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Chile has highlands and coastal areas, and not much in-between. Fishing and simple agriculture in the mountain villages is the main source of food. After the pole shift, when tidal bore will roar up ravines and climb cliffs, and the earthquakes that will shudder the entire globe have ruined bridges and roads creeping around steep mountains so susceptible to slides, isolation will be the norm. The climate will continue to be temperate, the access to fishing excellent, but those who suffer will be those who relied upon connections to the larger globe, distribution of goods into and out of Chile, and lifestyles of the affluent. As with all such lifestyles, a step above the bottom layer where all work until their hands and backs ache and none lives off the labor of another, those used to living affluent lifestyles will find themselves unable to barter any of their worthless trinkets and toys and starving. Old patriarchal systems, power structures, and essentially slavery of the underclass by the wealthy will end, and those wanting to cling to the old ways for their benefit should be ignored.


Note S American Roll commentary.