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icon Tashkent

As with all lands such as Pakistan bordering India, which will become the new South Pole, the climate of Tashkent will change dramatically after the shift as it will lie within the new Polar Circle. Lying on a river, it will also find itself scoured by raging water that crests higher than flood tides in memory. A third devastation will be the quakes, as Tashkent likes near the Himalayas that will be violently uplifted during the subduction of India, causing quakes that will leave no building standing. Thus, residents of the city are likely to be crushed, drowned, and then frozen, in that order. Survivors will be those who were outdoors, away from the river banks and well into the hills, and dressed for winter or with that clothing at hand. These will be rural, not city folk. If they have the good sense or luck to migrate toward Russia, things will warm up, but the first instinct of most will be to move toward what they recall were warm lands, toward the Equator, the wrong direction to go. Thus, it will be the exception, not the norm, for there to be survivors from the great city of Tashkent.