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UFO displays appeared over the skies of Victoria on Vancouver Island on August 8, 2010. Is some message being delivered? Note that the sightings are almost on the same latitude as Japan. We've made the statement that Japan will experience several 8+ magnitude quakes prior to the New Madrid adjustment on the N American continent. These Japanese quakes will allow the northern parts of the Pacific plates to shift, and this has repercussions on fault lines in the N American continent. Vancouver Island will have some jolts, in sympathy, and a sloshing Pacific in the straits off Victoria can be expected.

Quakes of a magnitude 9 (which would be downgraded to 8+ by the USGS) in Japan would occur as a result of a compressing Pacific, and thus would surely generate tsunami. Victoria was being warned because it lies on the coastline, directly on the water front, and directly in the path of the anticipated tsunami which will then funnel through the narrows and thus exacerbate the height of the tsunami. This will not be a roiling tide, it will be a tsunami which will rise up suddenly and roll inland with force and speed.