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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written May 30, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Another dramatic crop circle has appeared on Windmill Hill in the UK, reported on May 25, 2009.

We have explained that the Serpentine Dance represents the magnetic interplay between Planet X and the Earth. The planets in your solar system orbit counterclockwise, and rotate counterclockwise. Planet X during its periodic passage of the Sun orbits in a retrograde manner, clockwise, and also rotates in a clockwise manner. The particle flows that sling out from any planetary body as it turns thus clash when the Earth and Planet X come close to each other. What this recent crop circle on Windmill Hill is depicting is the pole shift itself, when the clash become more than an influence causing the Earth to wobble. There is an addition swoop superimposed on the Serpentine Dance, that is immense. It is depicted as laying sideways to the serpent, representing the effect on the Earth which will lay on its side during the pole shift, and at a point prior to the pole shift during the lean to the left that precedes the 3 days of darkness. This diagram is trying to relay to mankind the extent of the magnetic confusion and consequent adjustments that the Earth will be forced to assume. If the Serpentine Dance has created your current weather and quake increase, your current Earth wobble, then this has all just been a cake walk, an easy path. The real dance is before you, and will be horrific.

North Korea Issues Heated Warning to South [May 27] North Korea announced Wednesday that it is no longer bound by the 1953 armistice that halted the Korean War, the latest and most profound diplomatic aftershock from the country's latest nuclear test. North Korea also warned that it would respond "with a powerful military strike" should its ships be stopped by international forces trying to stop the export of missiles and weapons of mass destruction. [and from another] Western Officials Say North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il May Have Suffered Stroke [Sep 9, 2008],2933,419263,00.html A U.S. intelligence official told the Associated Press that there is reason to believe Kim is sick after he failed to show up at a North Korean national celebration. Kim has not been seen in public for a month and U.S. officials were closely watching Tuesday's military parade for signs to the leader's health or a shift in power. North Koreans call Kim the "Dear Leader" and he holds absolute power in the Stalinist regime.

What happens to aging dictators when their health fails and they no longer feel manly? N. Korea is under a dictatorship, with the vain Kim concerned about his ability to sustain a sex life given his health problems. Is there a relationship between the symbolic shape of missiles and the shape of a phallus? I have power is the statement made. No country is threatening N. Korea. No country wants responsibility for such a sorry country, and there is no prize there to warrant a war with N. Korea. So why all the bluster? China and the US have been feeding N. Korea to avoid having to face a confrontation. Meanwhile, the country remains firmly in the hands of a diminutive bully with failing health. As Kim's sex life fades, so goes the country. More missiles, more Viagra, while Kim rails against the ravages the weather has brought on the world's crops and the ravages that age has brought on his sex life.

Israel seems to still be intent on war at least publicly. Has Obama reigned them in?

Israel has boxed itself into a corner by its actions over the decades, and fears the reaction from its Arab neighbors if it steps back from its pugilistic stance. The bully fears to turn his back. The brute fears to fall asleep. Thus they keep up their stance, aggression, threats to attack Iran, refusal to give back land stolen over the years. They fear to show a sign of weakness. But the Obama administration is pressing for concessions, for reparations, for fairness. Without the US as a military might, and without US dollars flowing into their coffers, Israel will indeed be weakened. Thus, in a catch-22, they will concede behind closed doors but bluster in public until they can no longer play this game. Eventually, they will conceded.

What can Zetas say about Philippine healers? [and from another] The Philippines has a tradition of folk medicine passed down through the generations since time immemorial. Even after the establishment of top-notch medical schools producing doctors and nurses renowned around the world, the traditional healing arts continued to thrive amongst the population in far-flung islands and barrios. It wasn't long before a certain group of healers, the "psychic surgeons", gained their own world-renown, while stirring a little controversy, in the 1970's. Without arguing for or against any type of treatment, this list is provided for students of the healing arts.

These are claims that are not documented and unprovable by testimony alone. Thus, the healers thrive. It is easy enough to provide testimony in a poor country where a bribe can go a long way. Unless these supposed healers are put to the test under bright lights and before witnesses, no claims can be made. Why would this not be done, if the healing is as claimed? Because no such healing occurs.

What can Zetas say about appearance of myrrh oil on icons, especially in Orthodoxy ? (I mean Slavic church.)

We have often been asked about supposed miracles or belief of the faithful. Our answer is that unless some of these supposed miracles happening today are observed under strict conditions, no such claim can be make. Yogi do not live on light, for instance, unless the Yoga is under strict observance and observed continuously. They sneak food, slipped to them by their assistants. Likewise with this Myrrh Oil phenomena. Were the icons under 24 hour observation by disinterested parties? If not, then the assumption must be that someone wanting to increase church attendance put the oil on the ions! If such steps are not taken to prove otherwise, they a deliberate hoax must be suspected.

Do members of the elite who know of the coming poleshift, and that read ZetaTalk or have one of their people read it, ever ask questions during these chats or have their people ask for them?

Yes, to both question. They follow the chat and have fronts that ask questions.

Do they ever recognize themselves as being STS or at least part of the problem - the Coverup - or are they still in denial? If so, how do they justify their position vis-a-vis the Zetas and the STO humans?

All intelligent creatures are capable of altering their perception of reality to lessen their sense of guilt. Those who felt overwhelmed by the reality of what the world would be facing, and who avoided telling the public because of this, have excused themselves. Their true motives were to avoid the demands the public would make on those in power, in the government or in the church hierarchy. Their true motives were to allow themselves an easier path while preparing for their own safety and comfort. But the explanation they give themselves is that more harm would be done by an announcement, so they are saving lives or making the daily life of the common man more pleasant for a longer time. They convince themselves that nothing the common man could do for themselves would suffice, and thus death for the common man is inevitable. Most have even convinced themselves that they are being kind to the common man. But as the last weeks approach, most who have deluded themselves in this manner will be forced to see their error, and many will have regrets.

Have any members of the cabal that's masterminded the Coverup had a change of heart and realize that much more is at stake than merely keeping their physical bodies alive? If so, what kind of things have they done to help make sure the common folks have a fighting chance to survive?

There are those who have been forced to participate with the coverup who have deep regrets and long to inform the public. Many of these individuals are in the film industry, and have done what they could via disaster movies to alert the public to the possibilities. There are politicians likewise who are anticipating an information campaign at some point, so are not yet in alarm at an uninformed public. Their distress will increase as the last weeks approach if the pubic has not yet been informed. This is why we state that the cover-up will likely break due to a domino effect, some source admitting the truth so that others must likewise inform the public. Whether these individuals who want the public to know and are distressed that those at the helm of the cover-up continue with lies are aware of a reincarnating soul or think of an afterlife is irrelevant. The human incarnated is often unaware of their soul, even when operating under its influence. They do not understand the source of their conscience, though act upon its influence.

Is David Wilcock a reincarnated Edgar Cayce as he states?

No. Nor would such a soul do something as crass as to make such an announcement. This alone disproves the claim.

Foggy as it is, if my memory serves me correctly, I think a couple of years ago the Zetas mentioned making survival trenches at the base of a small rock outcropping or cliff if possible, apparently as protection against wind and debris. But if this is the case, I wonder about hill stability as such topography seems to be generally on hillsides. I am assuming the outcropping/cliff is a shear point in the rock strata, and therefore, will be a potential point of rising rock while the trench ground hopefully remains stable. For any person attempting to build structures to withstand the passage, in order to provide dry shelter for many after the cataclysm and soil protection against poisons, the ground is obviously a crucial factor in the decision process. The Zeta's explanation of the mountain building procedure suggested that valley substrates are more stable than mountain rock as they resisted the upward movement that created the surrounding hills. Yet, tight valleys will more than likely be flooded during the deluge as they act as drainage systems and low points during rising waters. But with limited land available as well as restricted budgets, choices are few and most will be forced to choose the lesser of multiple evils when purchasing land. Obviously, first hand research is critical, but few people are qualified geologists and they have many other pressing demands to attend to as well. Can the Zeta's expand upon a protocol for those seriously pursuing land for this purpose?

Indeed, evidence of previous rock and roll, such as recently broken rock, indicates an unstable area that may again be unstable. Where the hills do not have sharp rock, however, they are unlikely to snap during the pole shift. Our statement on being against a cliff was in reference to avoiding incoming debris, which will most often arrive at an angle. Against a cliff, this debris will bounce off the cliff and away, and will not drop straight down upon those huddled there. Of course, the cliff should be of solid rock. Even a ravine would provide this same type of protection. Our warnings about being out of a flood plain did not include every valley or every ravine. Look at the history of the area, as to where flood waters drained. A ravine close to a hill top will certianly not be under flood waters.

Zetas have said that STO spirits promote to higher densities like forth, fifth etc. So how STS spirits with already higher densities get promoted and stay at STS orientation?

If they have not determined to leave the Service-to-Self orientation, they remain in the Service-to-Self environment, caged and unable to interact with the Universe as Service-to-Other levels can. They are restricted in growth, and essentially do not promote beyond the 4th Density.

Is it possible to make the Call more than one person, (lets say two people good friends) for the same mater at the same moment?

Each individual is giving the Call for their own reasons, and regardless of what they tell each other, may not be honest or even aware of their own motives. If humans meet on a space ship or are gathered together during a visit it is because their visitors have determined they have mutual interests, and are facilitating. It is not because the humans decided they wanted to have a group visit.

Do the Zetas have a take on this statement? Thread that the vid and statement were originally posted on: [and from the thread] The "bury head in the sand" debunker cowards will nitpick one or two aspects presented in the vid... But cannot address the vid as a whole. Their unwillingness to even consider watching it before posting responses demonstrates to those who are undecided (regarding PX) that they have no credibility and how really insecure they are. Their frantic, defensive and hardened denial stance is proportional with the increasing amount of genuine PX evidence that is presented to them. I'm still waiting for the debunkers to explain what's going on with the Magnetosphere and Ionosphere. If this is all B.S. then this should be an easy slow-pitch softball they can easily knock outta the park. But they're striking out big time. They have nothing to say! They cannot accept the fact that Bush & Co. were Punk'd by the Zetas in 2003 (only legitimizes Nancy and ZetaTalk). So they go on with petty nitpicking and attack the messenger, rather than provide a logical alternate explanation. For the independent, open-minded, and logical thinkers the truth is clear as glass.

We have often pointed out that those who cannot deal with the facts, and argue against them, often use the technique of trying to divide and conquer. They cannot address all the facts at once, so chop them up and try to take each as a piece. They avoid what does not fit their argument, thus. Debunkers, who are trying to distract from the truth and delay the time when the public will be aware they are being lied to by their governments, are most often paid to do so, but some individuals are merely so frightened by the prospect of what is coming that they argue to quiet this fear.

What about Astral Projection? Is it real? Does so-called silver cord exist?

Astral Projection or going Out of Body is when the soul leaves the body it is incarnating and travels. This is not a skill that can be taught, as it is something the soul has learned to do during one of its lifetimes and remembers. It often occurs the first time during trauma, which is why many people recall seeing themselves on the operating table or on the highway after an accident. Torture can produce such an experience, or a terrifying incident. The soul has decided that the body is about to die and is leaving, essentially. Then the body does not die. The description of a silver cord is an analogy for the process, as the soul returns to the body, but not because there is any physical reason to do so. A soul can leave and refuse to return, and this is what occurs when there is a possession or a walk-in, as the body is essentially available and not incarnated at that time. Vacating an incarnation is discouraged by the Spirit Guides, who discourage Astral Projection because it is essentially skipping out of school, avoiding the hard lessons of the incarnation.

Understanding that the Zetas have said they will not comment on President Obama's thoughts, etc. - and I wish to respect that - I was wondering if they can comment on the current "turf war" with DCI Panetta and NID Blair? After reading a short history on Dennis Blair and accusations made of him during the 1999 East Timor bloodshed, as well as other issues, I find it curious that he was selected by Obama to be NID. In the past, Panetta has seemed to be a straight shooter and I think the Zetas confirmed his veracity whereas a cloud seems to hang over Blair. Is Blair somehow connected to the Bush group, one of the moles, or is this turmoil as stated, simply a turf war between two agencies?

There are few individuals who come with such a clean history that they are unassailable. One lines up the talent and in almost all cases those talented and knowledgable enough to do the job have some flaw. If the flaws can be counterbalanced within the administration, then the flaw is not fatal. The US government at present is overwhelmed with the mess that Bush/Cheney left for Obama. Often the issue is being able to function, and proceed against problems, vs having someone who is ethically pure. We have mentioned before that those who are criticizing the Obama administration should step into his shoes and consider the multiple of problems being addressed at once. In placid times, there is time to train those who are more ethical, and that may yet arrive, but in the meantime, this counterbalancing must be done. Thus, sparks fly.

The Zetas said red dust would fall less than 24 hours before the pole shift and this would be a sign that the shift is very near. However, they also said red dust would fall already weeks before the shift because of the tail sweep. Which is correct? How can we read the red dusting as to how much time is left until the pole shift?

The confusion here is whether the dusting is light or heavy. We have already had light dustings since 2003. It is heavy dust that will be the clue that the pole shift is very near. By then, you will be seeing the monster in the skies and have experienced the 3 days of darkness for the northern hemisphere. Heavy dusting is turning the ponds and rivers blood red, so the fish are poisoned and the water is too bitter to drink. This is not yet occurring.

Could you tell us the possible effects of the leakout. How would ppl react to it. I think you said ppl would be a lot saner than what the govt expects. But would all these ppl be trying to run to "safe" places or would a lot of them choose to die? Could you just extrapolate on the possible consequences of a leakout. For all who are trying to help others becuz of what is ahead.

As we stated earlier in this chat, those who try to justify the coverup are doing so partially on the basis that the public would panic and more harm would come because of this than if the public had no warning until the last weeks. This is not fact, but their need to forgive themselves for what they are doing to the populace. The average person would simply continue in their job, as they are living paycheck to paycheck. They would take the warning and hope for the best, or perhaps make contingency plans, a route to safety, for instance. Those that could make firmer plans would do so, but would be unlikely to disrupt their comfortable lives until the rumors or warnings proved true, until the last weeks. The only group that could quit their lives and devote themselves to preparing are the wealthy, and this group is already taking these steps. A government fear that is likely to arise are demands from those who are reliant upon the government - those on welfare, those retired and reliant on pensions or social security checks. These individuals would make demands upon the government which the government could not address. It is not possible for the population to be protected and rescued and fed and sheltered during such a clammily. This is the honest answer which the government would not want to be pressed to admit.

The zetas said before they might let us know more about the timeframe for the poleshift once Obama got in office. Now that he's in there, what's the reason for not giving us more information that would help our planning?

This administration is still getting its feet on the ground, and not yet showing you its intentions on many matters. We are insisting on actual action by the government or members of the establishment before we make OUR moves. They go first. They have not yet moved, though we sense better intentions than the Bush/Cheney administration had. Our hopes are still high that the Obama administration will not disappoint us. But action is required first, before we give any additional information. Our rule is that the public must be allowed to know the truth of our statements, and any information we then give must be provided to the public as well as privately to the government. This requires that Nancy, ZetaTalk, must be known to the public, rather than suppressed as she has been for years. This is the first step.

And the 6-out-of-10; the zetas were pretty firm about that happening before the end of last year, and here it is almost half a year later. Any update on why they were so far off in their prediction?

We anticipated that the world would reach a 6 by the end of December, 2008 and then return to a lesser pace for a time. We reached what we estimated was a 5 or 5+ by then. Just as human science is not exacting, ours likewise is not exacting. We misjudged.

Can the Zetas explain why a hard drive containing sensitive Clinton administration personnel information was stolen from the national achieves?

Clinton is pressing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinian. They are trying to find information by which they can intimidate her. As simple as that.

According to journalist, Wayne Madsen, "The real reason Dick Cheney is focusing attention in the news on torture: he'd like this story to be ignored: Daily Trust (Nigeria), 19 May 09 -- Embattled former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo will soon be invited by the high powered security committee recently established by the Federal Government to probe the Halliburton bribery scandal, Daily Trust learnt in Abuja last night. The former ruler is expected to explain what he knew about the scandal . . . The committee is investigating how the $180 million Halliburton bribe was shared. Halliburton, a US construction firm was said to have given $180 million as bribes to top Nigerian politicians and government officials, including those of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to win the contract for the construction of the LNG plant. The bribe allegedly spanned the period from 1995 [when Cheney took over as Halliburton CEO, WMR ed.] when the nearly $7 billion contract was awarded to 2004 and possibly beyond." Lest we forget, according to the Zetas, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were all pushing the US military to invade Nigeria shortly after sacking Bagdad.

This is one of the reasons for Cheney's wrath and rages, yes, but the primary source of his rage and public hearings is his frustration at not being in charge anymore, and finding that his moles and others whom he considered under his control are ignoring him now. Cheney has always put layers between himself and any crime, and feels smugly sure this will hold.

And in a somewhat related story of corruption, 18 US soldiers have been electrocuted by faulty wiring performed by Kellogg Brown Root, a former Halliburton subsidiary. The US military's own investigation found the electrocution death of Green Beret Staff Sgt. Ryan Maseth was negligent homicide, yet, KBR recently received $83.4 million in electrical bonuses, taxpayer funded. KBR is the same company cited for consciously providing tainted drinking water to our soldiers and making many sick. Can the Zetas give their thoughts on this information?

Just as Wall Street is continuing to pay bonuses and high salaries to those who caused the problems of the housing bubble and subsequent crash, the same process will be ongoing for a time in the military contract arena. The guilty are paid so they continue to cooperate with schemes, and this fear that the network participating in criminal actions will not hold tight and back one another continues especially during investigations. Thus, a bonus equals a bribe. One cannot simply fire everybody at once, replace everybody, while still functioning. It takes time to discover the guilty, replace them, press others into a new mode of operation, etc. This does not happen overnight.

Not long ago I've watched the video made in Russia where the second sun was shown, and I am really impressed by what I've seen. As you've told earlier, now PX is crossing the ecliptic, and in the video the second sun is parallel to horizon. But in reality ecliptic is situated at some angle to horizon, in that case the object at sunset must be down the sun. But if the situation shown in the video is correct, then the second sun is already above the ecliptic. How could you explain the following boot points?

At sunset, in the northern hemisphere, the Ecliptic as seen is angled from upper left to lower right, so your statement would seem to be true. But we have often stated that in order to simulate the seasons we use many techniques. One is to lower the Earth below the Ecliptic or raise it above the Ecliptic. This puts Planet X at a slightly different level than Earth, and was the case when this video was taken.

Do you believe anyone can be saved from the greatest evil time ever, while being disobedient to the Ten Commandments of God?

The Ten Commandments are not from God. They were written by man with the intention of gaining control over the masses, using fear, the ability to damn to Hell, which man certainly does not have the power to do. Rules, religious ritual, all designed to focus man on silly behavior rather than being aware of their fellows, being empathetic. The Bible does not reflect what occurred, and has scant basis in fact. Those clinging to such a document should learn to think for themselves.

Could you please comment on the newest known crop circle discovered by Wayland Smithy on May 29? It looks very much like a Jelly Fish to most people. Is this the artist's intention. And why?

The jellyfish is well know to the population, and this crop circle certain to be recognized as a symbol of such a sting, often fatal. Planet X, as we have so often described, has many moon swirls traveling behind it, swirling around and giving the complex the appearance of a writhing dragon in the skies during the last weeks. The tail lashes the Earth, filled with debris and red dust, peppering the ground with hail. This is a warning that even when the monster itself seems to have passed, that the tail may continue to whip and lash the Earth for several hours afterwards, during the passage. It is the stingers of the jellyfish that burn and poison, not the soft head.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta appears to have been a highly service-to-other individual. Did she ever look at the great wealth of the Catholic Church and think about how it could be spent helping others? When she was caring for the sick and the dying in Calcutta, did she ever allow herself to wonder why the powerful at the Vatican chose to live in luxury, when Jesus so clearly advocated a simple life of service? Or, was she practical and focused on what she could do in her own life? I know she made a great difference to those she helped, but did her life's work make a difference in the larger scheme of things?

Her mission included educating the Catholic church, or at least forcing the church into different behavior. She persisted, ultimately embarrassing the church, until they granted her funds to do what she wanted to do. Helping the poor and sick was only part of her mission.

Would you please have the Zeta's comment on the pending Civil War in USA and possible limited nuclear war or wars in the next three years before the shift occurs.

There is no pending civil war in the US. Once again you are taking what someone else said and ascribing truth to it, demanding that we, the Zetas, confirm such nonsense. We have stated that we do not anticipate any wars, as all countries will be looking inward to their own restless populace, and there is no prize anywhere to be had. Starvation is everywhere. Economic distress is everywhere. Earth changes ravage everywhere. Each country cannot count on their populace to support a war effort, and thus none will be waged.

Can the Zetas comment about this video dated Aug. 2008 and made in northern Russia.

Light towers have been seen since the arrival of Planet X in 2003. Where at times caused by ice crystals in the atmosphere, and therefore not entirely a Planet X phenomena, the light towers that cause internet buzz are due to methane gas burns in the atmosphere, which of course rise up. The atmosphere is in layers, and these layers move in different directions, causing clouds to be seen in wisps that criss-cross each other. Just as winds on the surface can reverse, due to presure changes, and seem to come from both directions, alternating, just so winds in the upper atmosphere can reverse to adjust pressure. If these lateral winds, switching back and forth, are present when a methane burn occurs, then the burn will be sent to the side as well. This is what is occurring here in this video, which of course looks like a double Christian cross and making the faithful wonder.