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Each animation clip is accompanied by text so you will have something to read while the clip downloads. Please note that animated graphics run well under later versions of Netscape or the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, but refuse to play with some other browsers.

Slowing Rotation
The Earth slows in its rotations and stops within a day or so, while a fine red dust appears.
Pole Shift
The Earth turns to align north pole to the 12th Planet's south pole, and when this shift stops there are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tidal waves.
New Geography
After the shift the old poles gradually melt over a few years, while new ice forms over the new poles, so that in the interim there is a rise in the sea level and vegetation grows in old polar land and new land that has emerged from the sea.
Volcanic Gloom
After the shift the Earth's rotation starts again with the old poles now at the equator, and a gloom from volcanic dust developes that lasts for decades. 

Offered by Nancy.