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Baku will ride out the pole shift in relative safety, as it is not directly downwind from any volcanoes, is not on major fault lines, is not likely to be inundated even from the sloshing of the Caspean Sea, and will continue to have a temperate climate. The major problem will be the type of housing the populace uses, as this is earthen based and collapses almost instantly when quakes hit, as recent history in Turkey attests. During the week of rotation stoppage, all who hope to survive should not be in the cities, but in the countryside, outdoors. Anticipate migrations from a flooding Russia, seeking higher ground. In that Baku will be close enough to the new coastline, the oceans covering the lowlands of Russia almost to the borders of Baku, it may find its experience with fishing the Caspean Sea an advantate. Simply sent those boats further, and come home with a larger harvest!