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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 13, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

This morning (8 am CET + 2 in Romania), my son who is 13 years old and very aware told me that the compass was suddenly changed, the north with south. I am still looking at the compass at 9.35 am and it's the same. Geographical south it is shown by all three compasses we have in the house as NORTH! I have the compass in the front of my eyes since I was noticed the shift. It shows north to geographical south. I have even made some pictures with the compass in front of the window, and it is clearly showing north in the direction of the Sun! It is 10.00 am in the morning. We do not have volcanoes (active or not), in the 2000 miles proximity - the whole Carpatians Mountin Chain is entirely non-volcanic. I did not check GPS, but the mobile phones are OK, also the cable TV, which relies on satelites.

During a time of great confusion for the Earth, when the Earth's magnetosphere is twisted to flow in opposite directions at times, and is losing its S Pole at times so that radar circles appear in Australia due to the particle flow disruption, it is no surprise that confusion would exist in the magma of the Earth. The magma connection to the crust is not even, as the crust has pockets where solid rock goes down into the magma just as the crust has mountain ranges thrusting rock skyward. The magma flows, in and out of these pockets, and for some pockets the flow is slow. Just as solid magnets respond to magnets nearby, and adjust accordingly, semi-liquid magnets such as a pool of magma can find itself in that situation. The flow of magnetons in the magma normally flows in the direction of the Earth's magnetic field, N up, S down, but what would occur in a pool of magma, trapped, under the direct influence of Planet X which is overhead near the position of the Sun. Planet X is twisting the Earth's magnetosphere, absconding with its S Pole on occasion, or blasting the Earth with a hose of magnetons. Under this influence, a lowly pool of magma would adjust more readily than the Earth's magnetosphere as a whole, doing a flip to present its S Pole to the flow of magnetons returning from the N Pole of Planet X. Such instances, where there are pools of magma, will be on the increase.

John 'Jack' Murtha, who was one of the first to speak out against Iraq, died after gallbladder surgery complications. Was it an accident or something more nefarious? Comment? For the 'convenient' deaths in the past, as in Michael Connel Rove's IT Guru et al, are these actively being investigated? [and from another] Murtha's Death Caused By Surgical Mistake [Feb 9] Mr. Murtha was first hospitalized with gallbladder problems in December. He had surgery Jan. 28 at the National Naval Hospital in Bethesda, Md. He went home, but was hospitalized two days later when complications developed. According to a source close to Mr. Murtha -- confirming a report in Politico -- doctors inadvertently cut Mr. Murtha's intestine during the laparoscopic surgery, causing an infection.

Murtha underwent surgery at a prestigious hospital, where an accident such as nicking the intestine so that septicemia would ensue is almost unheard of. The doctors responsible anticipate being sued, and embarrassed, so such a matter is not taken lightly. In addition, Murtha was politically powerful, and adamantly against the War in Iraq during his tenure, so newspaper coverage of this event was certain. Was it an accident? No, but an incident that will be ruled as such because there is no evidence to the contrary. His death was to be a warning for those who might turn on the former Bush administration members during forthcoming probes by the Justice Department. These deaths are investigated, but are carefully planned so as not to leave any leads that will lead to the instigators.

How can the Zetas say that there will not be an escalation between Israel and its neighbours or even war with Iran that could lead up to World War 3 when in fact all government officials have their free and unpredictable will?

Matters in the hands of man cannot be 100% predicted, as we often say, but we were asked our opinion and here there is less than 100% likelihood of movement toward a major war such as WW III. Thus, our statement in the past, which we still stand by.

Strange things are occuring at the Olympics. Pole shift-like weather, death of a luger.

The severe weather was something we predicted in January, 2009 - colder than normal for the northern hemisphere until the time of the pole shift. As to accidents, this is so much dependent upon individuals and the sudden moves they make, the risks they take, that it cannot be predicted.

Is there a connection between the recent resignations of Google's founders and Google's current partnership with the NSA?

Absolutely. Just as Police Chiefs are retiring early and for vague reasons, due to the new rules about riot control coming from Homeland Security, managers of a company asked to spy inordinately on clients show their displeasure at the new rules by resigning. If real terrorism was a worry in years past, it has become more of a worry among those who know what the world will become at some point - a place in panic, with many in countries that will not fare well during the pole shift due to flooding or volcanic activity wanting to migrate. The press to migrate is not merely a hoard standing at the gates, pounding at the door. It is also those who would create chaos so that entry can occur for many. It is no coincidence that Obama stated emphatically that Haitians would not find the doors thrown open for them simply because they suffered a quake. He was setting precedence. Those planning migration, assisted by terrorism diversions or not, will utilize a search engine during their planning stage, in predictable patterns.

The Zetas can tell really there was a civilisation "Hyperborea"? If yes then that with it happens? [and from another] In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a mythical people who lived far to the north of Thrace. The Greeks thought that Boreas, the North Wind, lived in Thrace, and that therefore Hyperborea was an unspecified region in the northern lands that lay beyond Scythia. Their land, called Hyperborea or Hyperboria - "beyond the Boreas" - was perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day, which - if true - suggests a possible location within the Arctic circle.

Of course the Greeks were aware of lands to the north, as their ships went all over and heard the rumors.

If the Men-In-Black are not bound by the rules of "subconscious" meetings, are the humans meeting them "remembering" meeting these people? And what would they say to their unsuspecting human?

Humans encountering the Men-In-Black do indeed recall these visits, just as humans would recall a meeting with an Annunaki. The Men-In-Black and the Annunaki are peers of humans, not alien visitors per se. However, the Annunaki are quarantined so they do not visit or encounter humans. The Men-In-Black have in the past tried to discourage exploration by humans where they feared their abodes would be discovered. Thus, these pale faced hominoids, dressed in black, would knock on doors and try to intimidate humans. And these encounters are recorded in the subconscious.

Do Zetas use their mastery of genetic engineering to cherry pick the traits of their offspring or to replace damaged genes to reduce the chances of physically or mentally challenged children? Or do Zetas feel that manipulating DNA in this way interferes with the lives and therefore the spiritual development of the individuals involved?

Yes, we absolutely try to eliminate heritable diseases and repair individuals afflicted. There are still many instances where an individual suffers, as no amount of engineering on our part can remove all possibility of rare genes expressing in this manner. Life in 4th density Service-to-Other worlds is different from life in 3rd density worlds where tribulations are considered a learning tool. In 4th density, a sufficient amount of maturity in this regard is assumed.

Is a false flag attack during the Olympic games likely or just fearmongering by a few?

We are not aware of any false flag terrorism being planned for the current Winter games. As of this moment. The possibility of real terrorism is always there, however, and can be rustled forth within a short time period when anger drives the process, so is always possible.

Can the zetas address why many philosophies teach that a soul has existed forever and is a fragment of God? Also why can souls only be sparked in 3 d worlds? The zetas have mentioned that the stuff of souls exists in all dimensions.

We have spoken before about the difficulty of taking every channeled work or utterance literally, as the human vehicle is limited by its own understanding of the situation and there are cultural differences. The world was not created in 7 days, for instance, but the steps detailed were correct for the evolution of life and the genetic engineering that often takes place at the later stages. The stuff of souls lives forever, but individual souls are sparked where the weight of the physical is sufficient in relationship to the stuff of souls to facilitate this. On 4th density or greater worlds, intelligent species are already incarnated, so yet another soul would not be attempting an incarnation in order to spark yet another soul. Every explanation given does not detail all aspects, so that every culture and age that follows would understand the intent perfectly. This is not the case.

Obama has indicated that he will use executive privilege (signing statements, executive orders, recess appointments etc. ) where he deems them appropriate. Is this indicating that he plans to do what is necessary and will not be bullied by Republicans in congress?

He promised bi-partisanship, but this has been rebuffed in preference to opposition on all fronts for no valid reason. Why is it surprising he would change his tactics?

With all of the: politicians, businessmen,wealthy, astronomers, NASA employees, police and police agencies, weather men and others, how in the world does the CIA hope to keep this large and growing body of people silent? The end of the industrial world is no trivial secret and those in the know have a significant incentive to whisper to close friends and family. Couple this with the disclosure push by things like the history channel's Armageddon week and those knowing of disaster are in the thousands and growing exponentially.

We have addressed this growing contingent of people who are drawn into the cover-up in the past, but will list the important points again. Most do not know with any certainty what the core of the cover-up knows. The weatherman is told to avoid certain phrases, like any mention of what appears to be a Second Sun rising or setting, or the great number of records being broken almost daily. Yes, they can mention a broken record now and then, but not seem agast about it. Likewise, newspaper or TV talking heads are told to touch lightly on any fireball activity, and to give priority space to NASA or other such cooperative scientists. Those weathermen and talking heads and editors who do not cooperate find themselves without a job. During the recent high rate of resignations among CEOs and Police Chiefs, those resigning likewise are not certain of what is coming, but have heard rumors, and most often attempted to confirm the rumors. The phrase "where there is smoke, there is fire" applies, so absolute confirmation is not required. They connect the dots. NASA employees and astronomers sign National Security agreements, and understand that talking about what they know is a criminal offense. They most often know of instances where someone struggled with keeping silent, and were eliminated as a consequence. Thus, the cover-up lives on!

Are the Zeta/human hybrids vegetarian?

There are many types of vegetarianism. This can include plant food only, or such protein sources as eggs and milk, or such sources as bugs and fish or perhaps chicken. Sentient animals, such as cattle or sheep are extremely rare in the hybrid diet, and then only for what you might term emergency reasons.

If one wants to do "more" behind the scenes, perhaps on a soul level, etc, to help with disclosure about Planet X, or to curtail its existence's cover-up, being unable to do it during one's present circumstances, would this be granted by giving the Call?

The Call is not intended as a means of granting wishes. It is a consultation, whereby the human is laying out their dilemma and getting advice. What you are suggesting is that a wish is relayed and those answering the Call would make it all happen. This is not the nature of the Call.

Bill Gates. I think the Zetas might have mentioned that the reason why he's giving away billions is because he's hoping for assistance during the pole shift. Of course if that's the case, then his intent is somewhat selfish, but I do see how it can help his soul to lean more towards STO, if it's not already there. My question is has it helped? I imagine Bill and Warren Buffett must be leaning in that direction anyway, since from what I've read on Zeta Talk and the way I comprehend it, I can't imagine a STS person even feeling comfortable doing such things, since it might make them think of others. I guess my question is, if helping others the way they're doing, a good sign that they are STO elites? (Even though Microsoft tried to buy Yahoo, to help with the PX cover-up.) And if so, does the result of their charitable work help them lean more towards STO, whether they are undecided or not.

Service-to-Self individuals can put on a good front, and are very practiced at this. Charity is certainly within their tool kit, especially when they are so wealthy that the funds they are giving would hardly be missed on a personal level. We decline to detail what orientation this or that person is, as this is mere curiosity.

Can the Zetas tell us if there is any significance to the fact that Jeb Bush accompanied his father during their talk with President Obama while elder son, George W. aka clone 3, was absent?

We have mentioned that the third George W. Bush clone is not Service-to-Self, but inclined toward Service-to-Other. The senior George H. Bush is highly Service-to-Self and therefore uncomfortable around any Service-to-Other individuals, avoiding this where possible. Jed is much more to his liking. In addition, since George W. has run his course as a president, the tenuous possibility of another Bush having any type of control in any future administration, or even the Obama administration, would lie with Jed. Herbert is pushing Jed as a candidate for any type of power position.

What percentage of man is came from Apes?


Is this report true regarding a large meteor crash in Mexico which was later revised by some reporting agencies to say that is was only space junk? Reports of a possible meteorite impact in Mexico are popping up on various places around the net. Via Twitter, this translated article said a bright light "accompanied by a roar which swayed buildings and houses" was reported in towns in the bordering states of Puebla and Hidalgo, at about 18:30 local time on Wednesday, Feb. 10, and is being attributed to a meteorite. The article includes reports of a bridge collapsing and a 30-meter crater causing "tension among people." We'll confirm if this is an actual meteorite hit as soon as more details become available. The Bad Astronomer has also posted about this, so check his site for updates, too. Here's a map of the region where the reports are originating.

Blaming space junk has always been the preferred method of dealing with the increase in fireball activity, which is so far out of what is to be expected that it has become a concern. Wherever possible, space junk is blamed. But when the meteor is located, then the story must be changed. They are hoping that Mexico will cooperate, and not report a meteor.

Can the Zetas comment on this article where "Wolfgang Wodarg, head of health at the Council of Europe, claimed major firms organized a "campaign of panic" to put pressure on the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare a pandemic."? This is in reference to the H1N1 virus.,2933,582749,00.html

Just who pressured who is not all that important, as there were many who wanted a pandemic called, and for many reasons. The pharma companies of course wanted their products marketed, en mass. We have mentioned that the WHO worried that yet another genetically engineered flu virus would be introduced, and were trying to build up immunity around the world for whatever might be forthcoming, so as to discourage those who might be thinking of such a plan. Now that the H1N1 has fizzled out, and not produced the feared second wave of mutations, finger pointing has started.

I assume the record-breaking snowfall on the US is due to the earth wobble, but where did all the water come from to make the historic blizzards of the past week? After just the first wave hit the mid-Atlantic states, one weatherman said that, if melted, the snow would "fill 12 million Olympic-size swimming pools, or 30,000 Empire State buildings". And that was before the second wave hit, and now there's another snowstorm being heralded to hit two days from today. Is this all coming from the Pacific? And how is it that Vancouver, home of the Winter Olympics this week, has barely any snow?

Were it not snow, it would be rainfall. Snow is fluffy and when melted constitutes much fewer inches in rainfall. Would you be so puzzled if several heavy thunderstorms swept through, dumping a few inches of rain? What is unusual here, is the degree of cold that has ensured that precipitation is snow, and not rain.

Is the CIA flying drones over Haiti to gather information on what to expect for future catastrophes?

They are gathering data on what mobs without police control do, and how the civilians react. This is expected to be the mode, when the Earth changes cause governments to collapse. Katrina was likewise a study for the CIA in this regard, taking advantage of a natural disaster.

What is the Puppet Master's view of the chaos in Greece and the EU regarding the EURO nearing a collapse, and how does Obama's massive debt filled budget relate if at all to the Puppet Master?

We have been asked this before, and the answer is simple. If one remains on top of the pile, even when the pile is shrinking, one's relative worth or power remains the same. The Puppet Master is thus not worried. It is the middle men, the puppets, who are locked in fear.

What do the Zeta's find most admirable in the human race? And, what characteristics make us worth the time and energy the Zeta's have invested in warning us of the impending chaos?

We find humans willing to rise to the occasion, with sudden heroism, even in the face of death or pain. This is somewhat unusual among intelligent species. But regardless of characteristics, those who are Service-to-Other have universal traits, and these are those we are working with both on Earth and elsewhere, whether humans or hybrids or of some other species.

What's the deal with that rocket Nasa launched to "study the sun"? And then the embarrasment today with the new room in the ISS having a cover that doesn't fit? Hard to beleive someone miscalculated, given they are space engineers. Some handiwork of STO aliens?

NASA is given enough respect in the media that the common man thinks of them as experts. At least, this is their hope. As with the WISE mission to map the heavens, all their latest efforts are of course to gain information on just what Planet X is doing, though they are so clueless that any information they gain does not give them an advantage. They also hope to suddenly "discover" a rogue planet in the inner solar system by their new probes, claiming that it evaded their prior detection. The public simply will not buy this, when announced, but this is NASA's plan.

Does the CIA use remote "harassing" against current contactees or people perceived to be part of Planet X "believers"?

Yes. This is one of the tools used by the NSA and CIA, and depending upon the value of the person, this might be used. However, it is more likely where protections are in place, as then accidents to eliminate the individual cannot be successful. There are a number of approaches tried first - to intimidate or discredit the person, to bribe or attempt a takeover of their website or books or lectures, to harm the individual so they are taken out of action or are off the stage somehow, and of course to kill the individual. Very few are of the level where assassination is considered, and many participating in the effort to break the cover-up are under a protection, though may be unaware of it.

Ex contract FBI linguistics specialist, Sibel Edmonds, has spoken in detail about the treason and espionage she uncovered in wire taps of the American Turkish Counsel and the Turkish embassy. Does this rash of Turkish military officers' suicides have any relevance to the Edmonds story and the ATC?

Turkey was a prize the Bush administration wanted when they were trying to assemble their "coalition of the willing". Turkey refused flyovers, forcing the US and Britain to travel to Kuwait for the invasion. The pressure on Turkey of course did not stop, with bribery much to the fore. We have warned that those who participated in criminal activity are vulnerable for assassination in the current times, when the truth is coming out. It is not the criminal, but the little guy who cooperated who is vulnerable. Thus, the rash of "suicides".

Recently I asked Zetas to comment one statement I found about Earth's Dark Twin, but I did not get a concrete answer. The statement was that space probes sent to Venus, Mars and other places could not have successfully flown by or landed on their targets if Dark Twin existed, as it was not accounted for in navigational calculation. Can you say something about this conclusion?

Those programming the probes were aware of the presence of the Dark Twin, so of course they took this into consideration.

I would like Zetas to specify how much time Planet X spent coming from Pluto to its stoppage in 2003? I finally confused with just when PX entered our system and when it stopped.

Planet X started its zoom from the mid-point of its dither between its two foci - the Sun and its binary some 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away - only a few centuries ago. Prior to this, it was creeping slowly. The speed picked up so that in early 2003 it entered the solar system at a rapid pace, slowing to creep around the Sun due only to the Repulsion Force.

You stated: "The 12th Planet pulls down and away from your Sun only at the last minute. This is reflected in distance as 1.2598 times the orbital diameter of Pluto, or two and one-half times the distance from your Sun to this farthest known planet which you call Pluto." The Q is - do you mean Pluto in its aphelion or perihelion ?

Since this is in the past, and Planet X is already close to the Sun and ready to make its outbound thrust away from the Sun, why does it matter?

Pres. Eisenhower's grand-daughter, Laura, has gone public with a statement. That a group connected with black-ops had approached her and tried to get her to join up with their plan to flee the cataclysms by going to Mars. The story smacks of the same STS disinfo about "stargates", "time-travel", "Looking Glass" and "Orion's Cube" that we heard from Dan Burisch and that bunch. Apparently they wanted Laura to go too because of her "bloodline". Did they not get the memo, and are still plotting to go to Mars? Do they really believe all that bloodline B.S. too, or is this just a hoaxed story meant to give credence to that line of disinfo, so that the STS minions of the Coverup will remain loyal to their masters who once thought to make themselves kings in the Aftertime?

Laura was indeed approached with such a story, and a story it was. The purpose was not to carry her away to Mars, but to elicite her friendship so that she might approach other elites amenable to help those foisting this hoax. It was a con, but the con artists did not get what they hoped.

Cliff High mentioned that an ancient device would be found in late 2009 or early 2010 in the Middle East that when turned on would do some amazing things in tunnels. It was stolen from somewhere as I recall. Cliff said it would sort of make the news but be under the radar, too. Do the Zeta's know anything about that device being found or stolen?

The webbots project has some prediction accuracy, which is why we allow such questions. However, it is based on what the collective conscious of man is thinking, and the collective conscious is not necessarily fact based. There is no such device.

Did the Coral Castle, Florida builder know how to move heavy tons of block like as he claims, He knew the secret to moving heavy block like the pyramid builders of Egypt?

He did not move the coral, but dealt with what was at hand.Although, he has not been averse to inventing stories to enhance interest in his artwork.

Does " I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth" in Revelations represent the earth rotation stoppage?

We are not given to interpreting the Bible, as if we did this, this is all we would do. There are those who feel the Bible holds all truths, and refuse to think for themselves. However, the above phrase is likely to refer to the totality of the Earth changes, affecting the globe as a whole, more than rotation stoppage.

Is there another person alive today that is similar to Edgar Cayce people can go to ask about their and their family health? And where can one find such person?

If there were, he would be well known, as Cayce was.

How does a fearful person over come their fears?

Fear can be irrational, and in this case the approach should be to desensitize oneself. If the fear is rational, but the individual desires to negate it, there are techniques that any military trained individual can explain on how to put this aside. In general, you focus on the larger goal.

In some of the Leonardo da Vinci's paintings you see an individual pointing. Does this represent the orion belt, planet x, earth comimg changes? If not, what does the pointing finger represent?

This varies. What is the finger pointing at? This is an artist's trick to get you to see a larger picture, not just the main character.