based on a need to contain Covid-19 or its variants. The reaction in the public in many European countries and Australia borders on revolution. If the mRNA vaccine is proving to be worse than the disease, are the lockdowns proving to be worse than simply allowing herd immunity to develop, as Nature intended?

Some Heads of State seeing the conundrum are trying to figure out how to back away from the lockdown craze while not losing face. Some states in the US have refused to participate in draconian lockdowns or mandatory vax commands. Many employers calling for mandatory vax will find their enterprise floundering without key people who have chosen to quit. Japan is not waiting for others to lead, but has chosen to take the lead.

Wobble on Film

Posted on the ZetaTalk Followers website, this photo taken on August 26 at 5:15 pm in Idaho proves the Daily Earth Wobble. It is the second Zeta confirmed photo taken at the moment of wobble.  The wobble happens quickly, and can even be within a minute. I, Nancy, have gotten reports in the past of a shadow shifting several inches within a minute or the Moon moving a distance across the sky seemingly almost instantly.

ZetaTalk Insight 8/31/2021: This is not the first time that the Daily Earth Wobble has been caught on film. Shoving the globe in from one side to the other happens quickly. This has been reported by people watching the Moon jump quickly in the sky, and was captured on film by Gordon Gianninoto in 2012 in a series of time stamped photos. Marty has captured the view of the Sun on the move. These are not Sun ghosts in the lens, nor objects in the sky, but the Sun shifting position in the view from Earth during a wobble move happening within seconds.

This opportunity occurred when Gordon James Gianninoto quite unintentionally captured the wobble. Jumping up to snap the Full Moon on the horizon, he took a second snap 20 seconds later to ensure a good result, and later was astonished to find he had captured the Moon on the move. At 8:26 in New England, on July 3, 2012, the Moon was in the SE. The Figure 8 wobble moves in such a way that the view toward the SE from New England would have the globe moving up, under the Moon, such that the Moon would appear to jump to the right and drop. This coincides with what Gordon captured