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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 21, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

George Adamski claimed to have photographed ships from other planets and wrote a few books about his meeting with them and their people. I have read some of them some years ago. As a reader it is hard to know what to believe about all these contacts that some contactees claim they have had, or have. Was his story like Billy Meier, something between fiction and truth or what?

He was a publicity seeker which is obvious if one examines his claims. Space ships were not allowed to be photographed with clarity in the 1950's, else where are the other photos? Aliens with cute names and claims that fall outside of what other contactees can claim show this to be someone hoping to grab the stage, which he did.

Many are talking about 21 st of Dec 2012, probably they are expecting the pole shift is going to happen then. Are the planets in conjunction then? And what exactly will we Earthlings see or experience on that day?

Nothing unusual, as the pole shift will have passed. In addition, calendars will be cast aside during the confusion, and not maintained.

Are remnants of the Bush / Cheney crew still at it? What is the significance of the "accidental contamination" of a Baxter vaccine with bird flu? And why is Cheney taking on Obama in public? [and from another] Virus Mix-Up By Lab Could Have Resulted In Pandemic [Mar 5] Last December, the Austrian branch of US vaccine company Baxter sent a batch of ordinary human H3N2 flu, altered so it couldn't replicate, to Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, also in Austria. In February, a lab in the Czech Republic working for Avir alerted Baxter that, unexpectedly, ferrets inoculated with the sample had died. It turned out the sample contained live H5N1, which Baxter uses to make vaccine. The two seem to have been mixed in error. Accidental release of a mixture of live H5N1 and H3N2 viruses could have resulted in dire consequences. While H5N1 doesn't easily infect people, H3N2 viruses do. If someone exposed to a mixture of the two had been simultaneously infected with both strains, he or she could have served as an incubator for a hybrid virus able to transmit easily to and among people. [and from another] Bush's Secret Dictatorship [Mar 3] The memo issued by the acting director of the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel just five days before Barack Obama took office comes across almost as, among other things, a bit whiny. Steven Bradbury wrote to officially retract a series of memos in which his former colleagues secretly rewrote the Constitution. The memo was one of nine previously undisclosed Office of Legal Counsel documents released by Obama's Justice Department yesterday, most of them making baldly spurious legal arguments to support any number of unprecedented tactics that were either contemplated or employed by the White House. The opinions reflected a broad interpretation of presidential authority, asserting as well that the president could unilaterally abrogate foreign treaties, ignore any guidance from Congress in dealing with detainees suspected of terrorism, and conduct a program of domestic eavesdropping without warrants. We may not have realized it at the time, but in the period from late 2001-January 19, 2009, this country was a dictatorship.

This was a last minute attempt to succeed at keeping Bush/Cheney in office. Baxter's supposed slip was no accident, as the procedures they were required to follow make it impossible to mix the current bird flu, H5N1, with regular flu viruses to be used for the production of vacinations. It was an attempt to create a mutant virus in humans. All it would take would be for a single human-to-human contact, highly contagious, to create pandemic fears. Then all the Bush executive orders that had been put into place could be invoked, and voile, Obama would not take the oath on January 20, 2009, or so they hoped. It should be noted that the Bush administration did not negate the legal opinions that gave him power to invoke martial law on a whim until 5 days before he was scheduled to leave the Oval Office.

If the Puppet Master and others behind the scenes heavyweights continue to funnel trillions into global markets, governments and economies as a part of the bail out, will not people begin to surmise that their existence is fact, not legend? After all who else can buy bonds from bankrupt governments and companies? Portions of national debts worldwide are indeed being monetized, but only portions. As the zetas have indicated, real, significant, hidden wealth is being deployed to arrest the complete collapse.

The current times, when printing money is required to keep the US afloat, was forseen years ago, and thus the M3 went blind. The M3 is the public report that shows where the fed gets its money. Thus blind, hidden, it can be printed as well as be a purchase of bonds form a county like China. This also hides the fact that China is no longer interested in US bonds. Assumptions are made, but nothing can be proven one way or the other.

I understand and frankly approve of Obama's efforts to focus on the economy and prevent collapse but the fabric of society is being rapidly undermined by the lack of punishment by the thousands involved with the theft of America. The average citizen now questions why they should work, pay taxes, play by the rules, etc. when it is obvious that all that playing by the rules brings is a feeling of being the sucker. I suspect that real social unrest is just around the corner and once banks are shut then the fuse will be lit.

There is much speculation about riots, but little of this will occur. The common man needs his job and if a steady paycheck is still forthcoming, is not inclined to be arrested for making a fuss. The Great Depression is great history. Were there riots then? We have stated that rather than food being exorbitantly priced, that price controls will be put into place, and measures to prevent hoarding such as limited purchases per person or family. We have stated that rather than have banks close their doors so that panic ensues, banks may have limited hours and limited withdrawal schedules. Steps are being taken to punish those who are arrogant and to take their excessive bonuses and salaries away from them - legally and by act of Congress. What may occur will be more frequent cases where someone who has lost everything will attempt to shoot a banker. This was true during the Great Depression also.

Paul Bragg is known for his methods of medicinal starvation. His life and his followers' lives prove that such practise is rather useful. Can Zetas comment the profit of medicinal starvation?

As is no secret, the major health problems with modern man are not starvation but rather obesity - heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. All these are greatly influenced by being overweight. Periodic fasting is considered by many to be beneficial, and many do it a day a week for these benefits. Early man was adapted to periods of relative starvation, out of necessity. The body shifts into a different mode, using all stored resources to the full. This also means that the starving body has less energy and is mentally slow during this time. It is known that during the Great Depression, when many starved or at least were always somewhat hungry, that heart disease was reduced. So, as with all practices, it may be helpful but if misused or carried to an extreme, may be harmful.

There are rules set by Council of Worlds which all visitors from either spiritual orientation must follow. But what happens if a rule is broken? Obviously those in STO would never break a rule. So my question is what is stopping those in STS from breaking rules? Is it because punishment would be certain or because such attempts would be countered by telepathic STO aliens?

By whatever means, the Council of Worlds is aware of what is happening, and thus attempts to evade the rules are not successful. Any attempt, even inadvertently by Service-to-Other aliens, results in immediate removal from the vicinity. An attempt to enter an area they are not permitted to enter results in a soft landing of sorts. There is no such thing as crashing a barrier with the Council of Worlds' rules.

Laws don't stop troublemakers on Earth from doing what they want and they can get away from being punished. I know in 4th Density there is telepathy thus there would be no chance of getting away. So what kind of consequences would an entity who broke a rule be facing and how is it done?

They are restrained from doing the act. Within the Service-to-Other, the Service-to-Other community decides how to proceed. Those who are within a Service-to-Other community are always thinking of the overall welfare of the community, so any harm that comes to others is a burden of guilt on the one who cased the harm. This is, thus, a healing matter, a growth matter. In Service-to-Self communities, the rules are excessive and exacting, and any infringement results in punishment. The Council of Worlds simply enforces their rules, and does so by restraint and removal.

Can you comment on the eruptions and earthquakes off Fiji and tonga Islands also the under water volcano currently erupting?

Of course, with the pressure around the Pacific, there are undersea volcanoes erupting. The new island emerging in the Tonga Islands is just a visible sign that this is occurring. This type of activity will only increase as the time of the pole shift approaches.

Where is Planet X right now? Is it near Conjunction with the Sun or not?

We explained many times recently that Planet X is outbound from the Sun, and is approaching the Earth as it is within the Earth's orbit. It had trapped both the Earth, Venus, and the Earth's dark twin in what we call the cup - an eddy flow of particles coming round the sides of Planet X from the Sun. This is a difficult transition for Planet X because it is facing three planets, one with a magnetic field, and is facing a headwind of particle flows that return to the Sun via its middle. Thus, progress is slow.

It should seem no wonder that after thousands of years and countless generations of human life, we still have so many questions. I came to believe, many years ago, we have innocently wasted a great deal of time asking the wrong ones. Where do we come from? How was the earth created? Does God really exist? Is there life after death, or is this all there is? The large part of an entire generation went in search of themselves, only to end no further than from whence they started. Many still struggle to relearn their past, or understand a shadowy or outright misleading one. Scientists and archeologists either struggle to get it right - making their best educated guesses, or have been well paid or compensated to get it all wrong. I came to believe the single most important question should have been, that after all this time- why do we still not know? It would seem simply to boil down to the matter of control. What could we have been had we not been so interfered with? Will there come a time, when the greater truths will be allowed, or revealed to us? When we truly understand our respective histories and place?

The evidence is there for many answers to these questions. Clearly the missing link and differences between humans and apes show that simply evolution did not result in modern man. Genetic engineering had to have occurred. Life after death is also an answer that most intuitively understand, as they often remember past lives. Past lives have been documented, also, by those recording memories they could not have learned during their human lives, but when researched those memories were in recorded history in other countries. It is not a matter of all this being revealed or hidden, but of many being willing to accept what has already been proven!

Can you comment on what the Indians meeting in April is about. The comments made give referance to explaining the purification cycle and the location of the tunnel system. This is awfully close to the crossing. Could it be they are going to go underground at that time?

The information put forth by these American Indians speaks for itself. Many refer to the coming cataclysms as a time of purification or renewal of the Earth. It is known that during past cataclysms, the American Indian was often guided into caves or sheltering rock, to avoid fireballs and firestorms and howling winds. It should not be surprising that they would be planning such steps again.

I looked at the night sky and Venus seemed less bright then it did before. For what i gather this could mean that the wobble has gotten worse, or that something else occured. Could the Zetas comment on this?

Venus is caught in the cup, along with Earth and the Earth's dark twin. Thus, it is not orbiting the Sun, but is being pushed back and forth to give this illusion. Little should be made of its appearance, thus.

CNN reported yesterday that the birthrate for 2007 was the highest since 1957, the peak year for the "baby boom". What's up with that? I thought fewer births would occur as the shift approaches? Or is it that fewer souls will incarnate in the new bodies?

The birth rate often goes in surges, peaks and valleys, and for many reasons. The Baby Boom was attributed to young parents being relieved the war was finally over and soldiers returning home. But often is it nothing more than a sense of emptiness. Many girls who have few skills and not much hope of getting interesting jobs are having babies out of wedlock as they see this as a more interesting vocation than twiddling their thumbs or packing groceries. Look at the Octomom as an example of someone who is having babies for selfish reasons, hoping to grab the stage and caring not a wit for what she is bringing on the children.

Is Geithner the Puppet Master's chosen liason to Obama, which would explain why Obama is defending him even when it's clear that he was responsible for allowing the AIG bonuses? Is Obama even aware of the Puppet Master and his power?

We have explained that Obama has asked for his privacy, during these chats, and that we are honoring his wishes.

Donald Rumsfeld stated that he was going to write a book. How is the writing coming along? What does he hope to accomplish with the publication? Most importantly, how does he view the way the economy is struggling? Does he have any regrets about his actions while Secretary of Defense?

Rumsfeld is highly Service-to-Self, and thus the only regrets he has is that they did not succeed in dominating the Middle East oil fields and invoking martial law within the US, with torture at will a tool at their disposal for anyone they wished to consider an enemy combatant. He wants to assert his version of the truth, hoping many will accept his version. Fox news and Rush Limbaugh will likely be his only friends in this regard.

Why do so many hate the cops, particularly internet posters? During a video of a cop getting sucker punched, and possibly paralyzed, most of the comments were of celebration over the fact. I've never had problems with cops, nor do I see them harassing people. They're just humans, not a single evil entity, so it kind of annoys me the hatred towards a stranger who happens to be a cop. I'm just curious, why such hate for cops. (I'm thinking that maybe since I live in NYC, cops around here don't have the freedom that they would have in a smaller less populated city, with less witness to power trips, but still, they're just individuals.)

The police often have their adrenalin pumped up during dangerous exchanges, and lose control of their actions, abusing those in custody. Police abuse cases are often enough in the news that the average citizen can recite many cases, and the public is therefore suspicious. Add to this cases of police brutality in jails, rape or beating of those locked up in cells. It is almost routine for the management to defend the department, rather than admit a problem, and thus the public also gets the impression that cover-ups abound. The stories of good behavior, where the police risk their lives or go out of their way to help a citizen, are seldom reported.

Regarding the rise of Planet X to the ecliptic: is it true that as it gets closer to it it will begin to pick up speed rapidly, so that even though it seems slow right now the "last weeks" could be upon us more suddenly than the present lull would suggest?

We have detailed the last weeks as occurring within a magnetic trimester, within a four month period. Planet X leaves the solar system in a hurry, when compared to its very slow passage past the Sun and path outbound to the point where it pierces the Ecliptic. Once it is past the headwind of particle flows returning to the Sun's middle, the momentum that has been propelling it all along takes precedence, and the repulsion force from the Sun also is a factor. Indeed, the week when the Earth has stopped rotation and is drawn closer to Planet X is a time when both the Earth and Planet X are standing upright, N Poles pointing up, S Poles pointing down. This is the point where Planet X is piercing the Ecliptic. The pole shift is caused because once past that point, Planet X points its N Pole outward during its second 270° roll, and it is that point when the hour of the shift occurs for the Earth. Planet X then seems to almost disappear, leaving the vicinity rapidly.

Can Zeta Talk tell us if Joe Biden has been briefed on the Planet X situation, and also if he has what is his thought process regarding the information.

Yes, he is in the know. And this is as much as we are going to say about this matter. Once again we are stating, Obama has asked for his privacy on this matter, and we are honoring his request.

Approximately how many 6.0+ quakes are occurring per month now? Was the 7.9 Tonga quake on March 20 actually stronger than reported by the USGS?

Quakes have been under-reported by as much as a magnitude for several years. Quakes have been mass deleted from the databases also, sometimes in full view of a watching public. This has been known and commented upon for years by those aware of this situation and keeping watch. This tendency to lie to the public has only gotten worse, lately.

What will happen to the race or the person who refuses to comply with orders from the Council of Worlds?

As we stated, they will be restrained and removed.

From The Huffington Post: "The Obama administration is increasingly concerned about a populist backlash against banks and Wall Street, worried that anger at financial institutions could also end up being directed at Congress and the White House and could complicate President Obama's agenda." What are American politicians worried about? When the family and friends of troops killed or maimed in Bush's wars learn the real reasons for those wars, do you think they will seek retribution?

The Obama administration and Democratic Congress know that to push through their ambitious agenda that they need public support. They feel that without the stimulus, that a second Great Depression will be intractable, and they hope to abort this. They also feel that unless they push through their agenda on health care and alternative energy and the like, that enthusiasm will wan. This is, of course, the reason for pointing the finger correctly at the Bush administration for the mess the nation and world are in.

There's been much ado over recent centuries as regards cultural genocide and the suppression of languages - i.e. English rule over Ireland and Scotland; the near annihilation of the Native Americans and the infamous boarding schools. There was a PBS special recently about recording dying languages in South America, Russia, etc. Some are lost forever. I understand the importance of one's language to their respective culture; but many of us spoke the same words once, prior to Babel. Will we know of a single language one day relatively soon? If not in this density then surely in the next? Or will we better learn to understand one another?

Even among 4th Density Service-to-Other groups, a single language is not used. Telepathy is effective, however, regardless of any written, spoken, or body language communication style. This is the universal language of the future.

Just saw the movie "Knowing". Awesome. Do the Zeta's have anything to say about this movie?

As we have stated in ZetaTalk, the future is not yet written. Any future travel that occurs is limited to hours at most and is a prediction based on the current setup at the time. But none of these facts diminishes mankind's fascination with the possibility of knowing the future.

Can Zeta Talk comment on the use of kinesiology, or muscle testing as a health diagnostic tool and can they give any information on how it works.

There are thousands of diagnostic tools that mankind could and is using, if one takes into account the many techniques used around the world. This is one of them, and has its worth.

What caused that six story archive building to collapse in Cologne, Germany on March 3rd? The modern-style building opened in 1971. A longtime archive employee, Eberhard Illner, told a German radio station that he had noticed cracks in the basement last year.

We have predicted imploding buildings for some time, but few examples have emerged. This is one such example! The rock under the building moved - dropped, and shifted. It is assumed by modern building practices that buildings placed on what appears to be solid rock will not have these problems. They will shake, during a quake, but will not shift or drop. But in stretch zones, this is exactly what occurs - dropping.

If the earth is not where it should be in orbit around the sun, how is it possible that the Chichen Itza pyramid once again marked the equinox as it has for more than 2000 years? Please explain.

Because benign aliens have many tricks with which to simulate such an affair, which is closely watched by humans who need this assurance to retain their sanity. Light bends readily, for example. Bending light is one of the means by which we cloak our motherships. You see the sky above the mothership, but not the mothership itself. Piece of cake, as you say.

The future for Russian people? Any changes in our country? Revolution?

We have predicted that as the time of the pole shift approaches that countries will be less and less inclined to invade others or start wars. The reasons are simple - there is no prize across the border, as all countries are suffering and have crop shortages, and all countries are struggling to keep their populace placated. Revolution is only likely to break out where there has been a festering revolution in place for years, in those countries currently fighting revolutionaries. Russia has a huge territory, which will be immensely flooded after the pole shift, reducing the land mass under its control. It will thus not be a federal country, but local fiefdoms. Lands formerly frozen will be tropical, and lands close to India will be plunged into cold.

Many years ago I worked in a hospital and I quickly became aware of the large number of people who, because of ignorance or stupidity, arrived seriously injured or near death. These were completely avoidable injuries. One young man was horribly burned because he and his friends were riding around throwing fireworks out the window of a moving car. He had been sitting in the back seat holding a lighted blow torch between his legs and fireworks within reach. All the kids had been drinking. Another young guy walked into the water of a lake to work on his docked boat. He had an eletric drill in his hands. He promptly electricuted himself. Putting aside the tragic aspect, I couldn't help wonder if this is mother nature's way of removing some individuals from the gene pool. If any individual routinely uses poor judgement and puts innocent lives in serious danger, wouldn't it be "less" tragic for those individuals to eliminate themselves? Would the Zetas care to comment?

This is precisely why intelligence gradually rises as time passes, for an intelligent species. Those who are intelligent live and procreate, and those who lack intelligence or good judgement for emotional reasons remove themselves from the gene pool.

If the question has not already been asked, please comment on the recent story that Cheney might have had "assassination squads" under his supervision. Is this really true?

Cheney was on a power trip while VP, as the known record already shows. That he had assassination squads is of course only the tip of the iceberg. He assassinated many people within the US - citizens, for no other reason than his need for utter control. It is unlikely that he will be called to account for these actions, however, as those in the know committed murder and are not interested in scrutiny.