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Issue 662, Sunday June 9, 2019
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Mueller Madness

After two years with exhaustive resources, Special Counsel Mueller produced a 400 page virtually un-redacted report which was made available to Congress, the media, and the general public. But the dance, and the unanswered questions, continue. Was Mueller himself part of the “insurance policy” to prevent Trump from gaining or retaining the Presidency? The marching orders Rosenstein gave to Mueller appear to restrict his investigation solely to the Trump campaign. Hillary, and Russian Dossier crimes, were not to be investigated.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2019: The Mueller Report has been released and is a shock to the Hillary Cabal and the Democratic Party, who were assured, privately, that the outcome would be different. Neither Mueller or Rosenstein are Trump supporters, but were restrained by changes in the DOJ. Mueller wanted to go after the Trump family but none of this related to his mission statement.

Since the Mueller Report was published both Rosenstein and Mueller have resigned and left the DOJ. Rosenstein looked scared to death and Mueller was shaking as he read a prepared statement. The legal delays caused by the lingering Mueller investigation are being closed and the FISA court abuses about to be revealed by declassification. Was it treason to try to topple a legitimately elected President? Was this a failed coup? Will any of this be tried in front of the American public, or quietly dealt with by Trump’s junta, ala McCain’s execution? We will soon find out.

Rod Rosenstein Submits Letter of Resignation to Trump
April 30, 2019
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein submitted his resignation Monday after a two-year run defined by his appointment of a special counsel to investigate connections between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia. His last day will be May 11.
Mueller says Charging Trump Never an Option in Russia Investigation, Resigns Office
May 29, 2019
He also resigned as special counsel investigating Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, saying his work is complete.

ZetaTalk Insight 3/31/2019: Why did the Mueller Report take so long? And why has Trump’s order to declassify documents seemingly stalled? Until Mueller closed out his investigation, his open investigation had tentacles in hundreds of other investigations, and thus these other investigations were kept open as a result. Tens of thousands of sealed indictments are not yet resolved. Mueller was forced, by AG Barr, to complete. Now the new DOJ and FBI can move forward with the cleanup.

Meanwhile those with a vested interest in seeing anyone but Trump in the White House have appeared to dither, faint, stutter and shout with desperation that impeachment must begin at once. Anything to stop the pending release of damning FISA court applications. Anything to prevent the truth about the real Russian Collusion – the Steele Dossier – from being revealed. Nadler fainted or had a TIA while campaigning with de Blasio on Memorial Day. Pelosi stuttered and slurred so badly on a slow motion video that she appeared to be affected by a stroke or drunk.

Nadler 'OK' after Appearing to nearly Pass Out during Press Conference
May 24, 2019
As a number of aides rushed to Nadler’s side, de Blasio turned to offer him water and ask if he was OK. Nadler, 71, can be heard responding “no” and putting a hand over his face. Paramedics called a “code blue” emergency, according to the Daily News, and offered Nadler water and an orange. The mayor cleared the gym at the school where the event was being held. According to reports, Nadler quickly recovered and was joking with the mayor about the incident.
Altered Video makes Pelosi Seem to Slur Words
May 24, 2019
The distorted video is based on real footage from a Center for American Progress conference in Washington on Wednesday, showing Pelosi referencing her claim that President Donald Trump was engaged in a cover-up.
'Begin Impeachment Proceedings Immediately': 2020 Dems call for Congress to Act after Mueller Speech
May 29, 2019
Several 2020 Democratic presidential candidates said that special counsel Robert Mueller's comments on his Russia investigation should be read by Congress as a call to begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

Black Sun Symbol

Why would the Nazis symbol of the Black Sun be discovered under the ice in Antarctica? Did the Nazis escape to Antarctica? Per the Zetas, where the Nazis escaped to S America, they were not in Antarctica, and certainly were not there early enough to have artifacts under the solid ice. Linda Moulton Howe interviewed a couple Navy Seals who reported having seen not only the Black Sun symbol, but also what appeared to be Egyptian hieroglyphs. Were the Egyptians also in Antarctica in the distant past?

Black Sun Symbol
The black sun is a symbol employed in a post-Nazi Germany context by neo-Nazis and some occult subcultures, such as Satanism. The symbol first occurs as a design element in a castle remodeled and expanded under Heinrich Himmler during Nazi Germany. Whether the symbol had a name or held any particular significance among the SS remains unknown. Its association with the occult concept of the "black sun" (and therefore also its name) developed from the influence of a popular German novel first published in 1991.

ZetaTalk Statement 1/15/1996: Rumors of an underground base in Antarctica, where elite members of the Third Reich fled toward the end of World War II, are based in part on the flight of many Nazis to the far reaches of South America. Parlaying on this widely known fact, those who wish to spread myths about alien support of governments engaged in activities generally held to be evil have constructed a story few, if any, could ever disprove. How many people can go to Antarctica and trudge around in search of this fabulous place? A safe, and wholly untrue, rumor. Where aliens in the Service-to-Self orientation did indeed respond to the Nazi call, they in no way rescued the Nazi when matters turned sour.

Per the Zetas, the Black Sun symbol was not from the Nazis in Antarctica but from the Annunaki. As Antarctica melts evidence that the Annunaki were there in the past emerges - their missile catapults and desalination devices - along with evidence of alien space ports.

ZetaTalk Insight 5/31/2019: The Black Sun is not a Nazi symbol found in Antarctica, but an Annunaki symbol that was adopted by the Nazis. The Annunaki were in Antarctica in the past, before it became the frozen wasteland it is today. As the ice melts, evidence of their structures and technology such as desalination plants and cities and even tombs with Annunaki bodies awaiting cremation are revealed. Space ports also have been discovered, though these were used by aliens visiting Earth, not by the Annunaki who used missile catapults for their shuttles.

As we have stated, the Nazis were heavily influenced by Service-to-Self aliens, as were the Annunaki. They were promised off-world rescue during the coming passage of Nibiru, and safety in bunkers in Antarctica and South America. Since the Service-to-Self routinely lie, none of this came about, though some remnants of the Nazis did escape to live nervously into old age in South America. What was the meaning of the Annunaki Black Sun symbol? Essentially, emanating from a single source to all parts of the globe or the Solar System. Neither the Nazis nor the Annunaki succeeded in their dominance plans.

7 of 10 Signs

The Zeta 7 of 10 plate movements, predicted to start in 2011, have been steadily progressing. The sinking of the Sunda Plate has now forced Jakarta, the capitol of Indonesia, to move to the island of Borneo. The S American Roll is evident in two large quakes in late May, 2019 in Peru and El Salvador. Both the S American and N American Plates are affected by quakes lately, and the Caribbean Plate is obviously in the crunch. The spine of the Andes was predicted to sustain major quakes during the S American Roll, and the Caribbean Plate shoved down and westward. But more than quakes emerge during the S American Roll.

ZetaTalk Prediction 1/15/2011: What is the relationship between recent large quakes along the southern Andes and the horrific flooding in several states in SE Brazil? As we have explained, the tip of S America does not roll, but remains nailed in place. This is due to the Antarctic Plate, which also abuts the south Andes. The Antarctic Plate is not compressing, as it is one solid piece. For the top portion of S America to roll to the west, something must thus give, and to some extent this is the southeastern portion of S America. There is already a seaway developing at Buenos Aires. For S America to be pulled in a bow like this, the land is stretched, and stretched land sinks.

ZetaTalk Prediction October, 2010: When the seaway at Buenos Aires rips open, this is a silent adjustment, as most stretch zone adjustments are. The residents will recover from any earthquakes to see the far shore of the seaway at a greater distance, and the mouth of the Rio Parana widened.

The east coast of S America was predicted to stretch during the roll, and this has recently caused two dams to fail in the southern Brazil province of Minas Gerais. The S American Plate is nailed to the Antarctica Plate at the tip, so the roll causes the top part of S America to fall to the west. This pulls the southeastern coast of S America into a bow. Both the Mariana dam collapse on November 5, 2015 and the Brumadinho dam collapse on January 25, 2019 occurred in the Minas Gerais province in this stretch zone.

Brazil’s Dam Disaster
January 25, 2019
On 25 January, in the heartland of Brazilian mining, a dam collapsed releasing 11.7 million cubic metres of toxic mud. When the dam was breached, a tidal wave of red sludge surged through the valley with such force, that everything in its way was crushed. The force tore bodies apart. The 86m (282ft) high mining dam close to the city of Brumadinho had collapsed. The dam that collapsed contained waste material - “tailings” - from the iron ore operation at the mine just behind it. However, if the sludge gets wet, “liquefaction” can occur. These types of dams are susceptible to cracks if they become waterlogged. These cracks can cause the structure to collapse.
Mariana Dam Disaste
The Mariana dam disaster occurred on 5 November 2015, when an iron ore tailings dam in Mariana, Minas Gerais, Brazil, suffered a catastrophic failure, resulting in flooding that destroyed the village of Bento Rodrigues and killed 19 people. Around 60 million cubic meters of iron waste flowed into the Doce River, causing toxic brown mudflows to pollute the river and beaches near the mouth when they reached the Atlantic Ocean.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2019: We predicted in 2010 a stretch zone along the eastern coastline of Brazil to the tip of S America during the S American Roll. The Rio Parana at Buenos Aires will open to be a larger bay, and certainly the province of Minas Gerais will be stretched into a bow. Stretch zones experience sinkholes and landslides and bridges being pulled apart, and they certainly would experience cracks in their large earthen dams. That these disasters emerged in 2015 and 2019 is thus not a surprise.

During the 7 of 10 adjustments, the Pacific is being compressed and the Atlantic widened, and this forces the Pacific Plates to push under both S America and N America. Hot earth results from this subduction, notable in the news during California fires. But this rumpling of the West Coast does more than cause hot earth fires. It destabilizes the ground under earthen dams, and in the case of the Oroville dam, even under concrete spillways. Per the Zetas, the concrete does not have time to cure and harden!

Over the Target: Oroville Dam
May 26, 2019
Lake Oroville is about to rise to the top of the Ogee Weir on the Emergency Spillway at 900 feet. Now over 2 years later following a 2 year rebuild at an expense of over $1.2 billion to replace a destroyed main spillway and recreate an emergency spillway the risk to life and property is even greater than ever before. Following the re-grand opening of the main spillway on April 2, 2019 and the sudden unplanned shut down of the spillway on April 11, 2019 it was clear the spillway was severely damaged.

ZetaTalk Comment 6/30/2019: The situation at the Oroville Dam is similar, because the West Coast is experiencing subduction as the Pacific Plates compress. Cement is poured and before it can harden, the ground shifts.

The African Roll is likewise progressing, though much of the activity is under water and therefore not visible. The African Plate moves as a whole, turning its top part to the east which keeps its tip nailed to the Antarctica Plate. Thus other than the stretch zone in the Rift Valley or the pinch point in Nigeria or the anticipated spread in the Red Sea and in the Mediterranean near Gibraltar, the roll is silent. But what’s this! Fireballs in the sky over the plate border between the African Plate and the Eurasian Plate?

ZetaTalk Insight 5/31/2019: As the African Roll progresses, there is yawing open in places along the northern edge of the African Plate, where magma is exposed, temporarily, to the Mediterranean Sea. This causes explosions of steam underwater, along with release of volcanic gasses from the magma, all of which roll up into an apparent plasma ball in the atmosphere. In these two photos, one from Portugal and the other from Buweira in Palestine just to the west of the Dead Sea, the plasma ball is floating, smoke rising from the top.