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Issue 48, Sunday November 4, 2007
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Comet P17/Holmes

A comet that ranges between the orbit of Jupiter and Mars has suddenly exploded in size and brightness, confusing astrophysicists.

This began October 25, 2007 and has been continuing. The comet developed a buttery yellow glow, which is part of the confusion. Human scientists simply have no explanation for any of it!

Exploding Comet
October 27, 2007
The gaseous cloud surrounding the comet's core more than doubled in radius on Oct. 25th. What is happening to this comet? It remains a mystery.

Per the Zetas, this is another example of the wafting tail of Planet X affecting our atmosphere. The comet itself has not increased in size. It is an optical illusion. Light rays from the comet that would come straight to Earth are being deflected by the wafting tail of Planet X, while light rays in the orange/red spectrum are getting through. The same phenomena that allows the rising and setting Sun to be huge just at the point the Sun rises above or disappears below the horizon is in effect. That the light rays from comet P17/Holmes are in the orange/red spectrum can be seen in its buttery yellow glow. Once again, the Zetas have the explanation, while human scientists are dumbfounded.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/27/2007: The mystery exists only because the scientists are not acknowledging the factors at play. What is new and not being considered? We have stated repeatedly that the tail of Planet X has returned. It hoses out from the N Pole of Planet X, which is increasingly pointing toward Earth. This tail is immense, and wafts afar. Fine red dust has been deposited on Earth from 2003 to the present because the tail was wafting past Earth. Fireballs and meteors are on the increase for the same reason. The atmosphere of Earth has been affected so that Sun halos or Moon halos appear, and odd red neon clouds appear. What does this charged red dust cloud, surrounding the Earth and clouding the view into space, mean for comet viewing? Comet P17/Holmes is reportedly out near Jupiter's orbit, and is not itself affected by the dust cloud, but the light rays coming from the comet are affected when they pass through the cloud.

We have often, and at length, described why the Sun at sunrise or sunset appears huge, just as it is at the horizon. Light rays in the orange/red spectrum bend more readily than light rays in the other colors spectrums. During full daylight, the light rays in the other color spectrums dominate, moving directly from the Sun to the viewer's eyes. But at sunrise and sunset, these light rays are passing overhead, not hitting the viewer's eyes, the Sun shielded by the curvature of the Earth so that only those light rays that can bend can strike the viewer's eyes. Bending light rays do more than follow the curvature of the Earth, bent by the gravity of the Earth. Those rays that would normally head out into space are bent back toward Earth, pulled by the gravity of Earth, so the object they originated from, the Sun, thus appears larger. Is this happening to comet 17P/Holmes? The descriptions of the comet's increase in size include describing the comet as "yellow", with a "buttery glow", which is a way of stating the presence of light rays in the orange/red spectrum. It is not that the comet itself is emitting these rays in excess, it is that the other rays are being deflected by the dust cloud so the percentage of rays in the orange/red spectrum begin to dominate. Thus, like the Sun at sunrise or sunset which appears larger due to light rays in the orange/red spectrum bending back toward Earth, comet 17P/Holmes gives the illusion of being larger and more golden than it is in reality.

Nazko Cone Awakes

A dormant volcano in British Columbia, which was last active 7,200 years ago, has awakened. Notable is that 7,200 years is a multiple of 3,600, the period of the passage for Planet X, aka Nibiru. This is one more indication that we are in the End Times.

BC Volcano Watched Closely
October 14, 2007
Seismologists are keeping a close eye on a spot near a dormant volcano about 150 km southwest of Prince George where eight small earthquakes have been recorded in two days. They happened about 20 km west of the Nazko Cone, a small tree-covered volcano that last erupted about 7,200 years ago. The earthquakes ranged from 2.8 to 3.2 on the Richter scale - strong enough that anyone in the immediate area would have felt them - and appeared to be 20 to 25 km below the earth's surface. 25 km is about the depth magma would be expected to pool and make its way to the earth's surface.

The quake swarm started on October 9 and is continuing, with rising magma the likely cause.

Recent News
October 30, 2007
Seismic activity, which began October 9, continues 20 km to the west of Nazko Cone (and 100 km west of Quesnel) in central BC. In total, more than 700 microearthquakes have been recorded since this swarm began. Nazko cone is a small, tree-covered volcano in central British Columbia, approximately 75 km west of Quesnel. It is believed to be the easternmost expression of the Anahim hot spot that stretches across central British Columbia from Nazko to the Pacific Ocean.
Nazko Cone
October 26, 2007
Analysis of the seismic data suggests that magma (liquid rock) is intruding deep within the earth's crust in the general region of Nazko cone, and is the likely cause of the seismic activity.

Per the Zetas, this awakening of the Nazko Cone is related to the current stress the N American continent is under, with the bow centered around Southern California putting stress on the rock strata from the Aleutian Islands to Central America.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/27/2007: We have addressed the stress on the West Coast as a bowing in the states abutting southern California, such that Utah and Nevada and Arizona experience a pulling apart in their rock layers. This bowing will adjust when the New Madrid Fault line pulls diagonally, with the New England states and eastern Canada pulling to the east, the southwest US and Mexico pulling to the west. But what happens to the Northwest during these times, in British Columbia? Where Southern California is the epicenter of the bowing, there is stress to points north and south along the N American continent, all the way from the Aleutian Islands to Central America. Not all rock strata are similar, as there are weak points and points more solid in rock. The area in BC that is experiencing quakes has a dormant volcano, not active since two pole shifts back, and now it has become a worry. The fact that there is a dormant volcano, active in the past, is a clue that this particular area is a weak point in the rock strata. As with the states abutting Southern California, this stress will lessen when the New Madrid Fault adjusts, but then any fault lines running up and down the West Coast will have to adjust, so the problems continue in one form or another.

Cheney's Snoozies

Vice President Dick Cheney has been caught, on videotape, falling asleep at high level government meetings over pressing problems, most recently at a cabinet meeting called to address the California firestorms.

Oh, Are We Boring You? Cheney Naps as California Burns
October 26, 2007
Apparently, your garden variety natural disaster isn't enough to keep VP Cheney awake during a Cabinet meeting. As Bush and the rest of the cabinet is briefed on the wildfires in California, Cheney nods off. This is hardly the first time he's been caught doing that either.

At first glance, one would assume the meeting was boring to Cheney, or perhaps he missed sleep and was troubled by insomnia. But the Zetas have a different explanation. Cheney is dying of heart failure!

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/27/2007: The rumors on the Internet that Cheney's heart condition is far more serious than admitted are true. What would cause a grown man, pampered and with all the conveniences he might wish available to him, to fall asleep during high level government meetings, repeatedly? Did he not get a good night's sleep the night before? Or maybe he didn't because the neighbors were throwing a party and would not turn the music down? Did he have an insomnia problem his many doctors could not help him with? Cheney is slowly dying of heart failure, and what is captured on camera is not a nap. It is a type of coma caused by the heart slowing when Cheney is at rest to the point where his brain is under-oxygenated. Carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a type of de-oxygenation of the blood and brain, results in somnambulence, or falling asleep. If up and walking about, or standing and giving a speech, the heart and blood pressure system are responding to a different set of signals, just as the heart and blood pressure system would respond if he were under attack and needing to climb a tree to escape a tiger or to escape rising flood water. When at rest, the heart and blood pressure system relaxes.

What does his somnambulant state indicate? The heart, even when under stimulation when he is standing and giving a speech, is not keeping up. When the aged die in their sleep, it is because the heart slows down, and the under-oxygenated organs begin to fail to do their job. The kidney does not cleanse the blood, the liver does not provide nutrients, and all of this affects the muscle of the heart which slows even more in its job of moving the blood along. In Cheney, you are seeing this process. He is at the point where his body is experiencing damage, often irreparable damage, because of his failing heart. This will not get better, only worse, so that he will become a stumbling old man, searching through the fog of memory for what it was he was intending to say.

Cheney could get a heart transplant, his only hope of staying vibrant and strong, but this carries many risks including having to take immunosuppressant drugs and being on the table for many hours during the operation. There is statistical risk associated with heart transplants, and Cheney also fears an assassination attempt while he is vulnerable, on the table for many hours. He fears the assassination taking cover under the known risks for heart transplant surgery. Thus, he delays, hoping for a time when he will be less vulnerable, when his enemies will be eliminated. But since his enemies are increasing in strength and numbers, this time will never come, and in the meantime, Cheney's body is shutting down. He is dying.

Kucinich UFO

During the last Democratic debate on October 30, 2007, Dennis Kucinich confirmed he personally saw a UFO when visiting Shirley MacLaine.

UFOs and Alien Life
October 30, 2007
In the weird last minutes of the debate Rep. Dennis Kucinich (Ohio) gave us a highlight. Asked about the statement by actress Shirley MacLaine that Kucinich had seen a UFO at her house, Kucinich said that he had.

Kucinich is not alone as another candidate, Governor Richardson, jumped in to proclaim that the government has not come clean regarding Roswell.

Richardson on Roswell
October 30, 2007
Seriously, Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, called on the government to declassify all Roswell documents. He brought it up himself when Chris Matthews was joking about Kucinich's UFO answer. He said the government hasn't "come clean" on the issue. His campaign will surely say he was joking, he has a sense of humor. But even though he was laughing in some parts of that answer, he wasn't joking about that. Matthews looked on in disbelief and joked that this is shaping up to be a contest between the de-evolution party and the pro-UFO party.

Since neither Governor Richardson or Representative Kuchinich is likely to get the Democratic nomination, such honesty would not, presumably, hurt their chances or hurt the Democratic party. But beyond sparking up the debates, such disclosures are increasingly occurring. Last June there was another Roswell deathbed confession.

Roswell Officer's Amazing Deathbed Admission Raises Possibility that Aliens DID Visit
June 30, 2007
Haut's affidavit talks about a high-level meeting he attended with base commander Colonel William Blanchard and the Commander of the Eighth Army Air Force, General Roger Ramey. Haut states that at this meeting, pieces of wreckage were handed around for participants to touch, with nobody able to identify the material.

ZetaTalk Explanation 7/7/2007: Of course it's the Roswell anniversary, but what was unexpected was the ultraconservative, Bush-hugging TV channel Fox to allow so much uninterrupted reporting on all the evidence that UFO's are real, are extraterrestrial, and the US government knows full well that this is true and is hiding this from the public! Solid and well documented cases of mass sightings, of military pilots reporting foo fighters (mysterious aerial phenomena), of military officers confessing to their participation - all laid out for the public. Not even a month ago the History Channel premiered an hour which included mention of a potential pole shift and showed a map of a potential new geography which could have come from the ZetaTalk website, such was its similarity. We stated at that time that the media is edging closer to allowing Nancy to present our predictions, along with all the solid advice on what the common man can do to help themselves. For those who say this leap would never happen, as Nancy, speaking for the Zetas, is too weird for major media, we say this: If the History Channel can talk about the future, which is certainly not history, and the conservative Fox channel can air the truth about UFOs and Roswell, then anything is possible!

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