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Issue 744y, Sunday January 3, 2021
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Rumors emerged that Biden would “Concede” the election by way of a plea bargain to avoid arrest for himself and son Hunter, due to accepting funds directly from China and due to the Ukraine releasing their criminal findings. Whatever the publicly admitted reason for Biden conceding, this would resolve the 2020 election mess and assures President Trump’s second term.  In that Biden is currently a White Hat Double under the control of the Junta, this can be conveniently arranged.

Breaking: DOJ has all wire transfers from China to Hunter Biden and Hunter Biden to Joe Biden. Biden to Capitulate and will be arrested. "My friend received a call last night, from a current member of a 'National security office' and he was told Biden was preparing to surrender. With his son too."

But rather than celebrate this possibility at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve, President Trump rushed home to the White House early, looking serious.  Reportedly, he and VP Pence met at the White House. More rumors emerged that VP Pence had resigned, presumably under duress due to pressure from all sides as to how to handle the Electors count on January 6. In that Pence is also a White Hat Double, this also can be conveniently arranged.

Trump to skip New Year’s Eve Party at Mar-a-Lago, returns to White House Early
December 31, 2020
Neither Trump nor the White House explained why he decided to shorten a vacation.

Meanwhile, the issue of who, if anyone, would preside at the January 6 dual House and Senate convocation to count Electors and declare a winner is an open question. Linn Wood hints it would be Secretary of State Pompeo, as in the line of succession for President the Secretary of State precedes all other cabinet officers. Meanwhile, Secretary of State Pompeo has apparently been signaling via twitter, issuing a tweet to #Swagger every 30 minutes. What could that mean?

Pompeo has been tweeting exactly every 30 minutes for the past 2 hours with the hashtag #swagger. Coded message?

ZetaTalk Confirmation 1/31/2021:
At this point in the drama there are very few secrets. All the players are in place and know their roles well. The timing of every step and the sequence of events will not be known until the final act, and this is in the hands of man and therefore cannot be predicted. At the start of the 2020 election drama, there was the possibility that Biden would withdraw due to health concerns or perhaps his remaining son Hunter would become suicidal. In that both Biden and Hunter are White Hat Doubles under the control of the Junta, this would have been possible.

But the Junta chose to plunge into the election so that they could run an extended and vast sting operation, which they did. Gitmo is so full that auxiliary Tribunal prisons had to be utilized, as has been noted by sleuths on the Internet. We have come full circle to the likelihood that Biden will concede, likely for some polite reason the public would accept. Perhaps he could see, without a doubt, that election fraud had occurred and he would not want to live under a cloud. The back story would be about crimes and a plea deal to evade prison.

Pence as VP is another potential casualty. He appears to have shown cowardice when facing his choices. As a life-long politician, he would be expected to respect the political decisions of other politicians. If the Swing States declared Biden the winner, then so be it. But unless he pointed a finger at the fraud and discarded all electors from the contested states, he would doom President Trump.  Thus it would be no surprise that rumors of his resignation have emerged. This would resolve the 2020 election mess, presumably without riots or looting or the need to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807.