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Where Cuba will be relatively unaffected by the 7 of 10 scenario where the Caribbean Plate tips and is pushed down on the southern end, it will not fare as well during the pole shift itself. Florida will lose 150 feet in elevation, and Cuba will scarcely fare better when the Atlantic Rift splits wide open during the hour of the pole shift. As can be seen from the shallow waters surrounding Cuba and Florida, these lands have been dragged down before, during prior pole shifts. During the New Madrid adjustment, Cuba will simply move with that portion of the N American Plate to the east of the Mississippi. Thus to compute safety during the pole shift, assume the need to be at least 825 feet above sea level in the Aftertime, and 350 feet above sea level during the hour of the pole shift while at a distance of at least 100 miles from the coast.

ZetaTalk ™ January 22, 2011