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Issue 87, Sunday July 20, 2008
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Life on Mars

Long suspected, but not confirmed. Mars has had surface water. Canyons have been created by the rushing water and evidence of great lakes along now-dry shorelines.

Incredible Pictures of Mars
July 16, 2008
Ever since Victorian astronomers pointed their telescopes towards Mars and wrongly believed they had discovered canals, mankind has been obsessed by the red planet. Now these astonishing new images - captured by a European spacecraft in orbit around Mars - are helping to fuel that fascination. They show in astonishing detail a network of giant valleys, vast plains and towering waterfalls carved into the surface of our neighboring planet, millions of miles away. The latest images show the Echus Chasma, a vast valley just north of Mars equator around 62 miles long and six miles wide. The feature is cut into a high plateau and its steep-sided cliffs - some 12,000 feet high - bear a striking resemblance to the canyons of North America. Thunderous waterfalls may have once plunged over these cliffs, from the high Lunea Planum plateau that surrounds the Echus Chasma, on to the valley floor below.

Per new analysis of material from Mars' surface, Mars not only had water, it had a climate sufficient to sustain life - warm and balmy.

New Data Pinpoint Mars' Wet and Balmy Past
July 16, 2008
Water bathed the surface of southern Mars for millions of years, helping to create an environment theoretically capable of nurturing life. Scientists at Brown University in Rhode Island used an instrument aboard a US spacecraft, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, to hunt for traces of phyllosilicates, or clay-like minerals that preserve a record of water's interaction with rocks. They found phyllosilicates in thousands of places, in valleys, dunes and craters in the ancient southern highlands. Mars was once awash with water, one of the ingredients for life. Still unclear is what happened to the oceans. The leading theory is that the planet's once-thick atmosphere began to thin, causing the precious liquid to evaporate into space. Only a thin atmosphere, consisting overwhelmingly of carbon dioxide, remains today.

Where did the water go? Man is still confused, and has no explanation for the loss of both the water and the atmosphere it generated. But the Zetas have long had an explanation. As with Earth, the Annunaki mined for gold on Mars, and used the water to wash their ore, sending it down into underground caverns while doing so. Thus, they ruined the ability of Mars to sustain an atmosphere, destroying Mars' ability to be a life bearing planet.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/15/1999: Mars today is a dead planet, but in the recent past this was not the case. Some life bearing planets have a stronger footing than others, being closer to the warmth of a sun, for instance, and more particularly being a water planet like the Earth. Mars has little of that precious substance, and was a life bearing planet only where the freezing point had not trapped the water. The atmosphere surrounding a water planet can rebuild quickly, particularly in the components that support life. On a dry planet the atmosphere is fragile, and each rebuilding takes away more of the precious water. In the past, Mars sustained life to a level not unlike our home in Zeta Reticuli - moss and insects and worms. On such worlds there is not enough food in the food chain to support animals above that level, and setbacks occur repeatedly. A bug-eating reptile might get its start, only to die off during lean times, time and again. Thus such planets plateau.

Mars met its demise as a result of visitors from Planet X, who set up mining operations on Mars in preference to Earth where large carnivorous mammals roamed about in great numbers. Planet X has no such carnivores on land, and as large and muscular as these giant hominoid visitors are, they quaked at the thought. Where the atmosphere on Mars was thin, it was ample, so the visitors set about using what water resources they could muster to wash the ore they were after. In so doing they sought to control the run-off on the relatively flat surface of Mars, and did so in a thoughtless manner by directing waste water down a culvert. Thus precious water increasingly was sent underground, and a chain of events was set in motion that could not be reversed. The surface of Mars cooled as the atmosphere thinned, and the freezing surface accelerated this process.

Great Depression Redux

This past week the Fed's Chairman Ben S. Bernanke had some grim news for Congress. Whereas his report was primarily intended to address financial institutions, he painted a broad picture. In addition to shaky banks, jobs are scarce, inflation high, prices rising, and the dollar is dropping.

Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
July 15, 2008
The economy continues to face numerous difficulties, including ongoing strains in financial markets, declining house prices, a softening labor market, and rising prices of oil, food, and some other commodities. Inflation has remained high, And, with gasoline and other consumer energy prices rising in recent weeks, inflation seems likely to move temporarily higher in the near term. The decline in the foreign exchange value of the dollar has also contributed somewhat to the increase in oil prices. As the foreign exchange value of the dollar has declined, rises in import prices have put greater upward pressure on business costs and consumer prices.

This is a rare admission that the economic problems are broad based, a point the Zetas have been stressing for years. In the years leading into the pole shift, an economic depression will afflict the globe.

ZetaTalk Analysis 10/28/2006: The man on the street knows that employment opportunities are not up, employment not up, inflation is rampant, companies laying off and going bankrupt all around, personal bankruptcy up, families losing homes, losing health insurance, and shaking their heads while watching the TV chirp all the optimistic nonsense. As we have often stated, the economy is not going to get better, as the Earth changes will steadily eat into profits in every industry. With everything getting more expensive, bankruptcies increase. Companies lay people off, and the cycle continues. Insurance companies will soon start dumping those they formerly covered, or go bankrupt themselves, and this adding to the cycle.

We are, according to the Zetas, in an economic depression already.

ZetaTalk Comment 12/22/2007: Despite the chirping in the media, announcing government statistics which are all lies, the economy is not doing well and has not been doing well for some time. Job statistics are made up, using birth/death statistics. They do not count jobs! They fabricate the numbers! Inflation is rampant, almost 20% for food at present, yet it is claimed to be some low percentage as they just exclude food and gas from the computation! The dollar is plunging. The DOW is artificially maintained to give the appearance of wealth for those who invest, but the stock is increasingly worthless, or certainly not worth what is claimed.

Others are sounding the alarm too, stating that the current problems are deeper than a mere mortgage crisis where many homeowners were given mortgages they could not ultimately afford. Job loss is real, and inflation acute.

Fannie and Freddie Symptoms of Larger Problem
July 15, 2008
Chief economist at the AFL-CIO Ron Blackwell believes that while bailing out Fannie and Freddie is important, politicians shouldn't lose sight of the broader economic crisis: "The question is: what are they going to do beyond that to put a floor underneath the housing crisis to do something about the two million people that are going to lose their homes over the next 18 months if we don't do something, to do something about the millions of workers that are losing their jobs every year."
Downturn Gains Steam as Inflation Roars Ahead
July 15, 2008
The Labor Department said wholesale inflation, driven by skyrocketing gas and food costs, rose by 9.2 percent for the 12 months ending in June - the fastest pace since the summer of 1981, during another energy crunch. At the same time, consumers hit the brakes hard despite a massive infusion of government stimulus checks. Retail sales turned in their poorest showing in four months.

SOURCE: The Financial Times Limited

Where is this leading? If we are already in a depression, then will banks close and the stock market crash? The Zetas have predicted that limited banking hours and services would be used to prevent banking failures and that the stock markets would be tightly controlled. The latter is already in force, due to the Plunge Protection Team which prevents a rapid drop in the DOW. There are lessons which were learned during the Great Depression, and the establishment will step in early to prevent the crash that occurred in 1929. Per the Zetas, bank failures are an item the establishment fears, item 4 on this list, and thus will be prevented.

ZetaTalk Prediction 9/7/2004: They fear, primarily: 4. Stock markets collapsing under sudden sell orders in an effort to liquidate cash, and banks unable to meet the demands that bonds and savings accounts be liquidated, so the financial system is no longer considered functional and squatters rights begins to prevail as the mindset of the masses.

To counter these possibilities: 4. Access to stock markets and banking would be controlled, so that the system never reaches collapse due to liquidation demands it cannot meet and the populace feels they must continue to honor their bills and obligations, as the monster lives and has not died.

Alien Intervention

The Zetas often mention that this or that person is under a "protection" or that a team of Zetas and humans have intervened to block a Bush administration maneuver of some kind. Just how is such intervention or protection arranged? This past week a couple of examples occurred. Example one, Obama's campaign plane problem, whereby the MD-80 was forced to land.

Carrier Says Safety of Obama's Plane Was Not in Question
July 07, 2008
The National Transportation Safety Board said Monday that it is investigating what caused Senator Barack Obama's plane to make an unexpected landing today in St. Louis. The presumptive Democratic nominee for president was traveling from Chicago to Charlotte when the pilot's first officer announced that they were experiencing controllability issues with the pitch of the MD-80 series aircraft. Those on board were told the issue was a "minor little problem," and the plane remains in St. Louis this afternoon for maintenance. In statements today, the NTSB called the incident "an uneventful precautionary landing" and Midwest Airlines, the carrier that runs the charter plane, said "there was never an issue as to the safety of the flight." The carrier said an emergency slide in the tail cone of the plane had inadvertently deployed in flight. The Federal Aviation Administration said today that a slide deploying in flight does indeed happen from time to time, and could cause flight control problems. Indeed, on Monday NTSB chairman Mark Rosenker called this a "serious incident. It is extremely serious in this particular case," Rosenker said. "There are hydraulic lines back there. There are control cables that deal with the elevators and other areas of control surfaces for the aircraft, and could potentially make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fly the aircraft."

ZetaTalk Answer 7/12/2008: We have made the statement that Obama is protected, not only by ourselves but many humans working to ensure the numerous assassination plans do not succeed. We, as telepaths, are aware of plans and inform our human counterparts who intervene. In cases where there is no time to intervene, due to having to explain circumstances and go though channels, we intervene. This was one such occurrence. A deployed tail cone is indeed a minor incident, and this we caused to happen so there would be a change in planes. What had been put into place in Obama's MD-80 would not be put into play in the future, as there would be no reason to bring the plane down now that Obama was no longer the passenger. A plan laid in place but never executed, in essence. On the new plane, the group planning to cause mischief must start again, and in the meantime our human counterparts can counter and eliminate them. We have in the past stated that those who plan murder deserve by karmic justice to have the same done to them. This has been our mode, along with our human counterparts, for several years now. Thus, when we say "eliminate", we mean just that. They will not be making plans in the future, of any sort.

A second example was an odd dust storm over the the flight path from Diego Garcia, an island in the Indian Ocean used by the British and US military, thus potentially thwarting intel gathering by planes planning to fly over Iran from the bases on Diego Garcia.

Middle East
July 12, 2008
A massive dust cloud hovered over the Middle East in mid-June 2008, stretching from Iraq to India and spreading south past the Arabian Peninsula. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Aqua satellite captured this natural-color image on June 18, 2008. This image shows part of the storm, including some of the thickest dust, concentrated over the Arabian Sea. Besides the heavy band of dust south of Oman, the storm creates a faint dusty haze covering almost the entire region.

ZetaTalk Answer 7/12/2008: Dust storms are easy to whip up and certainly disrupt air traffic from Diego Garcia where the US and Britain have a secret base. Without this type of intel on Iranian movements provided to Israel, they would be flying blind on any bombing runs. Meanwhile, other methods of thwarting the ambitious Israelis are afoot.

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