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The heart of Africa, perpetually on the Equator, the Congo will find itself in a more temperate location after the Shift. The existing vegetation will do well in the continuous drizzle that occurs for years following a shift, but the lack of sunlight will change the dynamics. Lands rich in vegetation, jungles, often find man living harmoniously with nature only because there is a wealth of food sources. But when this dynamic changes, harmony is the first thing to go. Hungry predators will take out man, in attacks unlike any in the memory of the horrified tribes. They will be relentless. Creatures normally kept to the swamps, some even unknown to man, will emerge to slither about the villages, eating all they can wrap around or swallow, including small adults as well as children. Without crops, which require sunlight on occasion, man will turn to what nature can provide and find competition meeting them in the jungle. Hunters will be eaten, those waiting for their return not finding them even if a rescue party is sent forth. In time all life forms will either consume their food sources or be killed, resulting in a diminished population, both human and animal. Thus living in the drizzle, the survivors will eventually emerge into sunlight., where vegetation flourishes and the ever present smell of rot is lost in the breeze.