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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written April 18, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

First Crop Circle of the 2009 season. What does it mean?

Elegant in its simplicity and sure to get attention as the first of the season and quite early in the season, this crop circle is making a single point. Wherever on the globe, in whatever country, whatever the leadership may be emphasizing, and whatever the concerns of the populace of the attitudes of the culture - all people's of the Earth expect there to be four seasons. These seasons may differ, depending upon the latitude or hemisphere, but they are recognized and relied upon as guideposts for living. Farmers plant by the seasons. Street plowing services maintain snow plowing equipment based on the seasons. And families plan vacations based on the seasons. There is no citizen of the Earth who could look upon this first circle of the 2009 season without being reminded of this fact. Thus, with this image lingering in their minds, they also cannot help but make the comparison to what the seasons have become. Anything but the expected. Anything but regular. It begs the question - why the change?

Greetings to all from Kursk! My questions: Whence people know about how to carry out (spend) any magic ceremonies?

We have explained in the Call section of ZetaTalk that ambassadors from the Service-to-Self, who respond to calls that are self focused, lie. In the past, before the Council of Worlds required that all visitation be recorded in the subconscious of humans, such visits were consciously remembered. Thus the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self would make an appearance with much drama, and make promises to deliver whatever the humans desired. For this, they would extract promises from the humans to do some evil deed which would harden their hearts against others, driving them into the arms of those in the Service-to-Self orientation. This is the basis of the magician's trade, although not all magicians are practicing the black arts. Today, when such visitations are required to be recorded only in the subconscious, such invocations no longer work, but this does not deter those seeking fame and fortune.

You have said that most surface waters in the Aftertime will be poisoned by heavy metals, making distillation the ideal method of purification. We are told by our scientists to be concerned with the mercury content of some fish but you have said that "fish often cast off heavy metal pollutants such as lead" and that we should eat the plants and fish from the oceans and inland waters, as these will be abundant. To what extent will the water plants and fish absorb heavy metals? Also, understanding that there are variables such as patterns of flow and location, can you give general guidelines regarding whether there are fresh water algae (such as the green slimy stuff as opposed to seaweed) that we should beware of or can we eat freely of these from the streams and lakes?

Green/blue algae is excellent food and boosts the immune system, but production of this excellent food source can be polluted by algae types that are poisonous or will cause ill health. This is a matter where simply researching human scientific knowledge can provide you with the answers you seek. We have stated that the sloshing of the oceans during the pole shift and the torrential rains will cause dilution of many poisons. Thus, where the concentrations or pollution are today may not be the case in the future. The general guideline, however, would be to be at a distance from original pollution sources. This is only common sense, and would apply to the situation today as well.

Seeing how we're about to enter the summer trimester there is going to be a lot of changes going on. How is the Establishment preparing for this? Do they think we're stupid? How in the world are they going to try to explain such a phenomenon like 3 days of darkness in the N hemisphere? Well, by that time people should listen to their senses more then media trying to cover up the impending catastrophe anyway.

You are assuming, in this question, that the 3 days of darkness will occur this summer. This is your statement, not ours.

My question is about the sunday school teacher, Melissa Huckaby, that murdered the young girl and put her body in a suitcase. A lot of people were saying that it wasn't like her, that she never displayed any such behaviou,r never raising her voice. Was this a possession type of murder?

There is a statement in human society that "still waters run deep", meaning that a very quiet person may be a boiling cauldron on the inside. Clearly, the teacher had problems with her own sexuality, her own sexual urges, as many who cling to religion like a parent do. The church gives no outlet, and sexual urges are considered from the devil. Children explore their sexuality, "playing doctor" as it is often called, and the teacher had a daughter who was a playmate of the murdered child. The teacher exploded, her rage over having been forced to repress her own sexuality taken out against the child as a punishment. This is why the murdered girl was sexually raped by objects during the murder.

Can Zetas say something about chiromancy? Do the palm lines influence our life? Can we use them to comment one's life path?

The hand is the single most used part of the human body that is used under voluntary control. It reflects the purpose of actions undertaken by the human, with a firm grip or a caress. It reflects the emotional state of the human, whether in tension or in a relaxed state exist. To this extent, the palm can be read as a reflection of the individuals past and potential future life.

What can we say to those people that think the souls of their beloved ones follow and help them from above after their departure?

Many souls who have departed linger and follow the lives of their loved ones for years, or visit periodically. They attempt soul-to-soul conversations, and relay advice or apologies. Since this is a soul-to-soul conversation it is not apparent to others not in the conversation. Thus, you can hardly state that such conversations are not taking place, simply because you cannot sense them.

Zetas stated "Amerika" and "Russia" agreed upon the recent satellite's collision to say that was regularity and nothing but that. Can Zetas specify what do they mean under "Amerika"? Obama, who is STO? Could he do that? What do you mean under "Russia"? Putin, who is moving towards STO? Could he do that? And if both are "out of work" why did not they prevent making such false agreement?

It is naïve to think that the leaders of a large country dictate every move by every federal employee. There are dozens of layers of management, and each manager is allowed to determine the degree he wishes to delegate to those manager beneath him. The decision to float this false story had been made years ago, and did not involved the top layers of government. Those who think that every detail is brought before the top managers have never worked in a large corporation or in government, and are quiet naïve about the process.

Can the Zeta's comment on light speed travel. Can this speed of travel be attained, I was once told in a version that in order to travel the speed of light, one must become light. If it cannot be attained how is great distance traversed by space faring races?

The speed of light is not the fastest that a particle can move, nor does a physical substance have to become light in order to attain speed. This was a question posed to ourselves early in the ZetaTalk saga, and we will let our prior words explain the process.

I searched and didn't find anything regarding the Terra Papers or Robert Morning Sky Below is a playlist of his lectures posted recently on YouTube. The linguistics are at very least quite fascinating - RA Shields and RA KA Pharaohs/Rothchilds and Rockefellers. Would the Zetas comment on Mr. Morning Star's telling of the History of Eridu/Tiamat/Earth, as made know to his people by Star Elder, a visitor who crashed here in the late 1950s? 1957 if I'm remembering correctly.

The rumors about the crash at Roswell have layers of truth and falsehood within them. One version of the story is that all aliens died, or one lived for only a short time. We have provided the true version of the Roswell story. One version of the story is that there were several ships, or at least more than one. Of course there were more attempts, more ships prepared for this effort, and not all the survivors were taken into custody by the US government. We have often been asked to reconcile every other prophecy, valid or invalid, with our own statements. We have addressed the manner in which the Earth received a great wound, which she carries today in the Pacific. Earth once rode in the Asteroid Belt and was slung into her present orbit during a collision. Descriptions in poetic analogies can be a valid way of relaying history or projecting a prophecy, but should not be taken literally. Beyond this, we decline to reconcile our words with others.

The zetas have mentioned that Vice-Pres. Biden has been briefed and is "in-the-know". Are there steps being taken to bring others of the leadership (of Congress) into awareness also? Or has the policy of ridicule made such a daunting task too much for these political animals?

We are periodically asked who is in the know, and who struggling with rumors only. Our answer has not changed since the last time this was asked. We have stated that both Clinton and McCain were in the know, and thus those interested in continuing the cover-up felt that either would be an acceptable winner during the 2008 presidential elections. Members of Congress are briefed as needed, else they have heard the rumors.

Even though these matters are in the hands of man, can the zetas comment on whether it is likely, or even desirable, for full-scale hearings to take place between now and the poleshift?

We have stated that the panic the establishment fears is more in the minds and hearts of the establishment than a factual reality that would occur. The common man is more likely to continue to walk in the rut that is their lives, as they have no alternatives. It is fear of the panic that the establishment will have that causes us to maintain an element of doubt for the public. They would mow innocents down in the streets, in their panic. Theoretically, if the establishment could remain calm, then full disclosure about Planet X is the way to go, yes.

News articles have stated that a scientist was prevented from warning Italians of the impending earthquake that recently leveled buildings and killed many in that country. This suggests confident human suspicions of the quake prior to its occurrence. Considering that, it seems interesting that this story reports the sighting of a "triangular" UFO the night of the quake. The Zetas have said triangular UFO's are man-made and they have repeatedly explained STO aliens have tried warning human populations of impending catastrophes with the use of UFO sightings and mass telepathy in advance of the events. This has an odd feeling of tampered crop circles. Can the Zetas explain what went on in Italy?

Visitors are not allowed to warn humans of the timing of pending catastrophes, despite any interpretations that may be made about UFO sightings. Some UFO sightings are interpreted to be triangles because several ships may be sighted at once. It is true that the establishment of the Italian town affected leaned on someone who was making a valid warning, and this type of behavior can be anticipated to continue. Those who have a vested interest in having the status quo continue fear dealing with disruption more than they fear death and injury in the populace, such is their mindset.

Lack of rain is the obvious cause of crop failure in this article, but the huge drop in the water table seems abnormal. Is the Zetas' description of a fracturing sub-continent at play here?

The water table drops because of drought, a lack of rain. This has a cumulative effect. Drought elsewhere on the sub-continent also prevents migration of water from elsewhere in the water table.

Is the organization behind the tea parties designed to impede or distract Obama? There are many problems with government today obviously but the tea party folks seem to be somewhat non constructive and non helpful. The bit from the governor of Texas threatening to secede sounds like pure theater to me and the soul of Obama is obviously very well versed in handling such threats.

The Republican party is in disarray. Under their reign the US has imploded into the second Great Depression, is in the midst of two disastrous wars, and the American people have turned against this party with a vengeance. They are trying to find a theme that will ring true with the American people, and are hoping that trying to pretend that being against taxes is something the little guy will buy. Unfortunately, the Republicans have only been against taxes for the rich, and this is well known. They are casting about, looking for a theme, but are not succeeding.

Lots of rhetoric around guns these days. Many in the democratic party are in favor of some type of partial ban. Obama recently announced that despite earlier indications from him he would not now support a ban. Is this because he knows we will soon need our guns to defend against hard core STS types as the zetas indicate once the shift hits?

Right wing elements that cling to guns as though it were their salvation are the reason for a change in the public stance on gun control. Fanatics were gunning down policemen, due to their fear. Thus, a more cautious approach will be used, which has not yet been fully worked out.

Are significant portions of the power grid likely to be down as the result of action from the tail of Planet X in the time leading up to the shift? If so this will obviously complicate preparations.

It is certainly no secret that the charged tail of Planet X causes blackouts and brownouts, as this was the case during August-September of 2003. It's a matter of record! Despite our warnings about increasing earthquakes, when a region such as Italy experiences them we are asked in anxious terms about what is coming next. We told you what was coming next. Despite our warnings about crop shortages, made early in the ZetaTalk saga, we are asked in anxious terms when these shortages actually appear about what is coming next. The same is true of electro-magnetic pulse and blackouts due to surge on the grid. This will affect satellite communications, and affect the grid on Earth. Did you think that the day before the pole shift that all would be normal? Of course it will increase as the last weeks approach.

Is Planet X finally starting to break free and shoot forward. It's been a long time in waiting?

We will not respond to question probing for an answer on timing.

Could the zetas say something about the recent earthquake uptick. Like this one: "A major earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 6.6 to 6.8 struck off the Kuril Islands in Russia's Sakhalin Oblast region on Saturday, but struck to far from the coast to cause any damage."

We said earthquakes would increase, and they have. The actual force of the increase is not being admitted by the USGS, which downplays the magnitude as much as possible and eliminates quakes from its databases as much as possible.

I've been watching some Hugo Chavez videos. He seems like a very impressive guy with lots of balls. (Sorry for the term.) Being that he's STO, is his friend Fidel Castro STO or undecided?

Castro of course is not the demon that many in the US have painted him, but he is not of a Service-to-Other quality as is Chavez.

Recently MIT did some research in Planet X. What can you say about the research of how it affects the inner planets.

This is an attempt to pretend that there is not a rogue planet in the inner solar system. Man's math is deficient, so could not be used to prove anything, frankly, but that qualifier is not included in the MIT abstract.

The book "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, a post-apocalyptic tale of a man and his son trying to survive by any means possible is being made into a major movie set to be released this fall. Was the making of this story in any way influenced by the coming passage of Planet X?


What is the reason for malignant cancers in the very young?

We have stated that cancer is most often a deliberate depression of the immune system of a creature that has decided it no longer wants to live. This of course is not the only reason that cancer develops. Genetics, being poisoned such that mutations occur more frequently, poor nutrition - all of this affects the incidence of cancer. Someone bombarded with radiation is likely to be overwhelmed by mutations and a damaged immune system, for instance. Nevertheless, an infant, feeling a lack of love, may in fact develop cancer out of a determination to die for this reason. This is not to say that all infants with cancer have been neglected, as genetic mutations can and do occur and take out young lives routinely. This is nature's way.

Funny thing - a viral video of Susan Boyle, a virtual unknown comes out of nowhere and shocks the world with her performance of I Dreamed A Dream from Les Miserable. It has struck a cord and has been viewed millions of times this week. Has anyone noticed what song she has chosen to sing? It is song of utmost tragedy - and it has gripped the world. I know the Zetas have downplayed the notion of "omens" - but this one is truly extraordinary. Can they comment??

Were it not for her talent, latent for so many decades, this would not be a viral story. The true story here is that someone that talented would be overlooked for decades.

While driving to work the other morning I saw something strange with the Sun. It was just coming up and a small portion visible. As I drove the Sun dipped back below the horizon and then after a bit came back up again. It did this twice. It this a sign that Planet X is close? [and from another] I was out early this morning, April 16, 2009 to pick up the papers from the press. When leaving it was about 5 past seven in the morning and I viewed the sun like it had another separate mass (round and wide) above it. The two round Suns were not separated by an a distance cloud mass. It is in the East in Leduc near the International Airport. Canada. Province of Alberta. Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

You are viewing the Second Sun, which has recently been captured on film in Alberta. The Second Sun was slightly to the right of the Sun, and slightly below the Sun, closely situated.

Behind the scenes do any in the government or NASA or the military ever mention, discuss or theorize about the Earth sized planet on the other side of the sun? What is the name for it that is used by those in the know? Do those in the know have an awareness that the Annunaki are mining on that planet? Are there, or have there been any plans to do anything with that planet? I find it hard to believe that the first satellite to leave Earth orbit with a camera didn't get the first pictures of it, so are there more sophisticated cameras trained on it now by our government? How is that planet going to be affected by Planet X if at all?

You are incorrect that the Annunaki are mining on the Dark Twin. There is no point in revealing the terms used in covert operations, as these are covert operations and not something you could look up on the web. It is kept a secret because during the exploration of the alternatives by the US military, military personnel were sent there and left to die when the op did not work out. Many MIA in Vietnam were in fact personnel used to staff this or other similar operations.

I have put together Nancy's after the shift globe and am unable to determine the new location and climate of the Hawaiian Islands. Would they be situated between Japan and North America on the new equator? The Zetatalk website makes no mention of the climate for those islands in the Safe Locs section after the shift, so I am under the assumption that they will not cool significantly such as is the case with Brazil. I assume that the high altitude areas are safest during the rotation stoppage and that the Islands may rise in elevation if they are above subducting plates during the shift. Is this correct?

The New Geography image provided by Nancy shows that Hawaii will be very tropical in the Aftertime. Hawaii is also covered in the Safe Locations documentation. Thus, there is no need for your question. Please simply do your research.

With regards to the Service to Other orientation, the zetas state that this orientation occurs when an individual serves "others" at least 50% of the time. What is the scope of the term "others"? Does the term "others" refer to service to one or two people at least 50% of the time, or must this service encompass the good of many? I only ask this question because after the shift there will more than likely be many situations in which one must decide to lend aid to dissimilar numbers or people. IE: providing for your wife/husband and family over a larger group.

Most highly Service-to-Other individuals encompass a wide scope, such as the entire globe, or the entire universe in their thinking. The welfare of all, in other words. Those who are not secure enough to encompass this type of thinking shrink that to a smaller group. Some Star Children, who are perforce Service-to-Other in their orientation, cannot encompass a group larger than their extended family, their work environment, their school environment, or their immediate community. They become irritable and depressed when asked to enlarge this scope, and may offer excuses. We have stated that 4th Density is a very long plateau, because there are so many issues to be worked out. One does not have to be perfect to be Service-to-Other, only that the concern for others encompass those immediately outside of the self.

The Zetas recommended to distill water for drinking and cooking, however I find it hard to distill water when it will rain continuously in first six month or so after the poleshift. Dry wood will be hard to find and those who live in the some what desert area, trees are not plentiful. And if we are mobile in search of food we can't gather and store wood to let them dry. My question to the Zetas, would you recommend on dowsing to find clean water? Will portable water filters help eliminate leads?

Survival issues will of course vary depending upon where one lives and what is at hand. One must do the best with what one has. Rain water will be polluted depending upon how much volcanic dust is in the air. This is relative. Ground water will be polluted depending upon how much the ground was fractured during the quakes and where the water table lies and where water has flowed within the table. This is relative. You must determine the best approach for your vicinity.

Another question, will city life getting worst as far as crimes is concerned going to the poleshift? We have moved from big City into the rural small town for a couple of years now but not able to find a good job to make a living. Reality has hit us. We are in process of deciding to go back to the city to find work. Some people may be in the same situation as we are.

As is evident from the news, suicides and shootings are on the increase. This is primarily due to the economic situation, which is not likely to get better. City living is also a concern during the last weeks, as much insanity will result from those who cannot deal with the changes. However, having lived in a rural area, you are in a prime position to leave the city and return to friends when the time comes.

Are we a "6" yet?


I put the map on ZetaTalk ../poleshft/p10.htm next to a smaller-sized version of Google Earth (with grid) to figure out new latitude. This is a guess, but will the new location of Puerto Vallarta Mexico be around N 09 - 13 degrees and around W 101 - 107 degrees after the pole shift, or am I way off?

You have the tools, you figure it out.

Can the Zetas remark on how likely it is that the Sun will have a huge CME that will destroy the Earth in the next 5 years? Supposedly the big last one to hit us was in 1859 and ignited papers on desks next to windows. I mean, you have pole shift from PX then you have firestorms from CMEs - that has to be bleak. But, if the volcanic ash in the atmosphere shields the surface, all that gloom the Zetas talk about could actually protect us, meaning that a CME would only damage electronics which by then would probably be useless anyway. Can you please discuss this CME subject?

Killer CME's are disinformation being spread by the establishment, including NASA, so the public starts thinking that the blackouts and satellite problems anticipated are not from Planet X. This is disinformation. Treat it as such.

Former VP Cheney has given a couple of interviews since leaving office. What does the Republican leadership really think about his comments? Does he still have any control over those "assassination teams" that he supposedly used to eliminate people, who posed a threat to his agenda? By some reports those teams were made up of elite forces, such as Navy Seals. How do you convince a patriotic individual, which I believe these elite forces tend to be, that killing a fellow American is a good thing?

This is an issue that has been around as long as man has been intelligent. Those in command issue an order and the underling struggles with doubts. Some resist such orders, others excuse any action on their part with the cover that it was not their decision, but most suffer with the consequences.

Per the Zetas' previous statements, one can infer that the wobble will become more extreme (and obvious), extreme and unusual weather will become the norm and there will also be an uptick in Earth changes, soon. Does the establishment (foolish debunkers included) have prepared excuses on what to say when the New Madrid Fault ruptures, why it is snowing in July, or why the Sun is not where it should be?

There are indeed intense discussions in the halls of power about what to do when the cover-up over Planet X no longer holds. It is clear from the behavior of the establishment that they intend to blame the Sun as much as possible for blackouts and satellite damage. This despite the fact that the Sun is practially asleep, fewer sunspots and less solar wind than in 50-100 years. They have tried to blame Global Warming for the melting glaciers and poles, though the colder than normal winters in the northern hemisphere have caused the public to doubt this excuse and the melt is outside of any the Global Warming models predicted. Telling the public it is their imagination when the Sun or Moon are radically out of place will only go so far. We have predicted that errant asteroid swarms will be blamed for any debris that comes inbound from the tail of Planet X. There will of course be a story concocted for a severe wobble, and even for the visibility of Planet X in the skies. There are no end to the stories that a frantic liar can concoct.