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icon Saratov

Situated along the great Volga River, in lands destined to be flooded as the existing poles melt, Saratov is an example of a city that has both temporary strong points during the shift but immediate problems after the shift. The dam backing the Volga up to Saratov will, as all dams will, shatter during the shift, which will reduce the impact of sloshing in the reservoir and flooding of the Volga during the shift, but nevertheless, it is advised to pull up into the hills and away from the river banks. Residents clamoring into the hills along the Volga will thence increasingly find themselves on an island, as the lowlands of Siberia flood, encroaching inland until these hills themselves go under. Thus, survival in Saratov does not mean rest, as travel far afield is necessary, into the Caucasus Mountains, which is a trip that should be a natural by boat.