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Tahoe lies at the juncture of the hard rock under the Sierras, which will fracture during the pole shift, and rock to the north and east which operate independently of the rock in the Sierras. The rock structures holding Tahoe as a lake are not expected to change during the coming upheaval, though rock and roll will certainly take place in the area. Due to the thickness of the rock built up under the Tahoe area over the econs, the Mount Pluto volcano, extinct for what mankind estimates to be 2 million years, will not erupt. This would be an area to return to after the pole shift, however, due to the possibility of tumbling rock at Tahoe during the pole shift itself, with the flat former lake beds in the California valley floor or the Lahontan former salt lake beds in Nevada offering more safety.

ZetaTalk ™ June 11, 2011