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Issue 587, Sunday December 31, 2017
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2017 Year in Review

2017 was a very busy year. When looking at events as they occur, one misses the full impact, the progress made on the 7 of 10 plate movements, the increase in blackouts and EMP episodes worldwide, the progress made on disclosure on the alien presence or on the presence of Nibiru nearby, the many references to the End Times in the media, the astonishing increase in visibility of the Nibiru complex, how Russia and China are preparing as are the wealthy elite in fancy bunkers. Let’s take a quick trip through 2017.

The N American Continent showed the effect of the tightening bow caused by Mexico being pulled to the West while the continent is unable to roll, having a flat top along the plate border through the Arctic. The Mississippi River heaved just south of Memphis, along the New Madrid Fault line, on September 29. This heaving had occurred during the 1811-1812 New Madrid quake also. The bow tension centers along a line that runs from San Diego to Pennsylvania, with a crevasse opening up in Arizona on January 23.

On January 21 massive CO emissions occurred along the Ramapo Fault Line in New Jersey, a sister fault line to the East Coast Fault Line that connects at the mouth of the Mississippi River to the New Madrid Fault Line. It should be no surprise that on February 13 there was an odd seismograph pulse running across the continent East to West from this region in Pennsylvania. If the CO emission occurred along the eastern border of the Appalachian Mountains, then the unexplained electrical fire at the Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta on December 17 also occurred along the Appalachian border.

At the tip of the bow in Mexico there were massive quakes in 2017 starting on September 8. These jolted the ground all the way along the rock of the North American Plate to Kamchatka, a distance of 7,046 miles. This computes to a magnitude 12 earthquake. What impact might the daily Earth wobble have made on these adjustments on the North American Plate? In March of 2017 it was noted that the ice in the Arctic was now moving in a counterclockwise direction, the reverse of the clockwise direction it normally takes. And Hurricane Harvey reversed direction and backed out of Texas on August 25, after having made landfall all the way to Austin.

The South American Roll progressed during 2017, with beaches in Uruguay and South Brazil finding the water receding in August, leaving boats parked on the beach amidst confused sea lions, while simultaneously tsunami like waves crashed ashore in Chile. South American was in the news again in 2017 with the announcement in June by Gaia of alien mummies found in Cusco, Peru. The MIMIC microwave satellites showed rock tension at the tip of South America at the Scotia Plate in July and again in October, linking to Nigeria.  

Why Nigeria? Nigeria is a pinch point in Africa, as the African Roll drops the top part of Africa to the East. This explains the odd earthquakes in Nigeria in January.  On January 12 South Africa discovered a massive crevasse along Route R31, which had to be closed. The roll also tears Africa apart along the Rift Valley, including Tanzania at Lake Rukwa where the ground rose up and moved toward an astonished crowd on September 13. Not to be omitted, the Antarctica Plate pushed up between the tips of South America and Africa on October 11, where new land has been predicted to emerge on the Antarctica Plate.

Where the Africa Plate crosses through the Mediterranean and the Middle East trauma also expressed. The Azure Window at Malta collapsed suddenly on March 9 and later, on November 12, the Saudi Arabia Plate pushed East, causing a quake where the flat lands of Iraq meet the mountains of Iran. The Zetas also predicted a new inland bay ripping up from Karachi to the Ural Mountains, and this was evident in 2017. The leak of RU 106 from a nuclear waste treatment plant in the Southern Urals occurred on November 21, and a glowing blue ball seen over a distance of 520 miles on October 27 both occurred along this rip line.

2017 also saw a plethora of evidence that Nibiru lurked nearby, interfering with the Earth’s magnetosphere via magnetic blasts from its North Pole. The Shuman Resonance spiked twice in 2017, on May 24 and August 5. Where normally at 7.83 it went up to 36. An unexplained dual EMP occurred on April 21 in New York City and San Francisco, coast-to-coast and only hours apart. Where in former years, BATSRUS would on occasion scramble into a spaghetti appearance, in 2017 this seemed almost constant.

In 2017 there could be no doubt about the cause, as the Nibiru complex became exceedingly more visible. It showed up during the Eclipse on August 21. Waffles, individual magnetic fields around major Moon Swirls, appeared in August, followed by the Boomerang Moon Swirl In November and then detail of all the many Moon Swirls in clusters in December, too many to be counted. The String of Pearls was seen naked eye by a group of hunters along the Missouri River on October 20.

2017 was also the year when the term End Times was in the media. Biblical references abounded. First there was the David Meade blitz, when he predicted the End of the World in October, based on a constellation lineup that was to occur on September 23. This was followed by the Russian Patriach Kirill openly stating in a Moscow cathedral on November 20 that the End of the World times predicted in the Book of Revelations had arrived. This was then followed by President Trump assigning Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, on December 5, which has Biblical End Times significance.

And what is the establishment doing to prepare for the inevitable? On January 15 China and Russia opened an inland railroad line, similar to the old Silk Road, which would bypass coastlines entirely. On May 1 President Trump refused to honor the Paris Accord, which was setup to pretend that Climate Change was manmade, rather than acknowledge Nibiru. But the cover-up crowd was still alive and well, NASA putting their Solar Simulators, patented in 1966, up in the skies near Duluth on December 8 to make claims on Second Sun sightings, and a geologist in the media on November 20 for his claim that earthquakes are caused by Leap Seconds.

2017 was the year when the public was informed that the rich were building fancy bunkers for themselves.  Starting in January, CNN and the New Yorker magazine and the UK’s Daily Mail and Russia’s RT and ABC bombarded the public with images of the elite digs. This included Seasteading in Tahiti. The message to the poor – this is not for you as you can’t afford this. Conversely, the poor were constantly being told they will either live in tiny houses or should look forward to gardening in their back yards or the streets of their LA slums.

What will 2018 bring?