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Issue 684, Sunday November 10, 2019
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New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times

Tacit Admission

It is unlikely that a formal admission that Nibiru exists will occur, given the strength of the cover-up and given the fear that all Heads of State have that riots will disrupt their economy and threaten their ability to govern. President Trump's March 26, 2019 Executive Order on guarding the US infrastructure against EMP was a tacit admission, however, as was the following urgent request by DARPA on August 28, 2019 for underground spaces to test EMP safety.

Russia and China both are tacitly admitting that Nibiru is real and approaching for a passage, and that ZetaTalk is accurate in describing what the New Geography will be. Russia is developing its Far East, which will be above the waves and have an almost tropical climate, and Modi has been invited to help develop the Far East. China has prepared Ghost Cities inland, away from the coastline and freezing temperatures expected in India.

What is to be made of Russia’s plans to operate independently from the worldwide Internet? Russia announced plans to do so in December of 2018, and are now conducting tests. They plan to have communications within Russia operational. But more astonishing are the recently released plans by the Army to gird the US Military against what can only be described as Pole Shift devastation – the grid down, seas invading land to pollute the water tables, and hundreds of millions of US citizens displaced. This is more than a tacit admission of Nibiru, it is a blatant admission.

Russia’s Domestic Internet Is a Threat to the Global Internet
October 24, 2019
Over the past year, the Russian government has spoken at length about the establishment of a domestic internet. The idea, according to lawmakers and those in the Kremlin, is to have an internet that can be tightly controlled by the state—and potentially disconnected from the global net entirely.
Climate Apocalypse is Coming – says US Army, Eyeing Opportunities for More Intervention
October 26, 201
A new US Army report envisions a bleak near future as a consequence of climate change, with power and water shortages, refugee flows – conflicts driven by hundreds of millions of people displaced by rising sea levels; collapse of the US power grid and transportation; and the inability of the Army itself to provide water for its troops. The report was commissioned in May by then-Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, who has since been promoted to chair the JCS. One of the more apocalyptic short-term scenarios featured in the report is the collapse of the US power grid, leaving the country without refrigeration, water treatment, lights, heating, air conditioning, communications, public transportation, fuel distribution, or pretty much anything a technological civilization requires.

Yet another tacit admission is President Trump’s determination to bring the troops home. This has been a long-standing ZetaTalk prediction, from the start of the ZetaTalk saga. This was also a campaign promise of Trump’s in 2016. From the Middle East to Afghanistan, the troops are being recalled. No more “endless wars”. But the tacit admission is that the Homeland will be devastated, by the New Madrid adjustment and a domino effect up the West Coast. Troops located on overseas bases will be steadily coming home.

ZetaTalk Comment 10/31/2019: President Trump is pulling the US troops scattered around the world back home, anticipating the New Madrid adjustment and the domino effect that will run up along the San Andreas. As we stated early in the ZetaTalk saga, the troops will be needed back home.

ZetaTalk Prediction 10/11/2003: The war games discussed during the NATO exercises included disasters equivalent to those we have predicted for the pole shift, immense devastation sparing none. In the event that such a scenario ensues, increasing volcanic eruption, quake torn roads and crumbling cities, mass populations homeless and roving the countryside, how should treaties installing the US Military in bases around the world be viewed? In the event of such earth changes, troops would be brought home, under stealth and with little fanfare, to the respective homelands, leaving at most a skeleton crew at the bases.

Uluru Legends

The sacred Aboriginal rock in central Australia is a fascination for the many Westerners who come to climb this massive rock, rising almost 1,400 feet above the flat landscape and stretching for a length of almost 2 miles. This sacred rock was claimed by the Commonwealth who took it as a national park and then forced a 99 year lease on the Aboriginals. But this lease has now run out. Most of the sacred legend is kept private, to only be shared by adult Aboriginals.

Uluru (Ayers Rock)
January 29, 2013
In the Northern Territory of Australia lies the single largest monolith rock in the world: Ayers Rock, or Uluru. At a staggering height of 346 meters and running about 2 miles in length and width, this sandstone rock formation towers over an otherwise completely flat terrain. Archaeological evidence has shown that the Aboriginals have lived in the region of Uluru for at least 30,000 years. According to the local legends, Uluru is believed to have resulted from the intervention of ‘gods’ when the divine beings emerged from the void and created all life on earth. It is said that two tribes of these ancestral beings had a battle to the death in this area over a beautiful lizard woman. As the result of this battle, the earth rose in grief and thus Uluru was created!
Uluru Closes for Good
October 25, 2019
The Anangu have called Uluru part of their ancestral homeland for centuries, but ownership was stripped away in 1956 after it became a National Park - before being handed back on October 26, 1985 as part of a 99-year lease. The rock is central to the creation myths of the aboriginal people, with tourists only told the start of the stories which their children would typically learn. The rest of the stories are shrouded in secrecy - some told only to women, others told only to men, as part of their coming-of-age rites, often accompanied by visits to particularly sacred parts of the rock.

Details about prior Pole Shifts and prophecy of the coming Pole Shift has been passed down by word of mouth among the Aboriginals. An example is the migration of tribes to the East Coast of Australia in the past few years, away from the regions that will be flooded soon when the Indo-Australia Plate tilts. Another is the prophecy of Looking Glass Rock, wherein this lake is expected to be flooded during a future time when the White Man will leave.

Aboriginal Elders Warn the 'End of Days' is Near
May 10, 2018
I started hearing rumours that Australian Indigenous Elders were saying it was the time of the End of Days. Some I know have already gone back to “country" to prepare their spirit and connect back to the land. All in preparation for what is to come. Recently the Elders have been seeing the signs of the End of Days. Some of those signs have to do with the deformed baby whales being observed in the oceans recently. They say we have less than two years before the End of Days. DNA demonstrates that the Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest culture on Earth.
Looking Glass Bay
Looking Glass Bay is on the northern shore of Cowan Creek upstream of Baby Bay and opposite Cottage Point. Looking Glass Rock stands near the eastern entrance to the bay. Looking Glass Rock was presumably named because of its shape. Also on the longest day, the rising sun illuminates the rock so that it shines like a mirror. There is a story that the local Aborigines believed that when the water rose to cover the rock the white men would leave.

Was Australia under water during past Pole Shifts? In 2012 when Australia suddenly tilted, the rivers on the East Coast ran backwards, flooding central Australia with an inland sea. Joeys had to be rescued. The establishment scrambled for excuses, blaming non-existent rain. But what was clear was that Australia could temporarily be awash. And per scientists, more of Australia has been above the waves in the past, a fact not lost on the Aboriginals. So given all that, what is the sacred secret about Uluru? The Zetas explain.

Stories of Ancient Sea Level Rise have Survived for 10,000 Years
January 28, 2015
Oral folklore tells how the Great Barrier Reef once formed part of the coastline of north east Queensland, while Port Phillip Bay in Victoria was once a rich place for hunting kangaroo and opossum. They say at this time sea levels rose as a result of the melting of the huge ice caps that covered much of the northern hemisphere around 10,500 years ago. The researchers now believe that these stories could constitute some of the oldest accurate oral histories in the world, passing through some 300 generations. If this is based on true geographical changes, it would mean it originated at a time when seas were around 100 feet lower than they are today, making it around 9,800 to 10,650 years old.
Floods Create 'Inland Sea' in Australia
February 4, 2012
The floods come just over a year after massive floods deluged much of Queensland and northern New South Wales, swamping mines and farmland, wiping out entire hamlets and bringing the city of Brisbane to a watery standstill.

Australian Mythology
Aboriginal myths often tell of a big flood, with local variations. The Worrorra people in western Australia describe an enormous flood that destroyed the previous landscape. It was caused by ancestral figures called the wandjina, who then spread throughout the land, establishing a new society. Ayers Rock is a huge dome-shaped rock in central Australia. According to Aboriginal myths, the gullies and holes on the south side of Ayers Rock were battle scars left over from a battle between snake men.

ZetaTalk Insight 10/31/2019: The aboriginals of Australia clearly understand the geological changes that are to occur in Australia during the coming Pole Shift, as their mythology about Looking Glass Rock foretells. It is not just legends of prior Pole Shift changes that are passed down through the generations, but prophecy given to the Aboriginal people by their own indigenous prophets. The sacred stories told to the Anangu about Uluru are not known to outsiders, for a reason. They relate to the flooding in the Western 2/3 of the country that is to occur during the coming Pole Shift.

Uluru lies in the Western 2/3 of Australia, the region that will be flooded, but its height of 1,400 feet would provide safety for those with access to the rock. This safety is to be for the Anangu people, not the hordes of invaders who have mistreated the indigenous peoples. Uluru stands above flat plains not because the rock was thrust up above the land, but because the land was flooded in the past during prior Pole Shifts. Thus, the plains were, at one time, a temporary sea bed. The legends of the Snake People resulted as the rock was beset at those times with land snakes seeking refuge from the flood.

Nibiru’s Day

Poor BATSRUS. The cover-up over Nibiru requires they hide any evidence of Nibiru, but Nibiru keeps blasting the Earth with a variety of particle flows, primarily magnetons. Claiming that all this is from the Sun, NASA tries to correlate what is provided to the public with activity in the Sun, and it doesn’t correlate. Thus they have increasingly hidden the modeling results from the public, hours at a time, on a daily basis. Nevertheless, Nibiru assaults are obvious.

Inputs to BATS-R_US are the solar wind plasma (density, velocity, V_x, V_y, V_z, temperature) and magnetic field (B_x, B_y, B_z) measurement, transformed into GSM coordinates and propagated from the solar wind monitoring satellite's position propagated to the sunward boundary of the simulation domain.

Before BATSRUS the Earth’s magnetosphere was modeled in Japan, but this revealed too much of Nibiru so was closed down in 2012. Prior to that in 2008 the Japan model showed a breach in the Earth’s magnetosphere that was exactly 4X the diameter of Earth. Nibiru is 4X the diameter of Earth.  BATSRUS modeling allowed more control, but as our coverage in September 2013, October 2016, January 2017, March 2017, September 2018, and October, 2019 shows, the magnetosphere continued to twist like a mess of spaghetti.

ZetaTalk Comment 9/30/2019: Magnetic field modeling relies on numerous sources that cannot easily be forged. The government is aware of how much these models are being accessed, and those trying to maintain the cover-up are frantic. The common man does not know how to read the models and graphs, and they had relied upon this. But it does not take a genius or PhD to compare a chart from the past to charts in the present or to compare them to current images of the Sun. Until Nibiru is admitted, expect this data to be increasingly denied.

Now the incidence of missing BATSRUS frames has become severe, happening on a daily basis for hours. But a pattern has emerged. Posted on a graph, as the blog dedicated to the Magnetosphere Cover-up recently documented, the outages form a regular cascade. Why would that be, asked an astute observer? Might the rotation of Nibiru be a factor? Confirmed by the Zetas, who point out that the magnetic and geographic poles of Nibiru do not align perfectly.

Cover-up Games Magnetosphere Data Hide and Seek
October 24, 2019
I've put together this first chart below showing the length and time of day and when the BATSRUS images are missing/omitted daily from October 3 thru October 22, 2019. Amazingly the BATSRUS Magnetosphere cygnets have returned to full (viewing) service, beginning in the late hours of October 22 and still showing consecutive images with no omissions.

ZetaTalk Confirmation 10/31/2019: During the cover-up over Nibiru, modeling of the rays collected from the Sun have proven to be a problem. Nibiru is coming at the Earth from the direction of the Sun. The Earth is stalled in her orbit, her seasons simulated by benign aliens tilting the globe to prevent freezing or frying during the long wait for the passage of Nibiru. BATSRUS charts thus show the magnetic blasts from Nibiru, and thus are regularly omitted from the charts made available to the public, as members of the Pole Shift ning have recorded.

Why would the periods of omission occur in a staggered manner, such that pulling the periods into a 25-26 hour day aligns the periods of omission? This of course begs the question – is the rotation of Nibiru somehow involved? We have stated that Nibiru rotates in a retrograde manner. We have also stated that Nibiru is pointing its N Pole toward the Earth, in the manner of a T relationship between magnets. But particles such as magnetons do not emit precisely from the geographic N Pole of Nibiru, just as the magnetic and geographic poles of Earth do not precisely line up.

Thus as Nibiru rotates, the electro-magnetic blasts heading toward the Earth wax and wane. Does the fact that BATSRUS charts are omitted for hours at a time in a cascading manner indicate the rotational period of Nibiru? There can be no doubt. The cover-up over Nibiru cannot correlate the blasts with activity from the Sun, so such pattern analysis of the BATSRUS charts is an embarrassment. Thus, as with all evidence of Nibiru, the data will be increasingly withheld from the public.

Mermaids Debunked

The Mermaid myths persist, this time with the addition of some mummified hoaxes from Japan. As real as they look, they are actually half fish and half Microcephalic corpses. The Zetas explain.

These Terrifying Mermaid Mummies are the Stuff of Nightmares
September 6, 2019
The mummified creature was obtained by Jan Cock Blomhoff while serving as director of Dejima, the Dutch trading colony at Nagasaki harbor. Another old mermaid mummy exhibited at a museum in Tokyo and shown below appears to belong to the founder of the Harano Agricultural Museum. The next mummified mermaid can be found at Zuiryuji Temple in Osaka. It was bestowed to the temple as an offering from a Sakai-area trader in 1682. Another terrifying mermaid body is preserved at Myouchi Temple in the city of Kashiwazaki in Niigata prefecture. The mermaid is about 30 cm long and is holding its hands up near its cheeks. A mermaid mummy at Karukayado Temple outside the city of Hashimoto in Wakayama prefecture has fangs that protrude from its wide open mouth, and both of its hands are raised to its cheeks.

ZetaTalk Insight 9/30/2019: These mummies are the result of a favorite hoax in Japan. It is notable that DNA testing has not been done on any of the mummy halves, as it would show the bottom is a fish and the top is a deformed human. A common feature is the small brain cavity and adult teeth. Genetically retarded babies with Microcephaly will live into adulthood if the parents are kind and attend to feeding them. This allows adult teeth to form. But if the care givers tire of this routine and abandon the Microcephalic, then the face would be frozen in the frantic, grasping stare seen in the mummies.

The hoaxes involved attaching both the fish and human body halves and then drying them in a slow oven to dehydrate completely. This is a common way of preparing food stuffs for long term storage, and certainly is known and used in Japan. Such mermaid hoaxes are not uncommon, appearing in 2011 when a CGI enhanced video was published. The Ningen whale, which can walk atop the ice of Antarctica, is an example of the confusion that can exist . But the Japan mummies clearly have human hands, eyes, ears, and rib cages.