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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 31, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Fuel Storage Blast Rocks Puerto Rico Capital
[Oct 24] Crews struggled to contain a huge, smoky fire at fuel storage facility outside Puerto Rico's capital following an early morning explosion that knocked out windows and shook the ground in the U.S. territory. The cause of the explosion at the Caribbean Petroleum Corp. in the suburb of Bayamon was unknown. [and from another] Puerto Rico Fire Extinguished [Oct 25] Operations at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport continued as normal throughout the day, and five cruise ships arrived yesterday as normal, carrying more than 9,000 passengers. Hotels and other tourist services reported no cancellations. [and from another] Winds Shift as Fire Burns Puerto Rican Oil Depot [Oct 24] Company officials said they did not know what started the fire, while a spokeswoman said its operations had complied with all local and federal regulations.

Despite rumors of an airliner missing or a small plane crash, both of which proved to be untrue, and despite a report of graffiti posted after the explosions, the cause of the massive Puerto Rican fuel storage tank explosion remains unresolved. There were no earthquakes in the area at that time. No terrorist group claimed responsibility and all business, including tourism, returned to normal promptly. The authorities clearly do not anticipate that terrorism was the cause. The facilities were in good working order, with no violations cited. Several tanks were involved, exploding seemingly simultaneously or in a domino affect within a short time frame. What should be noted is that it would only take one tank explosion to set off a domino effect, as the heat from a single exploding tank would expand and rupture piping in others.

What caused the explosion? Puerto Rico is just to the south of a highly active fault line between the N American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, resulting in slip-slide action and subduction. Steady pressure distorts a landmass, putting pressure on piping anchored to the land, such as exist at fuel storage facilities. Fuel tanks are huge and heavy, and thus not flexible. When the landmass shifts, the piping is what twists and finally snaps. When this occurs in water mains under streets, there are increased water main breaks, such as has been occurring in San Diego and LA and Maryland. When this occurs in gas lines under the streets, explosions occur, because it takes just a spark from metal parts rubbing against each other during the snap to cause an explosion. This is likewise true of refineries or fuel storage tanks. Breaking pipes not only snap, they create sparks, and thus the explosion. As the Earth changes pick up, these types of incidences will become more frequent.

Something ramped up bigtime in NW North Carolina on the night of October 8th and other places in the southeastern USA. Not only could some type of varying frequency be heard, but also the muscles in my face were having mini-contractions. At the onset of this activity, my computer started vibrating to the point where I had to put a book between the CPU and my desk to dampen the noise. It felt like a monumental over-abundance of static electricity in the air, for lack of anything else I could compare it to. The accompanying cosmic sounds were similar to that of the transporter beam in Star Trek and other times sounded like an approaching jet. The activity persisted until just before daybreak. The smell of ozone was strong for the duration even indoors. I started a thread that night and others reported similar things. Late last night I was outside with friends and we heard the same sounds from around midnight to 4am EST. Can the Zetas give any specifics as far as the causes, effects, and significance of this phenomenon; such as health concerns, etc.?

The Earth Roar, heard in San Diego and West Virginia and Tennessee also recently, is due to rock stress. Previously this was known as the hum, but as rock stress increases, it become a moan or a distant roar sound. Rock, compressed, conducts electricity well, as the water pockets within the water do not have insulating air spaces. It is this static electricity that causes static on radios prior to an earthquake. This is also what clues pets and animals that they should flee the area, causing pets to leave home and domestic animals to charge about.

I understand that the Puppet master crew and the Zetas worked together to prevent election fraud in 2008. That said I presume the Puppet master is very well aware of the devastation that will take place during and after the PS, and of the transition in the following 100 years; where virtually all full blooded humans will be extinct. With that knowledge, what are presently his motivations, and his outlook on the loss of his wealth, power and descendants to pass that on to?

Where the Puppet Master, and most intelligent members of the establishment, take ZetaTalk very seriously, they do not necessarily presume it to be the outcome. Human scientists have many different opinions, and it is under heated debate. Perhaps the passage will be mild, barely causing earthquakes or high tides, for instance. Even with the geological record showing the devastation from past passages, some passages appear to be mild. The last passage, during the time of the Jewish Exodus, was mild, for instance.

Why is Oprah now saying she and Palin 'need each other' when previously Oprah refused to have her on the Oprah show?

They both want the spotlight. Oprah wants the ratings, and Palin wants speaking engagements and book sales.

Why did Obama jump on the H1N1 flu scare and announce how bad it was when its not?

Most nations, including the US, are under an agreement with the WHO to take certain steps when a pandemic is called. The WHO made the ridiculous decision to claim a pandemic even when it was obvious that the swine flu was milder than seasonal flues. Thus, some countries are going all out in preparations, and ordering mandatory vaccinations, while others are doing the least possible. Obama has set forth orders on what is to be done if extreme health emergencies emerge, such as orders on how to expand overrun hospitals. This does not mean he expects this to occur. He is just going through the motions of compliance with the US agreements with WHO.

What distracted the pilots so much that they forgot about the 140 passengers they had on the plane? They said they were on laptops. Really? [and from another] Do you know anything about the mysterious flight on Northwest airlines? I do not believe the pilots were asleep. The whole story sounds strange. Does this have anything to do with planet X?

What has been reported in the media is that the pilots could only be raised on the Denver frequency, so had not yet switched to the Minneapolis frequency prepatory for landing. This indicates something other than the explanation the pilots gave, that they were engrossed in scheduling their laptops, one pilot teaching the other computer software techniques. Were they doing this since Denver? They were asleep, though will not admit this.

Many fortunetellers (they are women often) and healers claim they are "hereditary". It seems that their "gift" is inherited genetically. Your comments ?

Telepathy is a heritable trait.

This large landslide of dry earth appears to be evidence of more crucial ground movement in the North Cascade Mountain range. The recent slide occurred 50 miles southeast, in a straight line, from the degrading Howard Hanson Dam, who's status was posted weeks earlier on this chat. The address bar linked to the article states "webmudslide11m.html" but I assure you no rain had fallen to cause mud. "Calling it a "rotational landslide," Washington State Patrol Sgt. Tom Foster said the blockage appears to be a result of earth shifting under the surface of the hillside -- and not a classic landslide." Today's article claims the state is monitoring adjacent slopes, worried about them collapsing, also. And just to round things out, the recent Labor Day repair of the San Francisco Bay Bridge crack failed this week. Can the Zetas tell us if these failures all related?

As we have stated, the N American continent is in a bow, pulling the tip of the Aleutian Islands toward the tip of Mexico. This is causing stress in San Diego and LA, where water main breaks have become an unending problem. This is also causing adjustments in the rock layers all up and down the West Coast, and inland. These incidences are indeed all related, and will get much worse before any significant adjustments in the rock are made by quakes.

Election Day in the United States is only three days away. Is election fraud perpetrated by the Republicans or others a possibility again this year? If so, are the Zetas and other aliens going to counter it as they did in the 2008 Presidential election?

To comment on this would be to tip off those who might be considering attempting such fraud. Since the Republicans have had such failures in 2006 and 2008, they are braced for failure, and disheartened. But there are always those among them who this they have found a way to avoid detection and correction.

I am asking whether the following is a hoax or a valid discovery. There are a couple of YouTube videos and the "translation" of five Sumerian tablets This is the opening statement: "Around June 12 of 2006, the 260th Quartermaster Battalion providing Petroleum Support Surveillance around Talil Air Force Base southeast of Baghdad uncovered a copper box containing a set of lapis lazuli tablets with Sumerian cuneiform embedded from within its layers. Without knowing quite what they were dealing with, a panel was assembled, in part, by at least the NSA, through the resources of both the US and British governments, to review the findings which were consequently flown out to the British Museum in London. The members were assured that yes, the finding would be shared with the rest of the world upon completion, but apparently, the governmental forces involved reneged. This is hardly surprising, but it angered those flown out to the British Museum to help out on the project, and a translation ended up surfacing in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Aleppo, Karachi, and Tangiers. Or so the story goes. In March of 2008, a YouTube video was posted by a member, helvis213, who stated that he heard about the finding and the assemblage of the panel initially from a friend who is a Near Eastern scholar at a prestigious university. After the translation of the tablets began to pop up in various locations, he took the incentive to put together a video to animate the story contained on the tablets as well as provide a voiceover of the text which was uncovered."

Close enough to the facts to be considered true, yes.

Understanding that repeating mistakes is part of the growth process, I sometimes get frustrated watching younger people I care about repeatedly make the same type of damaging choices over and over as though they enjoy wallowing in misery. They are very intelligent people yet their choices are so often self destructive and utterly bewildering. It made me wonder if higher density spirits - star children for instance - also have moments of exasperation, even anger, while they try to help a planet of younger souls?

Spirit Guides are aware that many, many lifetimes are involved in any spiritual growth, and accept this.

Yesterday the FBI disclosed that Cheney claimed to be totally innocent in the Valerie Plame case, that he had "no discussions" with Scooter Libby, etc. Do the Zetas anticipate we will finally see justice in the matter of this criminal and some of his cronies, before the poleshift?

Obama and his administration have a lot on their hands with current affairs, so chasing the prior administration to pin down their lies is not a high priority. The public generally considers Bush and Cheney to be liars, and this has gone a long way to devastating the GOP, which is in the toilet. Actual prosecution would not likely do more.

I understand your limitations and am not asking the following question as regards the Timeline, but more as it relates to giving us a better perspective. Even with your admitted manipulations we are still experiencing severe weather: long periods of rain, or drought, cooler than normal temperatures, a massive snowstorm in the Plains, etc. I'm not even speaking to the increased number of reported 6. and above magnitude quakes, i.e., in the Pacific. You've indicated that the seasons are being manipulated; to simulate what passes for as normal as possible. Where you not doing so, can you tell us what is it that we would otherwise be experiencing?

At first, when the Earth stopped in its orbit in December, 2003, the northern hemisphere would have had a winter that lasted for years. Then, as the Earth was pushed back into the September and toward the August position, it would be temperate, for years. But those plants that use the seasons to signal growth or rest would be confused, increasing crop failure beyond what the Earth experiences today.

Do you have a hierarchy in your species? Do you have persons that 'dictate orders' you need to follow? Up to now you've shown an idealistic society of civilizations and the C.O.W., but never mentioned how your own society is structured.

Leadership is by consensus of those led. Consulting others, via telepathy, is almost continuous. Where there is disagreement, broad consensus is reached by calling formal meetings, and even escalating to the Council of Worlds on serious disagreements between worlds or cultures. There is, thus, no dictator. Even the Council of Worlds is an elected body, and are a council of many.

Since you mention that you do not procreate through the sex act, but you said that you do get involved in these behaviours occasionaly, I just wonder, for what reason do you indulge yourself in such activity?Your projected image as a pure-logical species with advanced telepathy and a sense of collective conciousness is a bit in contrast to the above. Having in mind that this is something of no real use to your species but seems like a thing of temporary personal pleasure (which you renounce with your sayings), then why, even a few times, you indulge in this? Although this might seem as a ridicule question, it is not.

Are your sex acts strictly for selfish pleasure or procreation alone? Your question would imply that. If one member of your species has a sex drive, then love making with that member, whereby their sexual tension is relieved, is an act of love. This is why your species, homo sapiens, so often calls it love making, not sex.

Hi Nancy and Zetas. Was the initially reported meteorite strike in Latvia real or a hoax as it was later purported?

This was a hoax by film making students.

Any truth to the rumor that Obama and the military are at odds with each other?

Bush had such serious problems with the military, with his intent to engage in wars for his personal gain alone, that the military no longer considered him the official Commander in Chief. Obama, on the other hand, is considered their leader, by all factions of the military. Obama promised to end the war in Iraq and is in the process of doing so. He considered what his military advisers told him, but made his decisions based on many factors, only one of which was "military victory". This is also the case in Afghanistan. Obama is not committing troops for an all out "military victory" but seeking a broader cessation of hostilities. The US military itself is at odds over this matter. This is to be expected in a democracy.

Is there any truth to the entities called, "shadow people"?

Ghosts make themselves known to humans in many ways. They speak soul to soul with those they knew, so that the human sees the ghost in the form they remember. It is not that the ghost takes this form, but that the human envisions this to explain their sense that they are talking to an old friend or a family member. If a ghost is speaking to someone who did not know it in life, there is no human memory to be stirred to effect a vision to support the conversation. Thus, the ghost is seen as a shadow.

What's going on with the illness in the Ukraine with people coughing up blood that they are calling swine flu? Is it really?

The virulent version of the current H1N1 swine flu does cause the lungs of healthy young people to over-react in an immune response such that the individual's lungs fill with water. This was the situation during the 1918 pandemic. This current H1N1 is not as virulent, though was initially in Mexico where it was released by the bio-engineers who created it. Death from a strong immune system does not involve bleeding, usually, but can if the tissues ooze enough. However, there are other reasons for bleeding from the lungs, such as TB or lung cancer or hemorrhage viral infections or even the Black Plague, which is certainly still prevalent in Europe. Due to all the publicity about the swine flu, this is the first suspect, but not necessarily the culprit.

With Planet X moving closer, the magnetosphere acting up and more debris, can we also expect problems with petro chemicals forming and catching fire above certain volcanos before the shift or is this only a problem that occurs during the pole shift itself?

This will only occur during the pole shift itself. Firestorms require that the atmosphere be ripped away, so these petrochemicals in the tail cross over volcanoes at close range. This situation does not develop until the hour of the pole shift.

If there are so many humans not incarnated with a soul, why didn't a good number of them get a starchild volunteer, causing the STO percentage of Earth to be much higher? Is there a limit on how many can serve here for the transformation?

Serving as a Star Child is a choice of the soul taking this step. This determines how many are here, serving.

In a case of a volcanic eruption, how far from the volcano can lava flow? And where can I inquire about the wind blowing directions?

As a general guide, be 100 miles away from a volcano and not downwind from the volcano.

I have a feeling that things changed within the orbit since recently. Can I assume my feeling is right. Or is Planet X still inside Venus orbit?

Planet X has steadily been swinging its N Pole toward Earth, as evidenced by the increasing interference with the Earth's magnetic field. For the Earth's field to lose its S Pole, temporarily, or go into a twisted state, as has been evident during the past few weeks, means that Planet X is pointing its N Pole pretty consistently at the Earth or in that general direction. This is the change that has occurred recently.

Warm Greetings from Southeastern Asia to Nancy and the Zetas. During the Shift, what direction will the wind come from for China?

India will be moving toward the region of the current S Pole, toward Antarctica, so you can expect your wind to come from the south.

Were these Sumerian tablets that the military found suppose to be in their hands considering they would attempt to keep it from mankind?

At the time the Annunaki were on Earth, mining for Gold, they did not anticipate being quarantined from mankind and chased off the Earth. The reason the Maya had a calendar indicating the approximate time of the return of Nibiru was because the Annunaki shared their information with them. The Egyptians were privy to much information too, and certainly the ancient Sumerians were privy to their knowledge. The Annunaki were concerned their slaves not rebel, so did not want their technology in the hands of man, but were unconcerned about astronomical knowledge being shared. Thus, any new information found would not particularly disrupt the balance of power on Earth beyond what it already has. There will frankly be nothing new discovered. The elite on Earth know that Nibiru, Planet X, is in the inner solar system. Much of mankind is learning this via their own observations or Internet discussions or their contact with aliens who are relaying this to them.

Looks like serious crop shortages could hit in the US this year and next due to excessive rain, as the zetas predicted. Any coments?

When we predicted crop shortages due to weather problems, we did not quantify how great the shortages would be. We stated this would occur world wide, and be present 3 years before the pole shift. Just when the Earth's crop shortages qualified as being worldwide is open to dispute. Certainly there were signs this was the case to some degree back in 2000, and has been worsening every since. It has been over a year since the UN has admitted to these shortages, though this is a message that was to be banned, not admitted to the public, so just when the UN became aware of this situation is not known to the public. We will only say, at this time, that the situation will get worse. Grow your own gardens, save seed, and waste no more time in taking these steps!

How many real sparked souls are in-body on earth now?

We sated in the past that only about a billion of the 6 plus billion humans on Earth had reincarnating souls. This number hardly changes. For the number to increase would mean that many new souls are reincarnating for the first time, having been newly sparked! For every incarnation that ends, delivering a newly sparked soul, there is an incarnation that ends where a soul incarnates into a hybrid body or is carted off to a prison planet instead of being returned to Earth. Thus, the numbers have not changed much.

"Where the repulsion force comes to equal the force of gravity by the time the objects in play would make contact, it builds at a rate that differs from gravity. The repulsion force is infinitesimally smaller than the force of gravity, but has a sharper curve so that it equals the force of gravity at the point of contact." ../science/s34.htm Under those stated parameters, what caused PX to slow as it approached the Sun?

The hose of gravity particles emitted from the core of Planet X, encountering the hose of gravity particles emitted from the core of the Sun, when meeting each other head on, represented a force greater than the draw of gravity particles drifting toward the Sun falling on the far side of Planet X. In other words, as the article in the Science section of ZetaTalk states, the slow drift toward a gravity giant is countered by the explosion of gravity particles from that gravity center. When that occurs, the Repulsion Force has clicked in.