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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 5, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat. Knighton Hill, nr Wayland Smithy, Oxfordshire. Reported 29th August.

This beautiful design is yet another depiction of the clash between the retrograde (clockwise) orbit of Planet X with the (counterclockwise) orbit of Earth, and the retrograde rotation of Planet X with the (counterclockwise) rotation of Earth. This clash is accentuating.

Is there any news about advancement of Planet X?

Planet X is outbound from the Sun, coming toward Earth. It has both a retrograde orbit, which clashes with the orbit or Earth, and a retrograde rotation, which likewise clashes with the rotation or Earth. The Earth's orbit is halted, because Planet X stood in its way. Earth is being gradually pushed back from the December position, where it was halted in December of 2003, to the normal August location. In addition to approaching Earth from the direction of the Sun, Planet X is also pointing its N Pole toward Earth, causing a more violent wobble when the Americas face the Sun and the approaching Planet X. Magnetic problems are occurring on Earth, as a result.

Why do Service-to-Self individuals exist in the 4th density? Isn't the 4th density for more spiritually evolved entities? Do 4th-density STS entities and 4th-density STO entities live together on the same planets, or are they segregated onto different planets?

We have explained in exquisite detail how Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self entities are separated when in densities higher than 3rd Density. They only interact under agreed upon circumstances, for a limited or unlimited engagement. This is outlined in the Rules section of ZetaTalk.

Recently one French scientist did an amazing discovery when researching the skeleton of Napoleon I. He found a tiny metal plate inside the emperor's skull, and, having analysed it, he considered it to be a microchip - transmitter of electric impulses to brain and heart! He thought that was a bright example of how aliens intruded human life putting implants to some people. How can Zetas comment such case?

He is assuming this was an implant, and not a result of an accident, which it was. Most shrapnel is not removed from the body, nor is this necessary for the body to live.

Can the zetas comment on the recent press and public service announcements concerning "preparing for disaster"? Are we inching a bit closer to this type of limited disclosure?

Yes, this is exactly what is happening. However, the public will always take this to be earthquake or flood preparedness, not preparation for a devastation as large as the coming pole shift. Thus, this limited disclosure is meaningless.

What is behind china's recent statement that they may default on certain commodities contracts?

The housing bubble in the US was packaged as A1 quality commodities, when it was based on many worthless mortages. The mortgages were chopped up into pieces so it was impossible for those buying these commodities to check its worth. Thus, the buyer trusted the US bankers, and by this the US banking system. A compliant Bush administration looking the other way in order to project a healthy economy allowed this to happen. The crash in the fall of 2008 would have occurred much earlier had this not been the case. China is just doing turn around, fail play. Why should they honor fraud?

The Chinese are defaulting on financial derivatives and changing rules on derivatives. This will absolutely sink the US economy. How long, Zetas, until the US economy devolves into chaos and pockets of open revolt begin to spread into general revolution?

We are periodically asked this question and the answer is always the same. We have predicted limited banking hours, price freezes, and other means of preventing an economic breakdown. Rebellion is also unlikely to happen, as what could be gained?

If you give a Call asking to get a profit for yourself, you will contact STS aliens. If you think about others - STO aliens. But what happens when I give a call thinking about myself and wanting to get some profit for me - for example, to improve my health - considering that this very profit will help others ? So, can I ask "the highets power" for something better for me, thinking that having got it I will be more useful to others ?

If you are concerned about yourself in your Call, this is a Service-to-Self call, no matter how you might wrap your desires.

Hello to all of the Kursk! Question: That spirit can with the imagination and willpower to create any objects, but they will only exist in the world of spirits, but as a living person to make a similar, but the material?

Spirits cannot create spiritual or physical objects at will, nor can a physical body alter the physical realm at will.

What can Zetas say about photo cameras, that can make a photo of human aura ?

Cameras were developed to register the light range that the human eye can register. Humans are aware of infrared light, ultraviolent light and the like, and have goggles and cameras to record these spectrums also. But the aura has not been registered by human cameras, nor can most humans see an aura, though some can.

What causes people to feel light headed in the presence of blood, even the thought of someone injured? Is it related to previous lives experiences, and can it be controlled?

The faint, as we have explained, is to simulate death so a predator is less likely to eat the fainted one. Likewise, becoming lightheaded in the presence of blood is similar to a faint. This is a matter of evolution, as these responses allowed early man to survive attack and live to later propagate his genes.

Do the powers that be hate the internet?

The Internet is not so much hated as feared by the establishment. It has become a tool of commerce and business, as well as government functions, and thus cannot simply be shut down without a horrific impact on the economy. This would be akin to martial law, and not be sustainable. Thus, they are stuck with the Internet which disseminates information almost instantly, going viral as the saying goes. They have countered the information that is a threat to their control by disseminating disinformation, but this practice has been recognized and is easily identified by the common man. Only those highly gullible and easily lead are fooled by disinformation.

Without disclosing 'what Obama is thinking', do the zetas foresee the administration making a move towards either disclosure or overt preparation for the poleshift sometime before the end of this calendar year? People are seeing highway signs marked "Containment Area", plus all the railroad cars that were supposedly built to house human prisoners are being shuttled around, plus the recently-disclosed announcement that nuclear materials are in fact transiting around the country in 18-wheeled tractor-trailers. Thinking the government is about to do 'something' to them is a reasonable reaction to these signs, whether they're ignorant hatemongers at tea parties and town halls or rational middle-of-the-road centrists. What do the zetas have to say about these signs and portents of things to come?

These rumors and signs are nothing new! We have addressed this in the past, explaining that the US government, the US military, fears their own soldiers, not so much the citizen. Soldiers can revolt, and they are armed. They fear a coup, a rebellion. Whether Obama will disclose the alien presence or the presence of Planet X is in the hands of man, and likewise violates our rule of honoring his request that we not splay his thoughts out for the public to read every Saturday night.

What do the zetas see coming out of the health-care face-off? Will the squeakiest wheels and the corporate lobbyists, in their unholy alliance, win the day? Or will the people elected to reform the system actually get something worthwhile passed, something that will include a so-called "public option"?

This is in the hands of man, in fact, in the hands of many men and women, and thus is impossible to predict.

I was wondering if you could tell me why there has been a significant increase in differential between day and night temperatures, discounting lake effect which has been increasing every year.

We stated last January, 2009 that winters and summers would be cooler for the northern hemisphere, because the magnetic N Pole of Earth would be pushed away from the Sun, consistently, until the last weeks, the time of the pole shift. The wobble has thus changed as it is seldom that the magnetic N Pole of Earth gets a push, but when it does, it is a violent push. Cool air pulled over land thus cools the land, but is countered when the Sun is up during the day.

This question is mostly about the soul and how they grow. Ted Kennedy, did his accidents have anything to do with the fact that he felt so strongly about health care? Unless I'm wrong I believe he spent months not mobile with a broken back. Things like that are very traumatic, in a way that people can't relate unless they've experienced something similar, and keeps a person very aware of the pains others are going through every minute of everyday.

Personal experiences always influence a human and the incarnating soul during an incarnation, but it was not his personal experiences that motivated him. One only has to look at the many countries that treat all their citizens, humanely, to see the glaring discrepancy the US presents. A huge percentage of US citizens are uninsured and face personal bankruptcy if any serious illness presents. His stage was in the Senate, which has tried many times to correct this discrepancy and failed. It was a natural fit for a lion of the Senate.

What kind of actions do the zetas foresee the coverup artists using to keep the ignorant public confused? Will there be more "whistleblowers" directed towards outlets such as Project Camelot that are designed to mislead us, based on the black compartments used by the cabal to keep even their own minions from guessing the truth about the alien presence? Or will there be more truthful mini-disclosures?

We do not predict that the minions of the establishment who spread disinfo and attack the truth and truth sayers to ease up or go away until the last weeks, or close to that time. They are well paid, and those employing them have ample funds. It will be when all are in panic, that those who were so employed will stop worrying about a pay check or bonus and start to worry about their sorry necks. In the meantime, the disinfo continues, though it looks increasingly ridiculous in light of the Earth changes and recent signs in the sky.

Is opening the chakras with exercises positive thing or is "skipping" the 3rd density lesson?

Focusing on the self, as in staring at your navel or concentration on your physical sensations or abilities will bring you nil progress in your spiritual life. Why should it? It is absorption with the self!

The "Paul is dead" is one of the long lasting urban legends alleging that Paul McCartney of The Beatles died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-alike and sound-alike. Considering the complexity of the replacement of this very famous person, an alien intervention /help (walk-in, cloning, time travel etc.) could be the only explanation possible. Are the Zeta allowed to comment on this?

Paul is dead and all else is mere entertainment. Elvis is dead. Michael Jackson is dead. Give it up and move on.

How many people were lost by our planet because of WWII? (Operations and their consequences)? 55 mln. is the number from statistics, but it is made by people.

What is often not counted are the citizens who simply do nor flourish during wartime, die of treatable illnesses, starve to death, or allow themselves to slip away because life is so grim, etc. A census is not taken during war time when people are fleeing and moving to other countries. The Iraq war lists only troops lost, or outright deaths being brought to morgues after bombing raids - tens of thousands. Yet more accurate counts put the Iraqi dead at a million, which is closer to the truth. WWII devastated many countries, and ran on for years. The numbers are high, rather than low.

Why did Ted Kennedy go out of his way in his memoirs to say he believed the "lone gunman" explanation that Oswald - acting alone - killed his brother JFK? Why lie about such a thing?

Those cooperating with a cover-up are doing so because they want to live, want to have a positive effect in some way on the lives of others, and feel their rebellion, their insistance on the truth, would not make a difference.

The space shuttle Discovery STS-128 finally lifted off after having some problems last friday. Just coincidence?

Aliens have not interfered with the shuttle since Columbia exploded in the sky upon reentry.

What's the current stance of most countries in Europe on the earth changes and the pole shift? I remember from previous ZetaTalk that some countries were in the know about this. Did this amount change or at it still the same countries with the others expecting that something is wrong. The goverment of the country I live in (The Netherlands) act like nothing is going on. Is this an act or do they really don't know. As the Netherlands usualy have a strong bond with the USA.

Even though the Earth changes have increased, and even though Planet X has returned to visibility in the skies, this has not increased to the extent that heads of state might react differently than they have in the past. It seems theoretically possible for a passage to cause nothing more than high tides and strong earthquakes. Thus, they are holding to the hope that the explanation they have been given is correct, not wanting to rock the boat. It will be when it is obvious that the explanation they have been given is incorrect that heads of state will change policy, or others involved in the coverup will break ranks and blurt out the truth to the populace.

How can one be sure that in the aftertime his or her community consist of only those who are Service to Other or leaning into that direction?

You cannot be certain, as many in the Service-to-Self lie, and lie effectively. They assume the behavior of a Service-to-Other person, and though this is an act, they can act effectively because they are not distracted by empathy or caring. They thus seem calm, while a Service-to-Other person might be very emotional. It is only by assigning them tasks that would be unpleasant or require them to put on an empathetic act for a long length of time that their true nature emerges. They would try to avoid or delegate unpleasant tasks, and would be too cold when empathy and caring are called for.

The Rhine is a large river that stems in Switzerland and flows to Luxembourgh, Germany and the Netherlands. In which way will this river be affected by the increased wobble?

An increased wobble will affect all waters of the world, and to reveal just what river will have a backwash would be to reveal what the wobble will do next, or during the period of time we have described as being an "increased wobble". An extreme wobble will at the least create a great deal of sloshing, and this wobble is likely to be erratic. Where do you suppose the waters pooled around the Equator will go, for instance, when the lean to the left is fully in effect? How will the Moon pull on the oceans during this time, and where will the Moon be?

Why does it feel so good to do "acts of kindness" no matter how simple? With the world going so crazy, will people begin to care for each other more?

We have predicted that polarizing will occur as the times get tense, so that those already in the Service-to-Other will rise to the occasion. But likewise, those already in a determined Service-to-Self stance will become more hardened, feeling insecure. Those who are undecided are unlikely to make much progress in either directions during times of chaos. We have predicted that polarizing will occur as the times get tense, so that those already in the Service-to-Other will rise to the occasion. But likewise, those already in a determined Service-to-Self stance will become more hardened, feeling insecure. Those who are undecided are unlikely to make much progress in either directions during times of chaos.

How an entity qualifies for being in the Council? Is not this a way of STS after all, a hierarchy ?

The Council is a meeting place where representatives of various worlds can meet. Unlike the elections on Earth, where representatives do not represent the will of those they are to represent, these highly Service-to-Others entities carry forward their elected responsibilities. At times individuals from their worlds are allowed to present a case. On Earth, representatives seek to agrandize themselves, collect power and chits, and lie to those who elected them. This is not the case at the Council of Worlds. Even those who sit on the Council are fully elected, where every vote counts and none are disenfranchised.

Does the soul know when it's accomplished what it came to do in this life time? Or is the learning ongoing throughout life. Does the soul ever (if the current life lesson is learned), just relax and enjoy this incarnation?

There is never a single lesson to be learned, and any soul that is leaning toward the Service-to-Other would not waste time just relaxing.

I was wondering if the Zetas could tell me what the crystal skulls were used for and who made them. I tried to find info on them on your website, but no luck. Thank you and much love and peace to you.

As with other alien artifacts, crystal skulls have various meanings. They were indeed communication devices. We have explained that tetrahedral crystals on the Moon and Mars were communication devices for the Annunaki. The skull alone, without others set to receive or send messages, is meaningless and only represents the shape of an alien head. Man cannot utilize the communication facility that the skulls proffer, though man has certainly tried.

I understand that organized religion, such as the Catholicism of 3rd-density Earth, does not exist in 4th-density STO worlds. Can the Zetas comment upon what type of spirituality does exist?

It certainly does not involve a set of rules, not parking ones brains at the door to accept whatever dogma is handed out. Higher density Service-to-Other societies encourage thinking and exploration.

What differences are there when a human consciously interacts with a Zeta versus a hybrid? Would it feel more familiar in a sense interacting with a hybrid because they are like Zeta-Human children?

Contactees who have interacted with both a full-blood Zeta and the hybrids will tell you that there is no discernable difference in communications. This is because all are intent upon the task at hand, not trivial differences.

I've been a long time fan and have read much of your website. I recently joined AA and started attending meeting 3-5 time a week to eliminate my problem with drinking alcohol. I quickly realized that I can help others with this problem once I have a good track record. Can the zetas please comment on the 12 steps of AA? Please add any important advice for those in the world that need to stop drinking. It seems that STO activity is a big part of it. The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous:
1. We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.
2. Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
3. Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
6. Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
7. Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
9. Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
11. Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to alcoholics and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Of course the secret to avoiding an obsession with the self is to concentrate on others. Many alcoholics drink because they are punishing themselves over perceived guilt, and among the 12 steps are steps to rid the drinker of that perception. Many alcoholics or drug addicts are also frankly out of control, due to their physical addiction, and are comforted by the thought that another, in a parent position, will be assisting them.

Do the Zetas acknowledge the "Law of Attraction" as being a universal law? It states the which is like unto itself, vibrationally, is drawn.

We have often described, when detailing how subatomic particles interact, how particles of a similar nature want to clump together yet abhor crowding. This is certainly true of magnetic particles, and gravity particles and light particles. This is not to say that any "law" that man enunciates is correct. Just that the concept does occur in the physical world.