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Scrambling out of the Amazon basin, and scrambling inland from the coast, La Paz will find itself refuge city after the shift. Bolivia is a poor country, and has no stores and shelter to provide such a press of humanity. This inevitably leads to fights over every scrap of food in restaurants or grocery stores, and demands for a bed from homeowner who themselves may be living out in the rain under broken roofs and collapsed bedrooms. In that the refuges will come straggling in, without resources or strength beyond what starvation on the road has left to them, these fights will be short lived and the survivors all around settling down to eke out a living in the Aftertime. The advantage of having refuges from points North/South/East/West is information, at a time when word of mouth will be the only news delivered. This is a catastrophe that affected the whole world, and life is no better elsewhere should one decide to travel seeking it.


Note S American Roll commentary.