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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written June 27, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

4-Story Fort Greene Building Collapses
[Jun 21] A four-story Brooklyn building recently cited for a long crack in its facade dramatically collapsed this afternoon, stunning onlookers and spurring the evacuation of five nearby buildings. The building's owner, William Sang, showed up at the scene right before the collapse after a tenant called to report falling items in his apartments. The building's upper three floors contained apartments housing five tenants in all, while the ground floor had been occupied by a popular watering hole, Vesper Bar and Lounge. Sang was quick to blame the owner of the adjacent building, pointing out that right before the collapse yesterday there had workers doing repairs on the other building's façade. .However, the Building Department inspectors had written up Sang's building on May 1 for shaking and a crack measuring one-half inch to one-inch that ran from the first to third floor. The crack's been there for 10 years. The building has been shaking for past six months.

All buildings settle, and most develop cracks in the paster or the brick or mortar façade showing that settling has occurred. Homes or buildings where the foundation is on ground that can transmit vibrations due to water in the soil will jiggle or shake if a quake or heavy rail or road traffic initiates those vibrations. The ability of a home or building to jiggle or shake, rather than resist vibrations, is actually a sign the building will withstand an earthquake, as the tree that bends stands in a windstorm while the tree that is rigid will crack. This Brooklyn building, by the crack, showed that the ground under the building was unstable, as it had settled in the past. It was not on solid rock. We predicted years ago that incidences of imploding buildings would begin to occur, where the substructure would simply give way so the building had no support. This is one such incidence. The substrata dropped under the building, destabilizing it to the point where the building fell in upon itself, and suddenly. That the basement floor and walls had dropped may or may not be reported in the media. The truth may be killed by the cover-up over the various Earth changes caused by the presence of Planet X. The ground is moving, heaving and dropping, increasingly. Below Milk Hill (3), nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 21st June.

This crop circle depicts the 5.9 days of rotation stoppage, which ends in a 90 degree crustal shift during the hour of the pole shift. Planet X approaches in a retrograde orbit, coming at the Earth from a clockwise direction during the passage. This is shown by the clockwise lines swinging into the crustal shift. Pressure builds during this 6.9 day stoppage, represented by the increasing size of the orbs over this time period, and the magnetic push behind this increase as represented by the material added on the second day. The Earth appears to be almost in a pincer during this time, which it is. It has the dictates from the Sun, and the dictates from Planet X, to which it finally succumbs.

Greetings from Kursk to all! Question one: If a person tries to telepathic anything to convey the spirit of a deceased person, then whether he has, and how to achieve a positive result?

Since the spirit of a deceased person does not have a physical brain, telepathy will not be the route. Mediums are not talking via telepathy, but soul-to-soul. The soul of the medium then updates the physical brain of the body it is incarnating, and the message is thus delivered.

Greetings from Amursk! Our questions to Zetas for today: At us in the Far East Russia a week it is raining and cloudy. It is a sign of the general cold snaps the Earth? It is a situation will worsen?

We have stated the generally colder seasons for the northern hemisphere will be the norm until the last weeks, yes.

Martinsell Hill, nr Wootton Rivers, Wiltshire. Reported 25th June.

Here the increasing size of the Planet X complex as the time of the passage approaches can be seen. The double helix swirl blowing back from either side of the planet corpus. Folklore reports that the complex increases in size just before the passage, growing in size to equal the size of the Sun or Moon in the sky. This growth happens not only because Planet X is steadily moving outward toward Earth, but primarily because the Earth is drawn toward Planet X. We have described this in ZetaTalk. This occurs during the week of rotation stoppage and the few days preceding it. Planet X will be approximately midway between the Earth and Sun to start, so there will be approximately 43 million miles between these two planets. But at the time of the passage, there will only be 14 million miles between the two planets, as the Earth draws closer to Planet X. After the passage, the Earth returns to her normal orbit and does not remain closer to the Sun.

About what speak these three circles on the fields, appeared today, on June, 27th?
[and from another] Awesome new crop circles continuing to come in. Can the zeta's comment?

Southfield is again the appearance of Planet X with its tail and double helix swirls. Milkhill5 is the symbol of the Sun, showing the separation of Planet X with its retrograde orbit from the rest of the solar system with its normal direction of orbit. Honeystreet is Is insignificant.

What happens with the souls of the brothers/sisters that born with connected parts of their body together? Do they have separate souls? if not what happens if doctors separate them?

If the conjoined twins have two brains, then there are two souls involved.

Could not Zetas name Michael Jackson's cause of death? [and from another] That became Jackson's valid cause of death? [and from another] Was Michael Jackson a 'star child'? What about other eccentric personalities, such as David Bowie? There seems to be a handful of famous and creative people who seem to live beyond the confines of traditional standards, often pioneering the way toward the breaking-down of conventions that often oppress the average human. Could this be part of their 'mission', or are they just as likely to be average humans that discover they have the necessary courage that fame and fortune might bring?

Jackson obviously was abusing drugs and died as a result. Many of the drugs he was taking daily are known to cause cardiac arrest. No one was after his money as he only had, net, debts. There was nothing special about Jackson, who was of course very talented though sexually troubled, unable to perform as a man and unable to find acceptance by remain as a child. He was not a mature soul and therefore not a Star Child. His mission was between he and his Spirit Guides.

Recently the Q about material influence of thoughts was asked to Zetas. They said it was nonsence and there is no such material, physical influence. But as I remember there was an idea at ZT that positive, good thoughts make people more healthy, and bad, negative - vice versa. That was not an original idea of ZT only, by the way. Also there is a fact that prayers bring good and damnations - evil. And we can not forget about curative systems that offer to improve your eyes, for example, or your body on the whole with the help of auto-suggestion or meditation, and some of such systems help thousands of people, I know that! Or did I misunderstand Zetas' answer? The second Q can be attached to the first. Our scientists experimented with water: they pasted pieces of paper with the words "Good" and "Evil" on two bottles of water accordingly. The crystals of water in the first bottle were clear and harmonious, in the second - vice veras. Can you explain this a little bit more accurately ? Does this mean that we, who have much of water in our bodies, can influence on them thinking in a positive way ?

You are passing the theories and concepts of others to us and asking us to verify this. You are making statements that have no basis in fact as though they were true. We speak of good and evil in terms of caring for others or being self focused, and the concepts you are asking us to address are not those. Your concept is feel-good versus scary thoughts. Prayers that are for the self do not bring good, they are self focused, as ZetaTalk explains. Issues that are scary but must be faced to avoid pain for the community at large are not "negative" thoughts, but facing reality.

Yesterday, the Obama administration signed a new war appropriations bill, but again it appears that he is continuing to adopt the policies of Bush by adding a "signing statement" such as Bush would often do. In the statement that accompanied yesterday's bill-signing, the new administration announced it would disregard provisions of the legislation that, among other things, would compel it [the Obama administration] to pressure the World Bank to strengthen labor and environmental standards and require the Treasury department to report to Congress on the activities of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). Also; regarding his campaign pledge to allow gays to serve in the military, and to "work tirelessly to ensure that gay couples have the same practical benefits that straight couples have", his Justice Dep't. has recently equated gay marriages to incest and polygamy and indicated it will fight to uphold the "Defense of Marriage Act" instead of fighting the discriminatory issues it involves. Regarding the issue of warrantless surveillance and other curtailing of civil liberties, it has proved that it will fight to uphold Bush policies rather than fight them. Even the elite's plans to use NASA programs to continue their plot to escape the poleshift by going to the Moon appears to have a smooth path to completion. The zetas have indicated they won't share what's on his mind, that the Democrats are trying to get a health care reform plan put in place and they need as many onboard as possible to try not to alienate anyone, and maybe they feel they have answered this already but as far as most can tell, there really isn't that much difference between the two administrations. Obama could come right out and issue an executive order banning further implementation of "don't ask/don't tell", it could stress labor and environmental transparency, it could argue the moral high ground it once did even if its hand's are tied, it could start hinting at the danger that lies ahead without hiding behind "global warming", but does none of this. Is there a simple answer the zetas can give that will help us understand the Obama administration's behavior?

When the Obama administration took control they reversed over 200 executive orders the Bush administration had issued. Most of these were classified so could not be shared with the public. There are those who think somehow that the Chief Executive can simply issue orders and set the world right. Congress sets the laws. Within this the Executive branch administers those laws and has some leeway on how to do this. They set policy, but any policy change is intensely discussed. These matters are not simplistic! Where the Bush administration conducted essentially criminal activity and ordered others to comply and participate, simply throwing all information out to the public so an uproar occurs causes more problems and injustice than it cures. To think otherwise is simplistic and childish. It is not our wish to spend the ZetaTalk chat trying to explain the complexity of each and every executive decision to those who cannot imagine this complexity.

The zetas have explained two recent accidents - Air France Flight 447 and the DC Metro pile-up - as being caused by random electro-magnetic pulses that are so overwhelming they eliminate any safety features. Will these types of pulses also begin to affect even such small items as mp3 players and PDAs, effectively destroying them as functioning units? If so, is there anything we can do to shield them so that we can at least have recorded music to comfort us through the passage?

These electrical devices were not destroyed, they received interference. For those fearing electromagnetic pulse as a destructive force, there are solution that man knows about and employs today to shield electrical devices. Do a simple web search and take care of this matter yourself. You don't need us to hold you hand on this matter.

What is the travel protocol for alien STO worlds in that there are so many forms and I'm sure they want to visit other places. Is it similar to our vacation and tourism where we have brochures and try to book a flight? How does the "air traffic control" work in space with all the life zipping around?

This is a matter you don't need to be concerned about in your present incarnation. Are you expecting to be initiating space travel soon? Not in your current incarnation. We suggest you are avoiding your current lessons and trying to avoid taking action on pressing matters in your life. Distracting yourself is not the proper course.

This is my first time posting here but need to ask what the Zetas say on this situation of so many saying that Obama is not a US Citizen and is therefore inelligible to be holding this office of President in the US. Is he a "natural born" citizen or was he born in Kenya as is being alledged? Also, since Obama is a public figure how does he get away with asking for his privacy and all and it being given. Is this not somewhat prejudical considering other public officials do not get this luxury?

We have spoken to the issue of Obama's citizenship and the attempts to challenge this by those who are still fuming that he won. The challenge is without merit . If you are referring to our statement that we will not open Obama's brain each Saturday night and reveal his thinking, this is our choice, not yours. We decide who deserves this consideration. Nor do we need to explain our decision to you.

Lately I have been investigating why and who was responsible for changing Neptune's mass after the Voyager 2 flyby. Although I cannot be certain the mass was in fact changed after the physical flyby, obviously the gravitational sling maneuvers were successful. After a lot of research I've come to the conclusion that a large amount of scientists are concerned about Neptune's mass and cannot come to complete agreement with NASA disclosed information. In fact, many disagree with NASA's depiction of large, methane planets in general (not just in our solar system). It appears NASA (and in particular Dr. E. Miles Standish Jr.) shaved off 0.5% of the old Neptune mass where they only needed to shave off 0.1% at most - there is still nearly a Mars-equivalent mass shaven off that didn't need to be. Whenever one finds astronomical information about this, all that is said is "from Voyager" - there is absoltely no mathematical reason given as to such a large change. We had discovered new moons, which obviously affect mass, but none of which would contribute to 0.4% mass change. Would the Zetas like to comment on these findings?

Why are you concerned about Neptune's mass? How is this pertinent in your life? You are going to have your life turned upside down, shortly, with immense physical and emotional pain to those around you. How are you planning to help your fellow man?

If an abductee/volunteer proves beyond a doubt with picture proof of alien off world present. Would the world and the PTB react with excitement, fear, revenge, happiness, retribution, or wonder? Since it is not part of their time scale for disclosure. With PX coming, don't you think that it would be easier to tell the world while communications are still working. After the shift many may never know that we are not alone!

Contactees are learning on a daily basis that man is not alone and the alien presence is real. Communities are learning this during mass sightings. The trend is in the right direction. There is no such thing as proof positive. Any photos would be claimed to be doctored. Experts would be brought forth to discredit photos or videos. Alien bodies are all animations. That sort of thing. Trust the Awakening process to the Council of Worlds, which handles this sort of thing all the time and knows what they are doing.

I was wondering if zetatalk could comment on an experience I had several years ago. I was curious about aliens and decided to try an experiment: I decided to come up with a random phrase in my head and never speak it out loud or write it down, on the off chance that any telepathic aliens might play along and send back the message at some point. Several weeks later I was walking down the street late at night and heard someone in the shadows say the phrase I had thought of. I didn't see anyone so I kept walking and then shortly after that I saw this glowing crescent moon shape with 3 orbs around it zigzag slowly across the sky. One orb was in the center of the crescent and the other two were out toward the tips of the crescent. It seemed to go behind clouds as it moved across the sky so as to not appear to have been projected up from the ground. Zetatalk often claims that sightings in the sky are warnings to a particular area that they are not safe. Any comments on the meaning of the crescent and 3 orbs shape? Just a friendly hello or perhaps a warning or something too? This was several years ago in Bellingham, WA.

We would suggest that you are suggestible. When you heard the secret phrase you expected to see something that would be a sign and grabbed at the first thing that looked impressive. You know in your gut that the alien presence is real, so these games with yourself are not necessary.

I've noticed that manufacturers have quietly slipped aspartame into chewing gum. Research appears to indicate that aspartame is even more easily absorbed into the bloodstream while in the mouth. The ingredient statement on packages of chewing gum is very small. It's easily overlooked. The presence of Olestra, a food additive that depletes blood levels of many fat-soluble vitamins, is no longer pushed in an obvious way in advertising. Are the manufacturers aware of the consumers' health concerns about these two substances? Do they care? Are they deliberately avoiding mention of these additives or do they truly not know about the side effects?

The profit motive is what dominates the agenda of all food manufacturing corporations. Corporations are, by their nature, designed this way unless they are a non-profit with the stated agenda to produce healthful foods. Organic food production is a for-profit which has as its basis healthful and natural foods, so is likewise an exception. Corporations that manufacture foods want the public to consider their food tasty, thus various additives, but also healthy, thus various cover-ups. As simple as that.

Is Gov. Mark Sanford just another immature politician or was he set up?

What he did, he did to himself.

Last week you said by the time we entered the final trimester, 4 months, emergency management would be over exhausted? So that means we are not in the final trimester now?

As we seem to be saying on a weekly basis, we will give you no hint as to the timeline.

Can the astronauts on the ISS see Planet X? And can they see all the ET activity around the planet?

Yes on both counts.

A trimester is a long time, and 4 of them is a year. It would have just as much meaning if you say the shift will happen on a Tuesday. Could you narrow it down a bit better like for example in October. That way we know to prepair for a cold one. So when we run outside to avoid a house collaps in the cold we can have some warm clothing on.

There are three trimesters in a year. You've obviously not done your homework. Trimesters end in December, April, or August. If you were smart about this you would be thinking about your target climate, and preparing for that. One would assume you are prepared for your current climate. If you were smart you would have researched what the pole shift involves, and how much warning you will have during the last weeks. Let us give you a hint. It's more than the few minutes you would need to put on some warm clothing.

The person about ignition of the soul can know during life? I will ask a question differently: If at the person during his life will ignite smothering that he can learn about it? [and from another] The guy asks if someone that has a soul that just sparked, if he is going to know that, to be aware of this sparking, in this life. He wants to know if in case he has a sparked soul, if he will be aware of that sparking. He is just putting his question in google and then posts the translation from his language to english.

We are accepting the assisted explanation of the question as valid. Nancy is now on the same page, and we can proceed. When learning that most humans do not have reincarnating souls, that only about 1 in 6 do have reincarnating souls in that there are only about a billion reincarnating souls on Earth at present, many people panic. They imagine their life, or the lives of loved ones, having no meaning, disappearing into the void with no memories. Let us say in general that if a person is wondering if they have a sparked soul, they in all likelihood do have a reincarnating or sparked soul, as such curiosity is a symptom of this.

The Zetas have stated that 90% of humans will die during the PS. That number seems high. I can see huge die-off in coastal areas, but it seems the populace inland only needs worry about high winds, mtn building, volcanism, EQs, tidal bore, and firestorms. Are there other dangers not yet mentioned? It seems certain areas may need only worry about EQs and winds, which don't seem to carry a high number of fatalities.

It has been announced in your media that half of mankind now lives, or shortly will live, in cities. Most cities are along coastlines or river bottoms, due to the desire for transportation on water or access to water or access to fish. Coastlines also have moderate temperatures, not the extremes found inland, and usually beaches to frolic upon. Given our predictions on ocean sloshing, where tidal waves will be 500-600 feet high at the coast and even 200 feet high when 100 miles inland, drowning will cause deaths. Magnitude 9 quakes will likewise cause deaths, particularly in cities which either crush those trapped there during a quake or burn them to death in the fires that inevitably break out after earthquakes. Even given all of this, we have made the statement that the 90% death rate will not be due to trauma during the shift, but due to depression and starvation. Most survivors will simply sit down and give up, allowing themselves to die for lack of food and water.

Can you comment on the speeding up and intensified "dumbing down" of people and what can be done to side step the intention?

This phrase is used to cover what is perceived as media manipulation of the populace. Of course, manipulation of the populace is nothing new! It was around in the days of the cave man. The issue is not what media manipulation is being done, but rather how much of this the populace is buying. The best defense is to be well educated on facts, and to have a questioning mind.

Speaking of time, are we at a "6" yet?

No. But coming much closer.

Will anyone survive the cataclysms coming very soon. I know you say some will. But if the earth changes are as big as might happen it might be a clean sweep of the humans.

Have you checked the ZetaTalk website? It speaks of the Aftertime, and what life will be like for humanity. It has a section on Safe Locations, what issues man needs to be concerned about for this or that continent or country or city. It hosts the Troubled Times pages, which are over 100 TOPICs on advice for surviving and living in the Aftertime. Does this sound like we are predicting a clean sweep of humans off the face of the Earth?

I have many photos of orbs near me. And they seem to be the same ones around me and no one else in my family has these orbs in their photos. They seem to hang around above the house and everywhere I go. What does it mean to me and others globally who have this experience?

We have explained that these orbs are the capture of spirits. It means they are trying to communicate to you, and may mean that you are not listening, so they allowed themselves to be present in photos so you'd begin to pay attention to them.

Many seem to be focused on how they will be "rescued by aliens" and taken aboard ships and "saved" from the effects of the pole shift. The Zetas are not the ones presenting this false hope. It seems that many people are being told that, in some parts of the world, caves with fresh water and supplies will miraculously be made available to people in need. Others are being told that, if they raise their vibrations to a higher level, they will be eligible to be rescued by "higher-level" entities. Of course, having your vibration raised is going to cost you. I can understand the child-like desire to be rescued, to feel safe, but I can't help but think that these individuals are forgetting one important fact. Earth is a school and getting rescued is just like dropping out of high school. You tend to stop learning very important stuff when you drop out. These schemes appear to be assuring people that they don't have to do much of anything, except wait to be rescued. Would the Zetas care to comment?

Early in the ZetaTalk saga we were asked why we were warning people, in drastic terms, about the coming cataclysms while other supposed channeled warnings were that no such trauma would occur or that mankind would be rescued. Our answer was that some do not like to be the bearer of a bad tidings, so change the message. This can come from the alien group speaking through a channel, or from the channel itself which finds the message harsh. It is also possible that the entire message is a fraud, as there are more frauds than valid channels. Mankind should prepare to rescue itself. The only assists that will be given will be to highly Service-to-Other individuals, who almost invariably refuse because they want to be with those who depend upon them. Those who expect to be rescued, or led to some safe enclave, will have a rude awakening.

Can the Zetas comment on what the Debunkers are up to? They say they are holding out til July 18. Are they preparing for a large scale attack or something? Care to say?

They're waiting for new commands from debunker central. For anyone keeping tabs, the debunkers are losing. They are ineffective with their standard insults and repeated claims. They are seeking a fresh approach, and waiting for their masters to emerge with the plan.

There was a world wide concert over the solstice weekend for the living water of Earth. Does our prayers and thoughts give any benefit to our planet? Can focused intent of Love into water make a difference as to Dr Imoto's work? It has been showing lots of rain here in Colorado and I sing chants to make the rain Holy water to heal our Planet. Does it make any difference?

It can't hurt. Thinking does not change matter, but such prayers and thoughts are a way of giving the Call, and sometimes this results in group meetings among contactees and coordinated efforts, all to the good!

In a way you've got a good point. The rich pretty much have the world wrapped up as their own paradise with the rest of us serving them. Is it the aliens like the zetas that have planned it this way? Or is it the old roman familys that just went underground with the Catholic Church as their buffer to rule the earth as the kings and the rest of us slaves.

The Universe does not work in accordance with man's laws and social protocols. Your Earth is a schoolhouse where young souls are leaning how to interact with other young souls. On all such worlds, those who stay self focused and greedy try to rise to the top and stay there. This is not their ultimate lot, however, as those who turn fully toward the Service-to-Self orientation end up on prison planets where they must live with others of like kind - ruthless, selfish, often sadistic, and control oriented. Such worlds are a shock to those sent to them, as they are used to having so many soft and caring souls to prey upon. On those worlds, all are ruthless. This is all within the body of ZetaTalk. We suggest you read it.

How large will the Swine Flu pandemic become? It has already engulfed many nations around the world. Will the WHO attempt mandatory indoctrinations? In any case, it looks to be one of the many diseases that will run rampant until the pole shift.

This flu is milder than the seasonal flues the world anticipates yearly. The death rate is almost nil. Were it not that it was a new emergence of an old virus, it would not have gotten any attention at all.

This week a moving star that was not satellite nor an airplane passed trough our skies. It was flashing and disappeared when we looked at it flashing a little bit more for a few seconds until it fully vanished. What interests us is (maybe not appropriate to say it here) but why does the UFO phenomena occur to people mostly when people smoke a cannabis plant? There has been a lot of talk about it on public forums but no one seemed to get to the conclusion. The plants are usually not sprayed in any way, nor have they any hallucinogenic properties, and people who claim to witness it aren't using hallucinogenics at the time of UFO appearance and weren't by any means schizophrenic or crazy. Do STO aliens acknowledge that it is good for people to smoke cannabis, is it true that THC - the main ingridient of cannabis plant- activates pineal gland and our 3rd eyes?

We have advised against using drugs as this tends to distract from your lessons. We, the Zetas, do not use drugs for this reason. As to your question about perceiving UFO's more readily when stoned, we do not agree that this is true. Those who are stoned are just more likely to talk about it, without fear of reprisal.