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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written October 17, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

I am very curious about Bush 41's invitation to Obama to speak at Texas A&M. I can't help thinking the Spider issued the invitation to the Fly. Shades of Dallas, Nov '63? Or some serious brown-nosing on the part of Poppy, trying to curry favor with the 'teacher's pet'? [and from another] Obama, Bush Sr Urge Community Service [Oct 16] Calling public service "the essence of our liberty," President Barack Obama on Friday urged Americans to step up and volunteer in their communities. The event was hosted by former President George H.W. Bush at Texas A&M University. Bush was the first president to create a permanent White House office dedicated to promoting volunteerism. The forum was affiliated with the Points of Light Institute, which honors people and groups who participate in community service. Bush first spoke of the "thousand points of light" in his acceptance speech at the 1988 Republican convention.

Obama is being protected by more than the Secret Service, else he would have been dead long before winning the presidency. Obama would be acting counter to his bipartisan pitch to ignore the invitation, so this was almost a sure bet by George Herbert Bush. Obama also encourages public service, another of his pitches. Then stands the issue of an invitation coming from a former president, which gives it standing above others. So was this a planned assassination attempt? It was primarily an attempt to put the GOP in a good light, as they have been a PR disaster lately, making endless mistakes. The GOP has shrunk to a radical base, where the Democrats have gained in numbers, per recent polls. Of course there are those who are constantly hoping Obama will be killed, but this is not a prime GOP push. The lineup of who would replace Obama - Biden, then Pelosi, etc. - is such that Obama's demise would not result in an instant improvement.

Even today scientists don't know who Zoroaster was, and where he came from. Do Zetas know where came he from?

It is well known that the story of a coming Mesiah was prevalent in Persia and the Middle East long before the days of Christ, and many of these prophecies or reports included a virgin birth. Just as the story of severe cataclysms, occurring around this time frame, are prevalent worldwide in prophecy, this is due to clues given to mankind by visitors. Humans who were contactees would be told of a coming Mesiah, so they would anticipate the real thing when encountered, as they eventually did when they encountered Jesus. There were many who tried to fill these shoes before his time, however, or were ascribed to be the Mesiah predicted by a yearning populace.

What kind of connection exists between God and human beings?

As we have repeatedly stated, we do not know what God is any more than humans do, nor do we know his plan. Since we do not know what God is, we can hardly describe a connection to humans. It is our understanding that humans in prayer are not talking to God, but if anything having a conference with other spirits.

I want to dig out a little pond on my land and place a ship in it and would live in the ship. Would be such house earthquake resistant?

Not a bad idea and not the first to think of it.

If you state that Dark Twin exists then it must cause perturbation of asteroids. There is no such effect. Any comments?

How would you know if the asteroids are perturbed or not? Many are tracked by NASA, thousands in fact, and many of these are listed on their websites. Just what do you supposed is causing surprise asteroids these days, which sling too close to the Earth and are announced only at the last minute? Can you not put two and two together? How is it that NASA fails to realize their new orbits until it is almost upon them? Perturbations, and other disturbances they do not take into account.

Do the elite not see the benefit of a partial disclosure of Planet X in the form of " there is a possibility of Planet X and a shift a la the Bible and other prophesies". Such a limited disclosure is the win win as people who are mature can be informed to take whatever steps they feel are appropriate, the insecure can still deny and the elite get additional info from the zetas/council by disclosing? What am I missing with this scenario?

Such disclosure is already being made, by the History Channel and various 2012 discussions. But they have until lately avoided a discussion of a passing planet, and they certainly have avoided any exposure to the ZetaTalk message. Thus, it remains a story only, and not a warning. ZetaTalk has the ring of truth, has the accuracy track record, has proof of the presence of Planet X, all rolled into one on its website. Thus the endless debunking campaign, the attempts to discredit, as this is the full knowledge the elite do not want the public to have, as yet.

Greetings from Amursk! Could not tell you, Planet X has already fallen outside the limits an orbit plane mercury? Whether there is it in a plane of an orbit of Venus?

Planet X was never inside the orbit of Mercury, but was inside the orbit of Venus. At this distance from the Sun it traveled from one side of the Sun to the other, and is now outbound. It stopped the Earth in its tracks in December, 2003, when the Earth was on the Orion side of the Sun. The Earth has since been pushed back to almost the August position since then, by the progress of Planet X rounding the Sun.

I am not going to travel in space and I know that the following question is a question on an abstract theme, but nevertheless I ask you to answer. I know that because of balance gravitational and forces of pushing away of a galaxy are built on static distance from each other in space, but tell, considering your possibility of movement with a velocity of light, tell you when you kept away on huge distance from galaxies did not notice in the distance that billions galaxies united and formed something like a separate sphere? Too most concerns other galaxies. That is I suspect that groups of billions galaxies form the sphere form - and in space of such separate spheres set and they are divided by black emptiness. That is when you keep away from a star you see that stars unite in galaxies, and I suspect that if further away to leave that it is possible to see as galaxies unite in spheres, whether so it? Whether simply tell saw you something similar?

Spheres are formed where the attraction and repulsion are fairly even within the matter trapped in the region. This is not always the case, as some matter is unevenly distributed in a galaxy, so something other than a sphere develops due to this uneven pull or push.

On the US dollar demise. Is the Puppet Master going to use his influence to help the dollar?

This is what he has been doing! Funds in the Federal Reserve allow the US to live in debt, and avoid simply printing money to get by. Where do you think those funds come from?

The reptilian races in the past - Ural mountains and Stonehenge - why did they leave 3rd Density?

This intelligent reptilian race, which resided on Earth long before man was genetically engineered into his current form, are no longer residing on the surface of Earth, but are still here. Recall that we described a reptilian race that lived in underground waterways, just as the Men-in-Black live in caverns below ground on Earth.

What progression in numbers will we be at (6-10) when the New Madrid plate adjusts? Will it be closer to now or closer to the PS whenever that is?

We are not allowed to clue you in as to the timeline, and that includes the timelines of any significant quakes. Sequence, steps, that sort of thing is allowed. Not timeline clues.

The Indo-Australian plate is still active. I read that there have been another quake in the Samoa area. And when I look at the IRIS site I notice that there is a lot of active. The Zetas have mentioned that the Indo-Australian quake is the brake point. What is going on now since compass readings are also point to a wobble that is more active. Could the Zetas say something about this withouth being specific about a time and date. Are we on the verge of a more severe wobble soon or is something else going right now?

Since it is the brake point, it will be more active almost all the time. We cannot of course give any clues beyond that. We stated at the time, at the end of September, that this was a preview of the time when the Earth would be in a severe wobble. You are asking us to tell you if we are on a verge of a severe wobble! How is that not revealing the timeline, if there were true?

I would like to know what can Zetas say to those who have some fear giving the Call, and making contact with extraterrestials.

Many fear giving the Call, because it is such a big step and they will be there alone. How many humans venture alone into unknown territory? Even combat, the military, is a team venture. Beyond masturbation, sex is a team venture, as you are not alone in the act. But stepping up to meet aliens, who might come in any kind of form, is done alone, and without the proof required to get sympathy from others after the act. There is nothing to say but what the evidence relays. Many people are reporting contact, and have not been hurt. Muster up the courage and do it.

I've been reading about the antibiotic properties of Oregeno oil as preliminary studies indicate some broad spectrum antibacterial properties effective on some antibiotic resistance strains of bacteria. Sounds like a good product to have in the aftertime to treat infections if this is true. What is the zeta's opinion of Oregeno oil?

A good plant to have in one's garden, indeed.

Just asking. 97 year old female wanting to die. Blind and deaf. So why am I still alive?

Because of good genetics and someone bringing you food several times a day.

Why would Bush 41 want to improve the GOP image at the portals of a PS, himself knowing of this impending catastrophe?

Bush 41 does not know the date, and thus he hopes to gain power for himself by bringing the Congress back into Republican hands via the 2010 election, or at least block the Obama agenda in the Senate.

When the elites or the powers that be are given information on Planet X by the few in the know, what kind of timeline are they being given for the flyby of earth?.

They have their scientists, and get varying opinions. Since mankind is scarcely beyond the days when they thought the Earth was flat, they are hopelessly amiss in their guesses. Opinions differ. Dates are set and passed. Planet X behaves in ways not anticipated. Much screaming and yelling and getting drunk.

I understand that the Zetas have offered a lift to temporary safety for selected Service-to-Other humans during the Pole Shift but that most of these STO people have turned down the offer. I imagine STO beings like President Obama and members of his Administration who are critical to rebuilding life in the Aftertime are among these individuals. If these key humans remain on 3rd-density Earth during the shift, are the Zetas still somehow able to protect them -- keep their shelters from falling down around them and protect their emergency equipment and supplies, for example? If the Zetas are in fact able to protect certain STO humans remaining on 3rd-density Earth during the shift, how do the Zetas select these humans?

We know who is Service-to-Other, as their souls contain a record of every act they have ever taken, every action they contemplated, and souls can be read. This is an instant recognition, in fact, when one Service-to-Other soul encounters another. During the hour of the shift, there will be no communication, thus whether those who are in the White House are sitting in their chairs or elsewhere would not be known. Satellites will be torn from the sky, static in any land lines left intact, and every human able to do nothing beyond crouch and hope. In the event that a Service-to-Other human accepting our offer is in a room with others who are not Service-to-Other or who have not accepted the offer, then screen memories are projected to those other individuals. This is done during contact today, so that someone can have missing time. No big deal.

Since humans will soon be returning to a lifestyle that compares with the early 1900s, on a scale of 1-10 how would the health and vitality of the average person today compare with the average person in around 1900.

Comparable, except for the lack of exercise. Most humans today have been better fed, and thus do not have weak bones. Most have gotten antibiotics for infections, so do not have the organ damage or scar tissue that resulted from infections in the past. This is offset by the lack of exercise, so that muscle tone, strength, and endurance are affected.

No offense. I'm not a wannabe debunker and I am getting my family ready for the coming changes, so can you please take the time to respond? I still don't understand how is it that humans are too young to decide our own future, but higher density beings can create us and improve upon us like an experiment? I don't fear what I don't know, so if I will incarnate as a squid, or hybrid, or whatever? I probably wouldn't be totally aware of my past lives anyway during my next incarnation? So it's very important for me, and maybe to others that are reading,to better understand how these decisions take place? Who improves the Zetas? You say, you can travel into the future? Explain how can you know the future of humans, when you don't know what more exist beyond your universal realms? Is the future just on our side of the "known" universe?

We are predicting the coming pole shift, as we have explained in the ZetaTalk body, because we have seen prior pole shifts, and can compute the trajectory of Planet X, understanding the factors at play. If your 2 year old asked you to explain why you can say the Sun will come up tomorrow morning, what would you say to him? You are squawking about your lack of control over your destiny. This is not something that squawking will change. You are an infant. Do you allow your infant to dictate his day?

Regarding "Cryonics - the practice of freezing the body of a person who has died from a disease in hopes of restoring life at some future time when a cure for the disease has been developed." Question for Zetas: Can a cryogenically preserved human be brought back to life? If humans can actually preserve somebody, what percentage of today's stockpile of cryogenically preserved humans do the Zetas think will be revived to continue their life as hoped?

No, and zero.

Today's sunset was weird, showing a pillar of red light above the sinking sun. Any explanations?

Light pillars are a phenomena long known and seen. These are ice crystals in the atmosphere in the direction of view, scattering the light.

What will happen to the world's nuclear facilities during the Pole Shift? Will the Zetas or other aliens ensure that these high-risk facilities do not have meltdowns or leaks?

This is in the hands of man but also in the hands of benign aliens. We are encouraging those with any influence over those who operate nuclear facilities to educate them about the coming times, so these facilities are shut down correctly in the last weeks. Such shutdowns occur automatically when quakes and the like affect them. But beyond what humans can achieve, there will be intervention.

Could you please give us the Zetas take on what this "Balloon Boy" family is all about.

The evidence, discussed in the media, shows what this was all about. The father had ambitions for a TV show, and had failed on all his former attempts. The father enjoyed concocting hoaxes, putting them as entertainment on YouTube videos, as a means of selling his ability to host an entertaining show. A recent 911 call showed the father had struck his wife, who called and canceled her 911 call. Thus, the children had seen their father's rage when his ambitions were thwarted. Both boys were coached, and when the youngest faltered he became sick with fear. This has come to the attention of child protective services. This story is scarcely over. More drama yet, but not any that will further the father's ambitions.

Could the Zetas give some advice to keep our immune system healthy during and after the pole shift. Is it advisable to get vaccinations against certain illnesses like tetanus before hand or are there better ways? Should we look into what nature will offer?

Common sense should prevail. Obviously, after the pole shift, herbal medicines will be available where modern pharma will not. Matters like getting dentures to replace rotting teeth or an adult getting themselves sterilized so unplanned babies do not result should be done sooner rather than later, when these steps may not be possible.

I am confused on whether Wind Turbines will work after the shift or not as I thought all electronics will be fried whether on or off.

It is not something like wire wrapped around a magnet that will be affected by the occasional electromagnetic pulse. It is delicate boards inside computers or radios or televisions and this like. The basic operation of turning blades generating a current, or battery operation, will not be affected.

You had mentioned something about a lack of oxygen during the pole shift. Can you please explain more?

Oxygen can be depleted in the atmosphere here and there during the pole shift, due to firestorms, but this is not extensive. We have stated that those in trenches, under a sod covered board or tin roof, will not have a lack of oxygen, even though the trench is open to the air. This is because the lack of oxygen snuffs the fire, so the oxygen outside of the immediate firestorm is not affected.

On this page, the "Zetas" give specific parameters for the strength of the alleged repulsion force. ../science/s34.htm "Where the repulsion force comes to equal the force of gravity by the time the objects in play would make contact, it builds at a rate that differs from gravity." "The repulsion force is infinitesimally smaller than the force of gravity, but has a sharper curve so that it equals the force of gravity at the point of contact." Under those stated parameters, what caused PX to slow as it approached the Sun?

What caused Planet X to slow as it approached the Sun? Because the hose of gravity particles coming from the Sun encountered the hose of gravity particles coming from the center of Planet X, and this was greater than the slow pull of gravity particles pulling Planet X toward the Sun. As is said in great detail in our Repulsion Force article you are quoting.

How does this affect Europe. In Europe we have the Euro. Does the 'power' of the Puppet Master reach beyond the US? As the House of Rothchild comes from Europe for what I know.

The influence of the Puppet Master is far outside of the US Federal Reserve. His influence is beyond the imagination of most, who think the House of Rothchild is his domain. The House of Rothchild is merely a way of giving those with a Puppet Master in their ancestry an allowance.

You, "Zetas", stated around March of 2004 that the Dark Twin would soon become visible. However, you (or Nancy) has also stated that the Dark Twin was only visible when first coming out from behind the Sun. I can find quotes if you like, but why is it claimed that it can't be seen now after it being claimed that it would become visible after the three month point after Earth halt. Those claims don't agree at all. Correction: Maybe it was March of 2003? At any rate, it was some three months after the claimed Earth-halt.

It was March of 2004, and photos from that time, and reports from those who saw a blue/yellow object in the sky after dusk, confirm that it was visible at that time. It is a black object, and thus does not reflect light well. But when the angle was right, during that brief window, it was photographed and seen in the skies.

I know you often answer many questions through Zeta. I have a request that is a bit different, if you please. Would the Zetas like to make a current comment to those who are willing to listen (read)? Not an answer to a question but rather an update statement regarding the current status of PX, Earth and the changes we are facing. Surely the Zetas have something to say.

The rules require us to communicate with mankind only in response to a request, a question, which is a type of Call.

Last chat you mentioned that vaccine's are dangerous, how are they dangerous?

The dangers of vaccines are well known by man, and thoroughly discussed on the Internet. While trying to stimulate the immune system, vaccines can also stimulate an autoimmune response. This is the basis for the increased incidence of Guillian Barre syndrome after vaccinations, and the basis for increased autism in youngsters. Autism is caused in part by an immune response of the mother to the infant in her womb, due to stress and tension in the mother. This tendency is heritable, so the infant can develop autoimmune responses to its own brain tissue too.

Can the Earth's strata shake with regularity as experienced in Newport, MN lately? "Homeowner Crystal Oswald tells KARE-TV that almost every day she and six of her neighbors feel tremors at their home at dinner-time, and then overnight at 1:30, 3:30, 4:30 and 5:30 a.m. Doors rattle, drawers shake, bed frames vibrate, and the homeowners hear a beating noise."

We have explained how the Earth wobble was initially caused by Planet X grabbing at the Atlantic Rift, which is a surface magnet. It then developed into a polar wobble, with the N Pole being pushed away. Both these causes are still in effect. When the Atlantic Rift is tugged, it holds the rotation of the Earth back temporarily, in a jerking fashion. Newport is sensing this jerking.

Is the hybrid program only in association of Zeta's and their volunteers? Are there other programs unfolding with other ET groups, STO groups, that are here now? Will the same senario's predicted, per Zetas, of earth changes, pole shifts, and movement into 4D and survival mode express itself in other ET groups futures as is forecast by Zetas? If a human has no memory of abductions, never seen a UFO, but yet a believer, does this mean one is not a part of Zeta work but perhaps some other? Will the STO play out in a different way?

There is a common program, even though other alien groups may relay a slightly different message to their contactees. Some aliens groups do not wish to be the bearer of bad tidings, so they soften the description of what is coming, skipping to the end to describe a better time on Earth afterwards. Some humans, valid contactees and channels, do not want to hear the message being delivered, so soften this themselves. Likewise, there are those who claim to carry forth a message from aliens who are simply stage hogs, wanting the attention, and lying to get it. They are not contactees nor do they channel a message. The hybrid program involves only ourselves, the Zetas, though there have been many contributors to mankind's development in the past.

The Planet X is approaching from Sun side per zetas. Does Planet X by the time it will become visible to anyone, will keep to be at Sun side as well? Which pole is going to be attracted byPlanet X, North or South? What will be the stopping angle? Can you name a city (or geographic zone) which will be closest to the side of the rotation? (I mean with the higher speed.)

Planet X does not change its position in the line of view from the Earth to the Sun during the last weeks. It remains slightly to the right, and seems to be coming at the Earth from the Sun. Planet X causes the pole shift by pointing its N Pole at the Earth, tipping the N Pole of Earth away. The Atlantic Rift will be facing Planet X during rotation stoppage.