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icon Jilin Province

This provinces north of Korea will have the additional burden of dealing with drowning and migrating Koreans, who will find their peninsula washed over during the compression of the Pacific and the press of water coming directly from the Pacific during this compression. Already starving, this will burden any survivors in Jilin Province.


Jilin will be blessed with highlands and a warmer climate in the Aftertime, as well as proximity to the ocean in the Aftertime, which will provide a food source from fishing. Those in Jilin Province should prepare for this time by building boats, as Noah did, and learning what they can about ocean fishing techniques. Where Changchun City will be flooded in the Aftertime, it will take two full years for the waters to reach this height of 675 feet. In the mean time, residents can move to higher ground and even migrate toward Alaska and eastern Russia. Its greatest worry will be the large number of drowning and starving migrants from N Korea. Boats can also be used to assist the migration of these Koreans toward less populated areas closer to the new Equator.