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Alberta is one of the Canadian provinces that will fare well during the coming pole shift, and be positioned for a temperate climate in the Aftertime, as will Sasketchewan. When the bow afflicting the N American continent finally relaxes, following the New Madrid adjustment, it will not affect these Canadian provinces as much as it affects those West Coast regions crossed by the San Andreas and abutting the Juan de Fuca Plate. Mountain building and volcanic eruptions will occur closer to the coast, in British Columbia, than inland. The land is high land, above the waves in the Aftertime, and established agriculture that will support survivors. This said, are these provinces attractive to the elite, and likely to be taken as enclaves of the elite prior to the pole shift?

This has proved to be the case in the past, when the elite thought the pole shift would occur in 2003. Alberta and Sasketchewan will prove to be attractive to the elite, in that these provinces are not heavily populated nor afflicted with a rioting underclass nor a rioting migrant labor class. The people are viewed as stable, hard working, and civilized. But the elite cannot hide from the local people, and though their dollars and presence may be welcomed at first, any attempts to dominate the populace will be fiercely resisted in the Aftertime. Canada has its own factions, which will battle with each other for political control going into and after the pole shift. But as elsewhere, political control of survivor communities must be an earned privilege not a carryover from the past.

ZetaTalk ™ August 13, 2011